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Here we go again… Alabama offers UK quarterback commit

One of Mark Stoops’ prized commitments in the 2018 class just picked up an offer from Alabama. Ugh.

Jarren Williams, an ESPN top 300 player, tweeted the news that Bama is the 21st school to offer him a scholarship:

A dual-threat quarterback, Williams committed to Kentucky last summer and has blown up even more since that pledge. He’s recently picked up offers from Florida, West Virginia, Arizona State, Wisconsin, LSU, Ole Miss and now Alabama, and those are all within the last month. (CAN Y’ALL PLEASE BACK TF OFF)

Williams still insists he’s happily committed to UK and will be a Wildcat, but we’ve all seen this movie too many times in football recruiting. It’s never over until it is over.

Remember Mac Jones?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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19 responses to “Here we go again… Alabama offers UK quarterback commit”

  1. HendoUKFan

    Well … it was fun having that commitment while it lasted. I guess the only positive is the fact that our coaches are good at finding talent early.

  2. Brian in Franklin

    What would you think if he stayed committed? All it takes is for some of these recruits to buck the current trend and stay committed. When that starts happening, either before or after we win the East, then the sky is the limit! Until that happens, we cant just write them off to save face.

  3. maximumscott

    The positive to take away is that UK is great at spotting potential early before traction catches. Bolds well for our current classes.

  4. chris43

    Hate to say it but……99.9999999% he’s gone……😕

  5. A_Blue_Wildcat

    This is why its extremely stupid to get invested into commitments in football, I don’t even try to learn the players name until they sign their letter of intent.

    1. symphonist41169


  6. fatbrat

    The only thing that cracks me up about this is the way Alabama is leaning towards dual-threat QB’s. Poor ole Mac Jones, what could have been..have fun as a career scout team QB,,Lololol…

  7. dballrb

    That’s why folks dislike Cal so much,snagging commits from other schools.Dosent feel good does it.

    1. KYcats11

      He normally doesn’t get people that are already commited sir, please name a few.

    2. jaws2

      Please name us ONE time Cal has had to ‘snag’ another teams commitment? Just one please?

    3. claydwildcat

      Terrance Jones was committed elsewhere. I think Demarcus cousins was as well. Lol

    4. BigBlueMeade

      Cousins was committed to Cal at Memphis I believe and it is not unusual for a coach to take his recruits with him after changing jobs. I thought Jones decommitted and opened his recruitment again before committing to UK. I could be wrong though.

  8. dballrb

    Hopefully he stays on with UK..

  9. TBW3011

    Sounds like Bama has some really overpaid assistants to spot QB recruits.

  10. UKani

    Call me crazy, but I think Jarren Williams stays committed. Stayed committed through offers from Tennessee, Florida, LSU and other powerhouses…. I don’t think this changes anything. All UK has to do is win in the fall, if they do that then he’ll sign an LOI.

  11. chris43

    We’ll be 6-6 at best this Fall. A .500 team and mediocre Bowl game…sad but it’s true. I’d love to see him stay at UK but if he has the skills I honestly couldn’t blame him if he ended up switching to BAMA. Just the same as if a top player in basketball committed to a say Ole Miss or UT etc and later on….Cal and Big Blue Nation came calling. It’s just the nature of the beast. We’re a basketball school and always will be. SEC is by far the toughest conference in football. We’ll make a little noise once in a while as with Woodson year in 2007 but they’ll be few and far in between. In my opinion we should have threw a bunch of money at Les Miles! His name alone would have brought some talent to the program.

    1. Alex90

      It’s not even close to being the same in football. In football if you are talented at your position you will get recognized no matter where you play. Why go sit behind someone for 2 years and possibly play your 3rd or 4th year when you can play right away? Les Miles underperformed every year with the best talent in the country so what would he do here?

  12. Alex90

    Stoops IS bringing talent to the program. He is building a program not just a team that might compete every now and then.

  13. notFromhere

    Hoooweesdeesss macaroni hones joospeek ov?

    Seriously just want the ones that want to be here. Don’t care where the rest go. Right now, JWilliams wants to be a Cat. Can’t wait to see him here.