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HOT MICS! USL Cup Final Commentators Bash Louisville City After Win


While the people of Louisville celebrated a professional soccer championship on Louisville Slugger Field, the ESPNU broadcasters blamed the field for taking down Louisville City FC’s opponent.

In just its third year of existence, Louisville City FC won the USL Cup with a 1-0 victory over the Swope Park Rangers, thanks to Cameron Lancaster’s header in the 89th minute.

When the final horn sounded, fans rushed the field and the ESPNU broadcast cut to a break.  Then Mike Watts and Kate Markgarf made a rookie mistake.  One viewer captured everything that was said into the hot mics for more than three minutes.  Instead of giving Lou City credit, Markgarf thought Swope Park got screwed because they had to play on the road.

“So I really can’t say the field was shit and that’s why the game was crap?”

No, you can’t, but you still did.

I was proud to watch that crap game because it was one of the coolest sporting moments I’ve ever seen in my city.  I’m not a big futbol guy, but following this team has been an absolute joy.  I don’t always get to enjoy sports with my friends because the UK/UofL rivalry gets in the way.  Last night we got to celebrate like a bunch of maniacs together when that unexpected goal hit the back of the net in the game’s final minutes.

There are a ton of curmudgeons who like to say that Louisville can only be a college sports town.  They point to the demise of the Kentucky Colonels, Riverfrogs, Panthers, IceHawks and Louisville Fire as proof.  Last night a Louisville Slugger Field record crowd of 14,456 begged to differ.

What a night. Thanks, Lou City.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

13 responses to “HOT MICS! USL Cup Final Commentators Bash Louisville City After Win”

  1. JTHinton

    Tell her that if Swope Park had a better regular season, then they could’ve hosted it. As a lifelong (for all of three years), LouCity looked their best this season and the announcers, who were annoying the whole game imo and didn’t know what they were talking about, need to respect that. Obviously they hadn’t watched LouCity all year or they’d’ve known we were the better side. ¡Vamos City!

    1. JTHinton

      Another reason to hate ESPN

    2. JTHinton

      And that idiot commentator said several stupid stuff throughout the match. Even at the end mixing up the FIFA and UCL music. What a joke. Should’ve used regular USL announcers, and btw the EAST IS MORE COMPETITIVE THAN THE WEST.

  2. J-Dub421

    Both teams play on the same field, therefore, blaming the field for your team losing is stupid.

  3. STLouisBBFan

    The field is less than perfect but J-Dub is correct. Great soccer atmosphere for Louisville created by fans and the announcers were not good – please let us know where these players played college, etc. I know they noted a couple but they had 90 minutes to talk.

    1. JTHinton

      Thank u STL absolutely right. Awful announcers

  4. BillW

    They weren’t wrong. The field is shit.

    1. ClutchCargo

      If the field is shit, shouldn’t the game also be shit and not crap? I’m really confused by his use of terminology.

  5. WildcatScratchFever

    Icehawks! I still have my jersey! Wonder if they had to pay royalty fees to the Atlanta Hawks for stealing their design.

  6. JTHinton

    Throughout the match

  7. omegagavin

    The ol “they both played on the same field” yarn doesn’t hold water when you’re the home team and have like infinity more experience playing on the field than your opponent. Sure, we won home field, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shit field. No ifs and or buts. It barely meets the minimum length, it’s hard and really bumpy. (have at it with a penis joke in reply). Luckily we’ll have something nicer in a few years.

    1. JTHinton

      Slugger usually isn’t that bad. And SPR got to train on it days b4 the match

  8. TB112162

    J-Dub421 your exactly correct they put in that grass for this game and that part field was new for the home team also