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Article written by Drew Franklin

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52 responses to “In-state talent Jordan Watkins decommits from UK”

  1. TreyTingle

    Disappointing to see. Recruits watch games too. I’m sure it’s not inticing to want to play in an offense that has such inconsistent play calling.


    We will Land a 4* in his place

    1. cats646

      I hope!!

  3. bigbluejon

    Just hope fans don’t overreact and say something ignorant to him. A lot of time left in his recruitment

    1. bkeith75

      Great point bigblujon. I hope our fans stay off of his twitter unless it’s being supportive.

  4. zoupman

    Whatever. The guy at Male, a UK commit, is much better.

    1. Irish son

      Lmao it kills me these guys announce they’re decommitting .

  5. stringmusic78

    The real problem is the coaching staff not having a quality backup QB and in-turn putting an inept offense on the field. Not appealing to kids wanting to catch balls.

    1. Bluebloodtoo

      Did you hear about the three injured backup QB’s that UK has? What about the one that transferred last summer?

  6. Guitarteacher74

    If Kentucky don’t start winning, more will do the same I’m afraid

    1. zoupman

      Hey teacher. You do know team won 10 games last year?

    2. IndianaSucks

      Zoupman… Allen and Snell ain’t walking thru that door buddy…

  7. season-3-disc-2

    And so it begins………
    This is only the beginning, we are going to lose Saturday. After we lay an egg against ark more will follow. 4 win season if we are lucky.

    1. Looother

      A bit pessimistic, don’t you think?

  8. BigTimeOwen

    I mean, he’ll certainly get more early opportunity to play at Louisville given that, you know, they suck.

  9. csnailnrun

    Y’all are spelling Loserville wrong

  10. kydrummer

    I think he wanted to go to UofL but Petrino and staff never recruited him. He’s seeing the success UofL is having and probably wants to stay home. Let’s respect this young man’s decision.

    1. TheTweak

      Success? LMAO

    2. IndianaSucks

      They’re having just as much success as us.

    3. Corder

      IUSucks, by beating BC, that is called success? Good to know the bar is set so low.

    4. IndianaSucks

      We’ve beaten Toledo and Eastern Michigan. Open your eyes man. I think this season can still be a success but right now we’re neck and neck. We’re coming off a great season and they’re in complete rebuild mode and we’re equal at this point in time. Get off your high horse and pay attention just a little.

  11. ukflyguy

    Probably best for everybody. Was surprised UK took him with some of the other guys they are recruiting. He is a borderline 2 or three star player. A nice get but probably wouldn’t get to see the field for a while. His loss didn’t even affect our rivals ranking and his other offers outside of UK and U of L were all MAC schools. Still sucks to lose an in state kid though, particularly if he goes to Louisville. Those who think this has something to do with this year are smoking crack. If he goes to U of L its all about playing time and he will get more at U of L than UK.

    1. shepdog3720

      ukflyguy, you nailed it. Other than pulling a kid from the city of Louisville, I’m not sure he would have ever done too much in a UK uniform. I watched him play vs DeSales several weeks ago and I never felt like he was a big time football player. Good luck to the kid, but no loss here, in my opinion.

  12. haha

    Who want want to play under Eddie gran? lmao

    1. mashburnfan1

      I don’t know how we ever get a commit from a WR with Gran play calling. Even when he did call pass plays they were behind the line or 2 yards beyond it. At least this season he has called some down field passes but we run terrible routes and seldom get open WR’s whereas other teams always seem to have open WR’s vs us. We have good WR’s in Bowden, Oliver, Ali, Flagner, Thomas, Dailey and add in TE’s Upshaw, who should be a much bigger weapon for us, and Riggs. Upshaw is a mismatch vs almost anyone but we call a play or 2 per game to him, Brilliant.

  13. TPACAT

    I love how all these punks nowadays demand that we “respect their decision”. Why should we “respect their decision” to not keep their word? And, the “no interviews” part makes him a coward as well. Hell, I don’t respect this guy at all, much less his “decision”.

    1. catsfan9508

      I agree tpacat. No I don’t have to respect your decision on backing out of your COMMITMENT . Kids don’t know the meaning of that word

    2. JerryCat

      The dude is 17 pal

    3. TPACAT

      I knew the importance of keeping my word and answering for my decisions at 17. And, if you didn’t then, I sure hope you do now…

    4. truebluefootballfan

      Guys just a few months older have died for their country Jerrycat. Completely off subject but a valid point non the less.

    5. IndianaSucks

      I don’t disagree but I also don’t think a fan base should berate an 18 year old because they can’t make up their mind. I think that’s what it’s about.

    6. truebluefootballfan

      It is IS and I do agree. Some ppl don’t realize that many ppl feel the same way and when they all publicly post their opinions (bash the kid) it isn’t a good look for our fan base. At some point these kids do have to realize that it’s actually an important decision and not just a chance to be in the spotlight locally by flipping and flopping. It’s a double edge, they don’t deserve it but at the same time they’re continually bringing it on bc they know the reactions it’s gonna bring. Hence no interviews and he demand the respect his change of mind.

    7. mashburnfan1

      Marriage used to be a commitment as well. Now it is more likely to not last 5 years. People now days have no honor, moral values and expect things handed to them rather than earn it. New generation take no responsibility for their actions. The world has changed, and not for the better.

    8. nocode96

      Thanks for your words of hope gramps

    9. IndianaSucks

      Mashburn… Get off my lawn!

  14. livingood4UK

    I’m fairly certain this has nothing to do with how this season has played out this far. We are going to win more games. This Saturday and the bye week that has preceded it will prove to be this teams wake up call. There is a lot of football still to play and an awful lot of talent on that team. I believe this recruiting class has a strong core in young Allen Phillips and Rogers. They’ll stick and the others will follow suit

    1. Corder

      Right there with you. A lot of Kentucky football fans are very new to football. Most came on when we started winning and most don’t know a lot about football or recruiting witch is always frustrating when having a conversation with these new football fans. A lot of them will bash this coaching staff and say they need to be fired after losing a few games but don’t realize what we have and what this program has been through for decades now. Just a little while back we were praying for a bowl now we are expecting to beat miss state, USCjr. And tenn. on a consistent bases. That’s a huge jump and the talent that we are getting now has never been seen before. I enjoy every minute of football season now because I’ve seen what we have gone through to finally get here.

    2. stringmusic78

      An inept offense is an inept offense.

      It doesn’t take a seasoned vet to figure out UK has serious concerns on offense.

      You can bet that a 17yo kid can figure it out too.

  15. TomKat9698

    Lol… 4 star in his place and her probably saw the handwriting on the wall.

  16. gasman01

    We can win Saturday by just running the ball. Down the road may be different.

  17. shelby3605

    Why “respect his decision”? Clearly his 1st decision meant nothing.

  18. bbn606

    Appears he is Louisville bound. I hate to lose anyone but honestly, I don’t want anyone who is not all-in. According to the chatter, we are on the verge of a great class and this opens a position for someone who could be better.

  19. mashman 93

    Ah the fickle world of football recruiting strikes again. Until they sign pay no attention. GO CATS!

  20. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Guessing he doesn’t want to be a part of the Gran/Poops prolific offense.

  21. JPGott2

    I am a big supporter of Stoops and the program he has built, but not so much Gran.

    We lost to 2 terrible teams in Miss St. and USCjr. Our offense looked incoherent and messy.

    It was obvious our QB was hurting in the USCjr game, but they kept calling pass playing and not establishing the run, which would have opened up play action for a guy who was floating the ball.

    His play calling is just way tooooo obvious, this allowing defenses to jump all over it and put them in long yardage downs.

    Oh, and if you think having Terry would cure all of this…Gran has been calling way more pass plays sense he went out. If a balanced attack was called, UK’s offense would be much better.

    1. KATastrophe

      Huh…So you don’t think Gran is right there with Hal Mumme, just innovating the defecation out of things with his play calling?

  22. Bluebloodtoo

    Wish him luck in his decision. I hope he finds the right fit, wherever that happens to be.

  23. UKinIN

    Kids end up where they belong. If he doesn’t think UK is the right fit for him he’s right. Doesn’t make UK wrong.

  24. kjd

    Has anyone watched Louisville? Their coaches know how to utilize their speed guys.
    His announcement is no surprise.

  25. bluecorvettecat

    More departures coming
    Losing season coming
    Stoops good recruiter terrible game coach
    Early season pundits said we would be marginal and no UK fans agreed- wake up call

  26. makeitstop

    Why does anyone care if we lose a guy who likely would never see the field? We aren’t starved for WR w his credentials – bunch of MAC offers. Ok. Stay home. Next.

  27. notFromhere

    Oh well. It’s not for everyone. Hope he finds a place that fits him.

    Next man up