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Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

9 responses to “Jager Burton is Juggling College Football Coaches like Girlfriends”

  1. EastKYCAT

    Jager, sounds like someone we need. Hope he commits. Put Coach Marrow on his recruitment.

    1. dave1964

      don’t sound like he is very high on UK.

  2. JASUN74

    I just can’t believe a kid from Lexington of all places, would grow up a Oregon fan. Anyway, if he thinks he’s too good for UK then fine, but Clemson was built the same way, with the best players in the area staying and then national recruits. Choose wisely young man. Anyone can see the needs at Kentucky to take them to the top level, he just happens to play one of those important positions. This is the fastest growing program in the country right now and we need kids from across the street to play here if they’re good enough. As for Parks, I really hope you’re happy buddy. Hellll with Clemson, Bama, Georgia an Ohio State to. I wouldn’t trade Coach Stoops and this Staff for anyone of them.

  3. WKY Cat

    Is it just me or did I read the tea leaves he’s not overly big on UK.

    1. JASUN74

      WKY Cat, that’s how it seems to me. Something about these kids over there, they think they’re pure gold and better than UK for some reason. Parks should’ve came here and this kid should come here too. You would think being right down the fricking road, their coaches would help UK out some, and the community and school would support UK more.

      Also the Big kid that went to Alabama last year should have been here too. I just don’t understand the top Kids in Kentucky not wanting to be part of what’s going on here now. I understood ten years ago, heck even 5 or 6 years ago, but not now!! How in the heck could a Kid growing up in Kentucky right now not love this program and University? Makes zero sense to me.

      Yes I am a Big Blue Homer and will Bleed Blue until they put my tail in the dirt! But still, we’re getting these best kids from Lousiville, but can’t get them from right in Lexington?? I don’t understand it. Ohh well. I will say, I don’t wish them any I’ll will or anything, but they have let down their home!!

  4. Jesus H. Chrysler

    No worries, his HS coach will mess things up for him on the recruiting trail. Brian Landis is a douchebag

    1. WildcatCam

      He used to coach for Stoops, I can’t understand why he isn’t funneling kids to UK? What’s his deal?

    2. Jesus H. Chrysler

      He was only a video coordinator @ UK. Never a coach with on field or recruiting responsibilities. Wasn’t good enough to coach D1. There’s his beef w UK.

    3. WildcatCam

      Would explain it..