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He Gone: Tom Jurich fired by Louisville

Tom Jurich has been fired.

The UofL board of trustees deliberated for several hours Wednesday afternoon before coming to a 10-3 vote to permanently remove him as the university’s athletics director. The firing came three days shy of the 20th anniversary of his hiring; thus ending a long, scandalous era of UofL athletics.

Vince Tyra, a UK grad and former Wildcat baseball player, is the new AD in the Ville.

Sports radio will be electric in the coming days.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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46 responses to “He Gone: Tom Jurich fired by Louisville”

  1. Catcasey1

    Glad turtle neck is gone

    1. UK 12 MAN


  2. secrick

    Finally someone at U-6 with some morals. He should not have messed with Papa John.

  3. dballrb

    Hahaha!!Down goes Jurich!!,Down goes Jurich!!..

  4. ClutchCargo

    I shudder to think what will happen if Tyra manages to hire an ethical, moral AD and basketball coach. Who will we have to point and laugh at??

    1. ClutchCargo

      ^ basketball coach, not AD

  5. UK Big Board Update

    How butt hurt is Luether right now? 😂😂😂

    HE MAD.

    1. ClutchCargo

      Slightly less butthurt than the turtleneck and Coach 2, but it’s close.

  6. Joe B. Y'all

    Can’t wait to hear what Matt has to say now that he’s gone.

  7. ClutchCargo

    Anybody checked on Bill Lamb at WDRB to see how he’s doing?

  8. Duff86

    Who are the three people who voted not to fire him? And why?

  9. Mathlete

    Will Matt do another Facebook live video?

  10. jaws2

    Check to see if 502CodeRed has jumped off the 2nd street bridge yet!! Nah, on second thought let him jump!

    1. Booby Petrino

      Oh he’ll act like he’s fine and he’ll say Louisville will be fine. Just like he was crowing last night. But we know the truth… They’re miserable and they’re athletic department has a loooong way to go.

    2. 502CodeRed

      Negative. But now that UofL’s turbo charger has gone out maybe the podunk school to the east can catch up. I cant imagine any other reason you would be so obsessed with a non SEC opponent but jealousy. I mean how many UK stories does UofL sights write about as compared to vice versa? LOL. Thanks, Tom.

    3. kenny


    4. catfanjd

      Cause there are more UK fans than UL fans. Guess you didn’t take statistics!

    5. UK Big Board Update

      “maybe the podunk school to the east can catch up.”

      Yet UK finishes ahead of Louisville in the Capital Cup/Directors Cup (whatever its called) every year.

      Oh, and ACC money ain’t SEC money. 😉


    6. UK Big Board Update

      The reason UL ‘sites’ don’t write as many articles on UK, is because WE DON’T HIRE HOOKERS AND PAY PLAYERS. LOL

      Yep, he mad.

    7. 4everUKblue

      Oh that’s right because theres’ so much to be jealous of UofLittleBrothel for….let’s count the ways.
      1. We missed out on having two coaches who are adulererous liars.
      2. We missed out on hiring strippers to recruit…oh wait…because we don’t have to.
      3. The FBI does not have season tickets to all our games.

      I am so jealous, I wish our program was going down in shame and flames…LOL. Thanks Tom.

    8. 502CodeRed

      Soooooo, why such interest? Or jealousy? I think deep down you hate the fact that the little ole MVC school grew up and have Duke and UNC as rivals now and you guys are stuck with South Carolina and Miss State.. Just a hunch. We’ll be fine and I appreciate your concern.

    9. UK4Days

      Not really – we play Kansas/Duke/UCLA/UNC/Michigan State etc, regardless of our conference.

      Sooooo, why are you still here?

    10. UK Big Board Update

      Deep down I love the fact that UL will end up like Indiana; irrelevant for the next 30+ years.

    11. runningunnin.454

      Jealous…that is rich; that’s a spin cycle any politician would be proud of. Have you asked the ACC their opinion….I would say they’re having a bad case of buyer’s remorse.

    12. 502CodeRed

      UK4Days – I actually like this site. It covers more UofL news than UofL sites do. I mean if somebody on Floyd Street even farts, Matty and Drew are all over it.

    13. UK4Days

      You and your ilk brought this on yourself, and deserve every bit of it. Take you L’s and move along.

    14. runningunnin.454

      UL did not fart, that’s industrial strength diarrhea…and they didn’t make it to the men’s room.

    15. Bobbum Man

      Lol 502, it’s a national news story about ur biggest rival and u honestly think they’re writing it because they’re somehow jealous of whatever delusional thing you think is better at UL? The stupidity in some UL fans is really showing lately… I mean I knew u guys were delusional but good grief


      They 502 you mad bro!? Lmao!! Hey with all the whores, Prostitutes, Money, etc.. You still couldnt be a pimple on UK’s BUTT BRO!! Please get off the ledge but I can’t wait to get a piece of that fake 2013 banner to use as toilet paper!! That’s all its worth and the UL athletic department is worthless then a wet cigarette butt laying in the mud! HA you university sucks and is the biggest laughing stock in the history of all sports not just nation wide but world wide!! Only way you all even was able to tide UK’s coat tails was cheating and prostitutes! Lol makes me think if it wasn’t for them FACTS!!! You all woukd be at best lower middle of the pact ACC and if you we’re in SEC you woukd be hanging with VANDY! Your a clown, Rick is a clown Jurich is a clown, UL athletics should be a comedy central show!! Ha!! I have ate alot of popcorn watching and listening to this $#!+ show!! I mean wow!! You pay players and use prostitutes and you have 1 title?!! Lol all that cheating and UK still bounced you ftom tourney couple times!! Lol All that cheating and huh what Rick was like 3- 9 or some crap vs CAL! Kentucky is your daddy and your the lil red headed step sister! Will not even call you lil brother cause your fanvases is full of a bunch of delusional b!+¢#&$ OMG!! Oh wait I can’t breath omg I can’t breath!! I’m laughing at UL and its fans so hard!! I can keep going!! Lol UL athletics = comedy central!!


      I should get paid for how great I can cut up and crush the spirit of TARD fans! Its so easy though I bet a caveman could do it! What does a water gun and a UL stripper have in common? Anyone? They both can squirt to the ceiling!

    18. 502CodeRed

      BlueVader – You should get paid for writing a short story. The more words the more jealous. Tell us how you really feel.

    19. UK Big Board Update

      Yeah, we’re all so jealous of the dumpster fire that is Louisville…




      Lol jealous!! Ha I am not jealous at all!! Your program is garbage!! Lol what is their to envy!! Lol a program crumbling Into the dust Into nothingness!! Lol!! UL athletics is a joke!! Jealous, hell this is great!! I love watching and listening to you all cry and squirm. Y’all probably will be sucking your thumbs, clutching your pillows crying for Ratino in your sleep!! Your trash program is burning to the ground and I’m just adding fuel getting under your skin and that is priceless!! Wait! Wait! Wait! I got one for ya!! The price of A bucket of KFC chicken $9.99., The price for a recruit to try and keep up with your daddy UK $100,000, The burning of the UL athletic department yup you guessed it, PRICELESS!! B!+¢# HA HA jealous wtf over I am loving this $#! +!!

    21. 4everUKblue

      Because why would a UofLittleBrother site want to cover anything Cardinal….COVER UP maybe! LMFAO! Thanks Tom!

  11. wesmorgan1

    If (as has been suggested) both Pitino and Jurich sue for wrongful termination and/or breach of contract, one hopes that “Extra Lawyers” is a line-item in next year’s ULAA budget.

  12. Jiminy Crickets

    Jurich will land on his feet. Another program will scoop him up

    Pitino will land on his face, and will never admit he knew anything, no matter the evidence

    1. Reuben Cuban

      You are correct: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

      And now, oddly enough, Petrino is the last remaining trash and treasure at uavel.

    2. Bobbum Man

      Thing is if pitino didn’t handle this the way he did and just said look we messed up and left with some dignity he could have probably gotten himself a job too. But he’ll keep crying he did no wrong despite the proof and try to sue anyone and everyone he can

    3. catdaddyd

      Pitino gave Jay Bilas an interview that is airing tonight on Scott Van Pelt.. Bilas asked Pitino if he knew any of this was going on, he said no, but nodded his head.

  13. Cat68

    one of the votes ‘for’ TJ used the argument that her degree is what it is because of TJ. Another (who was from Michigan) used the argument that when they rode by the old Cardinal Stadium they would think of how neat a place Louisville is. I mean…what…what did TJ have to do with either of these things. C’mon man!

    1. Mathlete

      Jurich also invented the ambulance, and personally built the Galt House and Fourth Street Live by hand

  14. kentuckybackupplayer

    the three votes were all about stayin on the gravy train.

  15. BobKYCats

    Good news for Tommy is that he fleeced enough money out of that institution, which one could loosely call a school, to keep him supplied in turtlenecks for the foreseeable future.

  16. catfanjd

    Code Red = Moron

  17. katmandue2you

    One thing is for damn sure, no matter how you slice it, what’s happened 75 miles west on I-64 is most definitely a CODE RED! University of Louisville…Miles Ahead! LOL Damn. Just Damn! The University of Kentucky happened to U of L. The U of L fan base, the athletic department, the administration all were obsessed with their zeal to try and “out do” The Big Blue. In so doing, they manifested what we all knew would forever be true…in this Commonwealth #2 is their ceiling.
    PS The Kentucky Effect


    Ppppoppppppppppfffffffttttttttt HA!!