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Is this the most Louisville Louisville shirt ever made?

Perfect for your daughters, Louisville fans. I bet these are just flying off the press. The product description on claims the first round sold out in two days. Sure it did.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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17 responses to “Is this the most Louisville Louisville shirt ever made?”

  1. Davis

    Hide yo kids Hide yo wife

  2. clam

    Does anyone remember when a female UK fan wore a shirt that said something like “I love Dick” in reference to Dick Vitale calling the game? It got play on ESPN and everyone thought it was funny. I also recall as an undergrad someone selling a shirt showing a Cardinal blowing a Wildcat just before the UK vs. UofL football game.

    1. MJB

      She was holding up a sign that read “Kentucky Girls Love Dick!”

  3. What a bunch of



    Is that BTI’s?

  5. brain

    1st a UT shirt and now a UL shirt. Keep up the good work.

    1. Laugh or Get Out

      Surprisingly you can actually type that sarcastic response since it’s obvious you only look at pictures and not actually read the articles.

  6. Bluebros

    This shirt should be at the center of any bet made between males.

  7. UKBlue

    UL fans live in a constant state of delusion, they wake up everyday having to believe the lie because excepting the truth is too painful. UL joining the ACC, be careful what you wish for because they just destroyed their own illusion. It is going to be funny to watch their fans finally get hit in the face with reality, watching & listening to their fans flip out, and to watch their band wagon fans walk off & leave early from games especially on national TV. Yes UL finally got in a real conference; UL was loved & respected so much by other schools & conferences no one wanted them, they were only able to get in because Maryland left the ACC. UL was only picked to try keeping the conference together, not because the ACC wanted them, and at that UL was picked last. UL how does it feel to be picked last?

    1. scorpiocard


      TALK ABOUT IRONY! (And dip skips ask me why I come here) 2 f’in funny

  8. ZH

    to be fair, I’ve this as a Arizona Cardinal shirt, a San Fran 49er shirt, Tampa Bay Bucs shirt so……..

  9. George J

    Not really a fair point when there’s a Kentucky shirt too and some of us actually buying it.

  10. Go Deep

    It’s possible the first run sold out if the first run was for one….

  11. williamtitan

    they make shirts like these for every team out there. even kentucky. not to mention every nfl team. it looks like these school and teams are not a part of these shirts. not that i am backing up louisville or anything.

    1. Megan

      They make shirts like these for young teenagers. Saw one with a picture of two Tootsie Roll pops, strategically placed, and the caption: “Lick ’em, Don’t Bite ’em.” Another had a picture of similarly placed M&Ms and the caption: “They Melt in Your Mouth.” Okay, amusing in the abstract, but who would wear such a thing, and what mother would allow it?

      Just get to the point and wear a tight thin tee that says “Sperm Dumpster.”

  12. ExactlyRight2

    Yeah the “I love dick” shirt was worn by some uk ladies…..

    1. Cats Fine

      And they have to come see a UL man to get the Big Stuff that they crave