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Article written by Drew Franklin

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10 responses to “Hey Georgia back off our homegrown talent”

  1. UKFan7787

    They have offered Tidale from BG now, too.

  2. RealCatsFan

    Would have been nice if we could have stolen a certain Basketball recruit from them. SMDH over that one!

  3. rickwhitetx

    We’ve got a steer down here in Austin that really wants to have another discussion with that bulldog. I’m sure I can convince him to wear a UK collar for a day.

    1. rickwhitetx

      The steer wearing the UK collar, not the bulldog.

  4. J. Did

    Kirby’s Smart: He’s thinking, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. He recruits. It’s not like GEORGIA is not overflowing with talent. He wants the best; or he wants to mess with KENTUCKY.

    1. Ridge Runner

      I see what ya did there, J.Did…

  5. Ridge Runner

    Umm.. we are in UGAs heads. Haaaa. Lol… oh well you know… ehhhhh… no.

  6. ThankfulCat

    Georgia recruits nationally

    They took UK’s manhood

    That’s being an elite program, not intimidated by a team that gave up 300 yards rushing at home.

    Horrible article

  7. Paperbagface

    I wont believe it unless I hear it from Dawg Nation…

  8. JASUN74

    Any Kentucky kid that would choose anyone else, now that we’ve established ourselves as a true contender for the East title and on our way to the top of College Football, is just as bad as that loser from all our hometowns that wears Duke hats, all the damn time just to be different. I hate that guy with a passion and we all know them because we’ve all seen them from time to time. Just the absolute worst kind of pricks!! Hahahahaha. Saying all that, if we’re going to get over the hump and continue becoming a top ten team in the country, we 100% need to keep our best instate players. It’s all coming together my brothers! We’re just a couple pieces away from getting to the playoffs this year I believe and once we get some of these freshman developed, the sky is the limit. We got some studs here right now that hasn’t been here at Kentucky in my lifetime and it’s all starting to take shape. Lol. Man I can’t wait till Football. I’m sure loving my Basketball Cats though. Looking like a National Championship team to me and are playing great. I couldn’t help but laugh everytime Johnson got a rebound today!! Lmao. He was screaming every time he got one and it was cracking me up. Hahahahaha. Great game today