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Article written by Nick Wheatley

6 responses to “Jalen Green Isn’t Ruling Out Playing Overseas”

  1. season-3-disc-2

    More absolute terrible journalism from the writers here. Complete waste of a post 100% created for clicks. Every single recruit is going to say the same thing about exploring every avenue an option. The quotes you provided give absolutely no indication he plans on playing overseas he clearly stated his plans are to go to college. So much fabricated information and way too much speculation on this Page anymore.

    1. kingbing

      Then quit reading the site.

    2. Corder

      Not sure the headline of this article is click bait. It’s says exactly what he says and that is he is not ruling it out. Not all of the recruits think overseas is a good option or an option for them so I think you’re a little off base with your assumption thinking that every recruit would say this. Now your bias towards this website is noted and it’s very clear you don’t like the writing on this website but you are way off base and look like a fool from your comment alone.

    3. VirginiaCat

      Your tone seems a bit strident, so perhaps you’re have having a bad day. We are in the summer doldrums of college basketball, so most writers are looking for something – anything – to fill space. With respect to Green, recent history has shown that Memphis is getting it done on the recruiting trail, so I would not be surprised if the Crystal Ball predictions are right about him going to Memphis. Wish it weren’t so, but it seems to be the new normal.

  2. season-3-disc-2

    If you say so fanboys….

  3. J. Did

    The RHCP always said: I do what I wanna do.

    Grow that pair.

    You are in?

    Or your out.