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Is four-star linebacker Xavier Peters rethinking his commitment?

Yesterday, four-star linebacker Xavier Peters made everyone in the BBN’s July 4th when he committed to Kentucky; less than 24 hours later, it appears he’s rethinking that decision. Not only did Peters delete the tweets announcing his commitment, he has removed “UK Commit” from his Twitter bio. He also posted this cryptic tweet:

Hmm. Decommitments are a way of life in college football these days, but if Peters does part ways with Kentucky, that might set a new record for the fastest one yet. With programs like Alabama, Florida, USC, Georgia, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas after him, it’s no wonder, but hopefully Peters will wise up and reaffirm his commitment soon because with him, Kentucky has the 15th best recruiting class according to 247 Sports. Stay tuned…


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21 responses to “Is four-star linebacker Xavier Peters rethinking his commitment?”

  1. BigBlueMeade

    I think Ohio State got in his ear and is promising him things. Marrow will hold it down I believe.

  2. AllBlueAllDay

    Great let the negativity fire up. l would like to know what one of the big dogs said to him to make him rethink that quickly. My money is on Vince to keep him committed.

  3. dgtuk

    Hope we get/keep him but not counting on it. NCAA football recruiting is silly with its non-committal/committal’s process :). Not sure why everyone wastes their energy on this stuff until they really sign. On the other hand not much else to do the day after the holiday.

    1. Reuben Cuban


    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Like dgtuk said, not much else to do the day after the holiday. Borg & McEnroe are not walking through that tunnel.

  4. 3Goggles

    And this is why most dont celebrate football commits like we do basketball commits. My least favorite aspect of College Football

    1. SHCooper

      Exactly they flip commitments like they are changing clothes. When the season starts that’s who we have.

  5. tmurphy

    Can start singing ” goodbye Xavier” da da da

  6. Dave from Owsley County

    I tried to tweet Matt Jones to tell him that this would probably happen. KSR broke the news when he committed but he had offers to the big schools and when they have those offers they usually change there mind. We shouldn’t worry about the big ones that commit early they usually don’t come.

    1. chris43

      I agree there’s no sense in getting excited until they actually sign. A “commitment” means NOTHING! I’m not even sure most of the kids truly even understand the meaning of the word. It’s early, most are wishy washy as hell, and enjoy being courted by numerous schools. But I’ll say this IF we are ever going to TRULY turn the corner and be a top 20 team year in and year out…..we’re going to have to start snagging some of these 4 star guys. I sure hope we do but its a tough battle in the SEC.

  7. keiths

    LOL . I mean seriously, you know Urban is in his ear. I live in Florida, Urban is dirty, always has been. People in Florida can’t stand him

    1. runningunnin.454

      Yep, and you can bet if OSU has a bad recruiting year, he will get deathly ill…..again.

    2. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Bama made Tebow cry and put Urb in the hospital.

  8. BBNDan7

    I hate football recruiting

  9. chris43

    A commit in football doesn’t mean crap. WE ALL KNOW THIS! When they actually sign the paperwork….that’s when ya got em and even then you better hope the ink dries really fast!

  10. runningunnin.454

    Yeah this happens; but, the time frame here is ridiculous.

  11. jaws2

    Geez I’m shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!


    It’s good to have this problem. Lay out a big net,loose a few, but get enough fish.


    I meant lose

  14. truebluefootballfan

    (Sigh) kids…..

  15. Kevin C

    You have separate designations on your website for FB Recruiting and BB Recruiting ; please learn to use them. Thanks.