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Jadeveon Clowney’s Tuesday News and Views

Jadeveon Clowney’s 40 overlaid with Colin Kaepernick’s and Cam Newton’s (GIF via Deadspin)

In case you were away from the computer on Monday, you may have missed the most talked about 40-yard dash in the history of 40-yard dashes. South Carolina star Jadeveon Clowney, previously known for this monster hit, ran a 4.47 40, one of the fastest for a defensive lineman ever. His official time was 4.53, but that’s still crazy fast, and when you consider that Clowney is 6’5″, 266 lbs., it’s downright ridiculous. How ridiculous was it? I think Warren Sapp put it best:

And here I was being proud of getting up and doing my workout DVD.

By the way, Kentucky’s own Avery Williamson also had a good day at the NFL Combine, running a 4.66 40, the sixth fastest among linebackers, and benching 225 lbs. 25 times, the seventh best showing.’s Nolan Nawrocki listed “outstanding personal and football character” among Avery’s strengths and said he “commands respect.” Keep making us proud, Avery.

News and views time?

2015 shooting guard Charles Matthews will announce on Tuesday

Charles Matthews, a 6’6″, 172 lbs. shooting guard from Chicago, will announce his college decision on Tuesday. Matthews is down to Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan State, and Marquette. He’s considered the best shooting guard and the 12th best player in the 2015 class by 247 Sports Composite.

Matthews got an offer from Kentucky last June, and visited Lexington in September for the Alumni Game. He’s spoken highly of Cal and the Cats in the past, and told Rivals’ TJ Walker that he likes Cal’s record of getting players ready for the NBA. What kind of player is Matthews? He says he likes the dribble drive, which is the perfect match for his ability to slash to the rim and finish through contact. He’s long and lean, and excels at attacking along the baseline. He’s also a good on-the-ball defender, and is capable of becoming the “lockdown defender” we’ve grown so fond of.

Matthews plays on the same AAU team as UK signee Tyler Ulis and former Cat Anthony Davis. The timing of the announcement is interesting, especially when you consider Illinois head coach John Groce visited him last week. The Cats are still the safe bet, but stay tuned…

Check out Charles Matthews’ 247Sports Player Page and his Crystal Ball, which now sits at 90% UK 10% Illinois.

UPDATE: According to @14judge, Calipari visited Matthews Monday at St. Rita’s. Is the safe bet now a sure bet?

Kentucky inched up to #17 and #15 in the AP and Coaches’ polls

Wins at Ole Miss and over LSU were good enough to scoot the Cats up one spot in both the AP and Coaches’ polls, to #17 and #15, respectively:

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.37.15 PM

They’re also tenth in the RPI, fourth in the BPI (Basketball Power Index), and a 5-seed in Joe Lunardi’s Monday update. Make of this what you will.

This picture is going up on Cal’s wall:


Photo by Darrell Bird,

Well, maybe not this exact picture, but on his radio show Monday night, Cal said that he’s hanging a picture of the Cats’ celebration from Saturday in his office and in the practice facility, right next to the one of DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall, and the 2010 team from the SEC Tournament. He also sent it to the team: “I sent it to them and I said, ‘I love this.’ This means that winning means more than individual performance. We’re getting it.” Cal added it was a “big, big moment” for the group, and because of their struggles this season, he now feels they’re “primed” for a big run in March.

Cal’s not changing his ways anytime soon

This season more than any other, fans are questioning the Calipari way. On Monday night, Cal said that like it or not, he’s not changing his method:

“It may be wrong the way I do this, but I’m not changing. Let’s focus on getting guys as good as we can, let’s focus on individual players, we bring a team together, and then in the end, everything becomes team. Now, people will say you should be team first and then work on the individuals, and well, maybe, but all I know is, if I can get everybody right and get them all on the same page, you become a juggernaut. Let’s see how this plays out.”

The real thing that needs to change is the one-and-done rule. Get it two-and-through and I doubt people will complain.

Robic says each player is assigned another player to cheer on

John Robic finished up the call-in show for Cal, and said that a big focus for the team in the past few weeks has been recognizing each other’s good play, something younger players often struggle with. In fact, Robic says each player on the bench is assigned a player to cheer on when they do well, in practice and in games. Andrew Harrison had Julius, right?


Both Alex Poythress and Dominique Hawkins did extra work on Sunday

Cal gave his team Sunday off, but that didn’t stop Alex Poythresss from coming in to put in some extra work. Alex has hit a bit of a slump, scoring only eleven points in the last three games and Cal says he’s just the latest Cat to be in “a little bit of a funk.” Extra hours are the only way out:

“He’s doing it for himself. It’s good when I walk in my office on a Sunday, and I’m driving to the office, and the lights are on in the building. And I look out my window and he’s out there in a full-blown sweat. Dominique (Hawkins) — I was there earlier in the day after church, I came in and Dominique was in. I came back later and Alex was is in here. So it’s great to see.”

Yes, it is. We’ll end there. See you in the morning.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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  1. eddie vedder

    Team chemistry must be great if they have to be told to cheer for their TEAMMATES.

    1. Adorable

      ^ literal troll is trolling.

    2. Right on !

      My thoughts exactly. Cheering for your teammates and enthusiasm about your teams success should come natural. Probably why this team hasn’t preformed up to there level of talent.

    3. Right on !


  2. 3fan

    So wait. We can’t get Newman, Kennard AND Matthews can we?

    1. M Stoops

      Why Not?

  3. Mark Soderburg

    Is this the second partially recycled post in the last few days? KSR quality is dipping.

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    why are you recycling content? Cmon Mrs TT you are better than that.

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    great info thank you TT

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    tt, great post

  7. Syrin

    6’6″ 172 ?!?!?! Good gracious, that makes Manut Bol look like Karl Malone

  8. bonkrshr

    There is no “I” in TEAM… but there is a “ME”…
    Whatever… Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant (two of the most fierce competitors in basketball history) have both been accused of being selfish at one time or another in their career. Dribble, pass, shoot, quit whining and get back on defense. Take care of that and my guess is that everyone would be “getting along” just fine.
    Every game makes these Cats wiser, and more dangerous in the tourney.

  9. John Ellis

    At the buzzer they went from a collection of AAU stars with one foot in the NBA to a college team having fun as a team. If that holds, anything possible.

  10. Next

    I love that pic and the celebration, but given it’s context of who and where we played, all it’s really saying is, in the NIT we can pull these close games out.

  11. huh?

    So, Clowney gets the news and views over Harold Ramis? SMH.

  12. Rothchild

    I am appalled this News & Views was not dedicated to Harold Ramis.

  13. BAC05

    Really wish this was Harold Ramis news and views. A sad day for comedy.

  14. The Anthony Davis Way

    I bet Willie gave Randle a good spanking in the lockerroom after this one!

  15. Poythress

    The fact that Poythress isn’t getting minutes is frustrating as hell. He hasnt been spectacular every game of late but more times than not he has played solid. Even when he’s played well he rarely gets more than 20 minutes a game. If you looks back at the game logs he’s had maybe 2 out of the last 10 games with more than 20 minutes. How’s the kid supposed to show any consistency with inconsistent minutes. Meanwhile Young and Aaron can go 5-15 and not paly a lick of defense and still get 35 minutes. I thought the depth of this team was supposed to allow Cal to sit players when they weren’t playing well? What ever happened to that?

    1. Please don't request ap

      Poythress is terrible. The only think he can do is dunk if he is completely wide open. May hit a three if he has completely snow birded to the other end by himself. If anyone steps in front of him he either charges, awkwardly locks up immediately and kills any potential for play making, or throws it away. He couldn’t guard a wooden Indian that had just overdosed on Xanax. Stands straight up on D. If by some miracle he scores, he stands there for a good three seconds posing while we get scored on in transition.

    2. beavis

      Wow, thanks for sharing your opinion of Alex. And such clever wit and verbage. Excuse me, I meant garbage. You probably did not like Miller while he was here. Ask Miller now if he gives a damn what you think.

    3. Please don't request ap

      Where are you coming off with this Miller stuff? Yeah I liked miller? What’s your point. If your gonna call me out on my opinion then at least bring up a relevant point. Just because every fan doesn’t talk about that lsu win or getting in the Wichita st. Bracket doesn’t mean you have to fly out of big blue kool aid town and attack em.

    4. Please don't request ap

      And at least watch the next game so you can see how “my garbage” is pretty much on point.

      P. s. How much is Mitch paying to get on these boards and go after anyone who says anything that isn’t all fairies, pixies, and smoke up the ass bs???

    5. beavis

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  16. Johnny Basketball

    It is hard to force team chemistry at the end of February, I hope it works.

  17. Are you kidding me?

    Wow people! Cal isn’t forcing chemistry, the players on Kentuckys bench are always enthralled during games, cheering and displaying support, from high fiving to John Hood playing air banjo. Cal isn’t assigning players a teammate to talk to because the team just refuses to do it themselves. The reason is because we have players who get down on themselves easily, multiple times during a game, so Cal wants the players on the bench to support them and give players words of encouragement, to try and keep those players confidence high throughout the game.

  18. Kyhank

    If cal tells you it’s M.L.K day you can paint your eggs, I think