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If the Twins Leave, Where Will UK Look?

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If the Harrison twins decide to enter the 2014 NBA Draft in the coming weeks, UK may have to work quickly to fill the backcourt if Calipari deems additional depth is necessary to succeed next season. With the guards from the high school ranks that could make an immediate impact already committed, Kentucky’s only option will be the players eligible to play immediately as graduate transfers. While there are a host of quality players looking to transfer that would have to wait out a season (notably Eron Harris of West Virginia), there are very few graduate transfers that Kentucky could play immediately. The only real option for UK is UNLV’s leading scorer from last season, Bryce Dejean-Jones

The 6’5″ shooting guard originally went to Southern Cal as a highly touted recruit, but he immediately ran into issues ranging from dismissal by the school, complaints about playing time, and altercations with teammates. He transferred to UNLV and played fairly well, but was suspended for the last game of the regular season for undisclosed reasons. These two cases raise some red flags that Dejean-Jones could very well be a toxic player in the locker room, but tougher cases than BDJ have seen dramatic turnarounds in the past when they are given their final chance with the graduate transfer rule.

Dejean-Jones is making his first visit to Iowa State, a team with a knack for having success with transfers. They turned Deandre Kane into a star this season and will likely be making that pitch to Dejean-Jones on his visit. If Dejean-Jones waits long enough on his decision for the Twins to determine their status for next season, it’s very likely that he would make a visit to UK. Perhaps a strong personality like Calipari could be the voice of reason to keep Dejean-Jones from falling into past mistakes.

The other possible option with Dejean-Jones is that he will select to play professionally overseas. With the problems he has had in the college landscape, playing pro across the Atlantic might be the most plausible option. However, the departure of the Twins would leave a depleted backcourt at UK that BDJ could fill in quite nicely.

Article written by Jay Hochstetler

I live the sad but addicting life of tracking where 15-18 year old gentleman are considering for their collegiate basketball careers. Follow me @JayHochKSR

51 responses to “If the Twins Leave, Where Will UK Look?”

  1. kybeau

    Perhaps Montague Gill-Caesar will reclassify to help fill the need at the SG?

    1. Tomas

      I believe he announced today that he would not reclassify to the 2014 class. But I am not sure about that.

    2. Chris in TN

      I don’t know about him personally saying it, but his coach all but said there’s no chance

  2. Cat Fan In Georgia

    We have 93 comments ripping Louisville for signing the “mistake-prone” kid from Georgia.

    What’s different here? This kid apparently made some serious mistakes also.

    What’s wrong with giving a kid a second or even third chance?

    Comments calling me a troll in 3…2….1…

    1. blake

      No troll here….BBN fan all the way…I always read the comments before I post because if someone has already said what needed to be said I can just agree..and that’s what I’m doing here. I know we need guard depth bad but we sure don’t need any head cases messing up what we do have!!!!!

    2. anthonydavisarmpit

      That was my exact thoughts as I read the article. Talk about calling the kettle black.

    3. Devin

      Character issues and drugs are two different things.

  3. Issel's two front teeth

    How about a top ten list of assistant coaches that we could bring in to keep status quo in recruiting?

    1. Brian the Derpface

      Tony Barbee. That’s at least the top one.

    2. Issel's two front teeth

      Hey, I hear Aiello is looking!

    3. Issel's two front teeth

      Really! Auto correct sucks! Masiello.

  4. Brian the Derpface

    Nice post! I consider the twins 60/40 to return, but it’s good to know that options like Uncle Julius exist out there.

    1. Knows Better

      The twins are like Arnold, ” I’ll be back”.

  5. MC

    I’d rather lose than sign that loser from NLV. Recruit a guard from some County school in Ky before you give a scholly to a Loser.

    1. Matty G 21

      If the Twins do leave, which I have a hard time believing that they will, then Dominique will play an important role next year. The good thing is that D-Hawk isn’t a liability on the defense end, but in order for him to be effective on the floor defenders need to recognize him as a scoring threat. I like Hawkins a lot and I think he’s going to be a great player at UK, but I’m not sure if he’ll be able to make a big impact next year. I could be wrong though. That being said, I’m all for adding some help to a depleted backcourt.

      Again, I think the Twins will probably return. I think they are both smart kids and they don’t need the NBA immediately to support their family. I think they’re smart kids and will realize that they can drastically improve their draft stock with another year of improvement, and I think deep down they want one more year to play together. This is all just my opinion, and I’m sure some people will disagree but this is what I believe and it’s honestly what I like to make myself believe as well. Hope to see #2 and #5 back in Blue and White this fall. Go Big Blue!

    2. Han

      The difference is random KY county kid takes up a schollie for 4 years unless he transfers. A grad student transfer only takes up one for a year. Similarly, Juco’s will only be around 2-3 years at most. When you can bring in so many talented players each year and with a fanbase that includes people ready to fire you a year remove from a title because you went to the NIT, you look for players who can contribute now.

      If the Harrisons and Young both go, we have Ullis, Hawkins and Booker at the guard spot. Even if we play Poythress at the 3 or go ridiculously huge with Towns there, we’re still very thin at the 1/2.

  6. T25guy

    Gill Caesar already decided not to reclassify per Zags blog the other day.

  7. FS

    Why not play D. Hawkins.

    1. Brian the Derpface

      It’s like playing four players on offense? He has no shot right now.

    2. Han

      If the Harrisons and Young go, Hawkins will get plenty of minutes.

  8. gottodoit

    No way.

    1. gottodoit

      I mean no way Mr. Bryce Dejean-Jones. All the way with D. Hawkins.

  9. Hhhhh

    That’s right Hawkins, you suck. They already looked past ya. They said be a grunt & don’t shoot now want more help from a head case. Transfer like polson should have.

    1. Hhhhh is....

      A piece of trash that will be taken to the landfill.

    2. Neil A


    3. Neil A


    4. Chris in TN

      Yes, Hawkins, when you play at Kentucky, both the coaches and the fans are going to be brutally honest and you could choose to run from it. Or you could listen to the criticism which is often accurate such as your poor shooting, and develop into the best player you can be at the best program in the country and ignore jealous idiots like the one above. Choose the latter and you’ll do great things at this program.

  10. Rixter

    Dejean-Jones winds up at Louisville. Write it down.

  11. Nashvillain

    The Harrisons will be back next year so none of this really matters.

  12. Issel's two front teeth

    What does King Rex say about the twins returning? lol

    1. 2mites

      Yea what does the sooth sayer say about the future of UK? Mr. I am king of all that is UK. Well I hope that useless has been who never gave anything to UK stays away and keeps his pie hole shut.

  13. jus sayin

    Inconvenient Truth: Most good sports teams have someone of questionable moral character… it’s all about leveraging it in a way that helps the team.

  14. Neil A

    We don’t need him. At the minimum Andrew will be back and I would bet on Aarron too.
    Even without them, Ullis and Booker will be just fine with Hawkins still there. I just pity the team that tries to go inside.

    1. Han

      This year we had Polson, Hawkins and Hood all backing up the Harrisons and Young. None of them were scoring much, but they still helped, including in practice. If we lose the twins and James, plus Hood and Polson graduating, that leaves only Hawkins and the walkons to push Ullis and Booker in practice and sub in off the bunch. Cal learned last year that he’d rather have a lot of players and not need them than the opposite.

  15. Han

    So is it safe to assume Torian Graham’s stupid behavior a few months ago cost him his chance, or is he still a possibility? For those who have forgotten, he was on the radar a couple years ago, went JUCO (academic, I think), and supposedly had interest in Kentucky. Then in January he and a friend were arrested and charged with evidence tampering because of trying to eat pot they were caught with in a traffic stop. I know, seems more like a fit for Louisville.

  16. Casper

    Brandon Knight was our last great point guard.
    I am getting worried…
    We have struck out numerous times since.

    1. stewart

      I remember a guy named Teague that gave us a championship.

    2. We all know...

      Casper is a blabbering fool.

    3. GrumpyOldDude

      I’m with Casper. I wouldn’t call Teague a “great” PG, good, but not my definition of great. Great PG’s dish and can get their own, Teague’s riding the pine in the NBA because he’s not a self-creator.

  17. Second Chances

    Everyone deserves a second chance.

  18. The Chevy Hitter

    ………………………..Toxic misfit………he should go to ole Miss & replace the weasel.

  19. markp

    Let’s just hope the twins stay and avoid the other stuff.

  20. yesterdays

    Roll the game tape of Teague- He improved every game and really came on in NCAA Tourney. He made a couple of key threes that kept defenses somewhat honest. He was also the best defensive PG Cal has had.

  21. the_ghost_of_ronnie_lyons

    I hope we don’t pursue this guy, even if the twins DO leave…. trouble at both places he has been. Sounds like a cancer on the team, to me…….

  22. Kman

    Hey Grumpy, Teague was fantastic college point guard…what’s riding the pine in NBA have to do with anything?

  23. Scfcats

    I live in Vegas. This kid is toxic. He will not help our locker room. Has anger issues or something. Is always first out of practice and always alone. UNLV would be better without him. UK doesn’t need him that bad. I’m all about second chances, but this guy has burned a few of them up here already.

    1. RandyB

      Scfcats, I hope Cal reads your comment. This guy sounds like a locker room disaster.
      Surely, there’s another option besides him! How about Junior College? Can’t late commits to other schools (ones who signed on “The Initial Signing Date on April 16” change their minds before the “Regular Period Final Signing Date on May 21” ?
      Surely, there are talented guys with “buyer’s remorse.” Somebody like James Blackmon, Jr.

  24. Chris in TN

    Everyone is panicking because we *might* wind up with slightly more depth than in 2013. Easy, fellas. Don’t forget that we had Kyle Wiltjer and Poythress at the 3/4 that year with almost no backup. We don’t need more than Ulis, Booker, and Hawkins at the 1/2 next year if the Twins leave (Big IF) because next year we’ll be more dominant inside than just about ever before if you factor depth. I think Poythress’s shot from 3 will surprise a lot of people if he comes back. It’s clear that shooting and ball handling are essential to his growth as a player to make it at the next level and he and the coached know that. We’ll be find without the UNLV thug.

  25. TJ Wren

    I think us having such a deep front court with the likelihood of Poythress 6’8 same size as harrell and hes going to be a top 20 pick and Poythress can play inside outside. Dakari Johnson Marcus Lee Trey Lyles and Karl Towns who is a better offensive 7 footer than Cauly Stein or Johnson. He can hit 3’s and has better touch on his jump shots. I think it should open up players on kick outs like Devin Booker whos automatic at 3’s and you have Tyler Ulis who is way faster than any point guard weve seen around in alot of years. He is shifty fast. If we can sign 1 more guard or if the harrisons come back i think we will be in good shape.Derek Willis plays the 3 more than the 4. Hes automatic at 3’s too. I think he needs to work on his speed and strength and he will get playing time next year. Willis and Booker would be a good 1 2 punch from the 3 point line.

  26. Hoosier Blue Blood

    It certainly would make a huge difference if we lost all 3 guards. Running teams, pressing teams would eat us up. Hope Cal doesn’t have to deal with it. Personally I don’t think they’ve proven themselves. Any year with some leadership, intensity, and they’d be better off. I bet pro scouts are skeptical.

    I count young and Randal as gone.

  27. 2mites

    Lets face it Randle, Young, and WCS are gone. The Twins are maybe leaning more on staying. I really believe the rest stay for sure. Regardless of who does leave UK does not need a problem from 2 other schools. Have no problem with a second chance but that clown has used up his. Either use that scholarship on a real help or at least one that could develop.