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It’s time we all answer that Facebook survey going around


My Facebooking has been very limited since before the election, but I still get on from time to time to post on the KSR Facebook page (like it here!) and see what all my friends’ babies are up to these days. Regular ol’ Facebook stuff, ya know?

But last night I noticed everyone on my feed is doing a survey about their favorite athlete in each of the major sports, and I want to get in on the action, although I’m doing it on here instead of on stupid Facebook.

Here’s how it looks, so you can copy and paste or whatever:

Favorite player in each sport of all time!



College Basketball-





College Football-


Copy, edit and paste

Now I’ll give you my answers and then you leave yours in the comments section. Once we get some responses we can all debate and argue and completely blast each other’s personal opinions and preferences. Should be a fun time.

NFL- Steve McNair

NBA- Reggie Miller

College Basketball- Can’t answer that. Anyone on the ’96 team.

MLB- Fred McGriff

NHL- P.K. Subban (I learned hockey last week. Go Preds.)

Boxing- Muhammad Ali

Wrestler- Stone Cold Steve Austin

College Football- Freddie Maggard/Jared Lorenzen

MMA- Does Kimbo Slice count?

Your turn…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 responses to “It’s time we all answer that Facebook survey going around”

  1. BEnglish017

    NFL— Tedy Bruschi

    NBA- Dennis Rodman

    College Basketball- Jamaal Magloire

    MLB- Mark Grace

    NHL- Vladimir Tarasenko

    Boxing- Mohammed Ali

    Wrestler- Shawn Michaels

    College Football- Marty Moore

    Tennis (I don’t watch MMA)- Roger Federer

    1. JFlan

      Joe Montana
      Michael Jordan
      Jamal Mashburn
      Andre Dawson
      Wayne Gretzky
      Lennox Lewis
      Randoll Cobb
      Ken Shamrock
      Andre Agassi

    2. JTaylor22

      Uncanny how similar my answers are to yours:

      NFL: Walter Payton
      NBA: Michael Jordan
      NCAAB: Jamal Mashburn
      MLB: Andre Dawson
      NHL: Wayne Gretzky (if forced to choose)
      Boxing: Muhammad Ali
      Wrestling: Hulk Hogan
      NCAAF: Tim Couch
      MMA: no comment
      Tennis: Andre Agassi

    3. johntyler22

      NFL— Peyton Manning

      NBA- Michael Jordan

      College Basketball- Karl Anthony Towns

      MLB- Ozzie Smith

      NHL- Eric Lindross

      Boxing- Ivan Drago

      Wrestler- Mr. Perfect Curt Henning or DDP

      College Football- Bud Dupree

      MMA- Brrrrrrock Lesner

      Tennis – Jennifer Caprioti

  2. bigbluejon

    Troy Polamalu
    Chris Webber
    Chuck Hayes
    Frank Thomas
    Wayne Gretzki
    Mike Tyson
    Stone Cold
    Randall Cobb
    Chuck Lidell

  3. Eazy

    NFL – Chad Johnson
    NBA – Clyde Drexler
    MLB – Barry Larkin
    Boxing – Holyfield
    College Basketball – Tony Delk
    College Football- Craig Yeast
    Tennis – Andre Aggasi

    1. Eazy

      Track and Field – Michael Johnson

  4. Tbow7576

    NFL— Ladainian Tomlinson

    NBA- Vince Carter

    College Basketball- Malik Monk

    MLB- Ken Griffey Jr.

    NHL- Sidney Crosby

    Boxing- Floyd Mayweather

    Wrestler- Hulk Hogan

    College Football- Tim Tebow

    Tennis- Federer

    1. Eazy

      Jr. was almost my choice! Had to go with Larkin in a pick, though.

  5. tylerwoods22

    NFL— Peyton Manning

    NBA- Dwayne Wade

    College Basketball- Tyler Ulis

    MLB- David Ortiz

    NHL- Peka Rine

    Boxing- Ali

    College Football- Benny Snell

    Tennis – Roger Federer

  6. bennettw859

    hell yeah Go Preds!

  7. BBNDan7

    NFL— Mike Vick

    NBA- Ben Wallace

    College Basketball- Tayshaun Prince

    MLB- Derek Jeter

    NHL- Wayne Gretzky

    Boxing- Sugar Ray Robinson

    Wrestler- Sting

    College Football- Reggie Bush

    MMA- Jon Jones

    1. bdmnky81

      I like the Wallace pick. I modeled (terribly) my teenage game after him

    2. BBNDan7

      Can’t think of anyone I remember to get as much out of his size as he did. One of the greatest defenders ever

  8. AZBlueCat

    NFL—Earl Campbell

    NBA-Hakeen Olajuwon

    College Basketball-Jimmy Dan Conner

    MLB-Greg Maddux

    NHL-Mark Howe

    Boxing-Cassius Clay

    Wrestler-Andy Kaufman

    College Football-Johnny Rodgers

    MMA-Chuck Lidell

  9. mattblockedmeontwitter

    NFL- Tony Romo
    NBA- Shaq
    College Basketball- Patrick Sparks
    MLB- Barry Bonds
    NHL- Pekka Rinne
    Boxing- Butterbean (wish I could say Rocky Balboa)
    Wrestler- Shaun Michaels
    College Football- Brandon Doughty
    MMA- Rampage Jackson

  10. shutupdonny

    NFL—Randall Cobb

    NBA- Magic

    College Basketball- Pistol Pete with Tayshaun a very close 2nd and AD a very close 2nd b

    MLB- Wade Boggs. Were there any other MLB players???

    NHL- Filip Forsberg Go Preds!!!

    Boxing- come on. We’re all from Kentucky. Mohammad Ali

    Wrestler-Andy Kaufman (I stole this from the guy above me, but yes!)

    College Football- again…Randall Cobb

    MMA- I don’t know what this is

  11. Rowdy TX CAT

    NFL— Tony Dorsett

    NBA- Dominique Wilkins

    College Basketball- Dirk Minniefield

    MLB- Ozzie Smith

    NHL- no clue

    Boxing- Roy Jones Jr.

    Wrestler- The Ultimate Warrior

    College Football- Randall Cobb

    MMA- Tank Abbott

  12. whodeynation

    NFL— Walter Payton

    NBA- Sir Charles Barkley

    College Basketball- Anthony Davis

    MLB- Pete Rose

    NHL- sorry, Gretzky is the only name I even know

    Boxing- Mike Tyson

    Wrestler- The American Dream Dusty Rhodes

    College Football- Tim Tebow

    MMA- Kimbo Slice

    1. Eazy

      Pete! I went with Larkin but I love Rose. Barkley was my second favorite, too.

  13. KYcats11



    College Basketball-





    College Football-


    Copy, edit and paste

    1. BBNDan7

      Awesome picks. Could agree more my man

    2. KYcats11

      Thanks man

  14. bdmnky81

    NFL- Jason Witten NBA-Lebron. MLB- Randy Johnson. COLLEGE BBALL- Darius Miller. College Football- Hefty Lefty. MMA- Spider Silva. No other sports really get me excited

  15. MrWildcat61


  16. Chuck Norris

    Barry Sanders
    Michael Jordan
    Anthony Davis
    Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn
    The Hanson Brothers
    Mike Tyson
    Ultimate Warrior
    Randall Cobb
    Anderson Silva
    Andre Agassi

  17. catsfinal4

    NFL— Boomer

    NBA- Clyde the glide

    College Basketball- Todd Svoboda

    MLB- Chris Sabo

    NHL- Gretzky


    Wrestler- Hogan

    College Football- TIm Couch

    1. Eazy

      Finally someone else has Clyde.

  18. shelby

    NFL—barry sanders

    NBA-anthony davis

    College Basketball-derrick hord



    Boxing-sugar ray leonard

    Wrestler-fake sport

    College Football-herschel walker

  19. BNClay

    NFL— Cobb, non UK Elway
    NBA- Mash, non UK KG
    College Basketball- Ulis, non UK-Faried
    MLB- Fictional Wild thing Vaughn, real life Griffy Jr.
    NHL- Dominic Hasek
    Boxing- Fictional Rocky, Real life Frazier.
    Wrestler- Wrastlin’ Sting, Greco Roman: Rolan Gardner.
    College Football- Cobb, non UK Vince Young was pretty awesome.
    MMA- McGregor for entertainment factor, but Rumble Johnson for in cage.

  20. Blue Jesus

    NFL- Adrian Peterson

    NBA- Tracy McGrady

    College Basketball- John Wall

    MLB- X

    NHL- Evgeni Malkin

    Boxing- Muhammad Ali (by default; before my time)

    Wrestler- X

    College Football- Randall Cobb

    MMA- X

  21. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    NFL— Bo Jackson

    NBA- Shawn Kemp

    College Basketball- Wall

    MLB- Bo Jackson

    NHL- N/A

    Boxing- N/A

    Wrestler- Chris Jericho

    College Football- Rashaan Salaam

    MMA- N/A

  22. Bourbon and Blue

    NFL- Terrell Davis
    NBA- Tracy McGrady
    College Basketball- Tyler Ulis
    MLB- Ken Griffey Jr.
    NHL- Kris Letang
    College Football- Deshaun Watson
    MMA- George St. Pierre

  23. nybrasky

    NFL— Pat Tillman
    NBA- Demarcus Cousins
    College Basketball- Jamal Mashburn
    MLB- Cal Ripken Jr
    NHL- Henrik Lundqvist
    Boxing- Mike Tyson
    Wrestler- Razor Ramon
    College Football- Mo Williams
    MMA- Ronda Rousey

  24. Harby

    NFL – John Randle
    NBA – Larry Bird
    College Basketball – Travis Ford
    MLB – Ken Griffey Jr.
    NHL – Jaromir Jagr
    Boxing – Mike Tyson
    Wrestler – Randy Savage
    College Football – Mo Williams
    MMA – Conor McGregor

  25. Rise

    NFL— Steve Young
    NBA- Shaq
    College Basketball- Jeff Sheppard
    MLB- Randy Johnson
    NHL- Flip Forsberg (GO PREDS)
    Boxing- Butterbean
    Wrestler- Jake the Snake
    College Football- Pillsbury Throw Boy
    MMA- Forrest Griffin

  26. JTHinton

    NFL- Andy Dalton
    NBA- Pau Gasol/KAT
    MBB- Dominique Hawkins
    MLB- Ryan Dempster
    NHL- Jonathan Toews
    Boxing- Ali
    CFB- Tebow
    Tennis- Rafael Nadal

    1. Eazy

      I like Dalton but I had to go with 85. I had AJ Green a close second.

  27. JTHinton

    Let’s go Blackhawks!!!

  28. 8xchamp

    Dan Marino, LeBron, Anthony Davis, Mark McGuire, who cares, Mike Tyson, who cares, Tim Couch, Connor McGregor

  29. satcheluk

    You Einstein’s do realize these FB “surveys” are put out by criminal elements to use to try to hack into your accounts. Favorite movies, favorite athletes, favorite vacation spots…they are all common security questions.

    Now go change your passwords!

    1. BBNDan7

      Yeah cause someone is going to hack into my KSR account using those answers and just totally slander me, Einstein