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Guard explains why he picked Louisville over UK (without having an offer from UK)

There was some good ol’ fashioned trash talk at the Kentucky Derby Festival Classic over the weekend that went unnoticed and needs to be addressed.

Apparently, one of Rick Pitino’s future Cardinals, someone named Darius Perry, explained why he picked Louisville over other schools. Perry citied Pitino’s player development as the deciding factor (LOL) and then took a shot at Isaiah Briscoe, saying, “Briscoe couldn’t shoot when he got to Kentucky… and he still can’t shoot.”

Hear it for yourself at the 33:45 mark:

Someone should remind Perry he did not pick Louisville over Kentucky because Kentucky did not show him any interest. He had offers from Georgia, Minnesota, Wake Forest, Xavier and Texas A&M, therefore he chose Louisville over those schools. To say Briscoe’s shot development is the reason he went to Louisville is laughable.

Learn your own recruitment, bud. Cal didn’t want you.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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50 responses to “Guard explains why he picked Louisville over UK (without having an offer from UK)”

  1. J-Dub421

    Hilarious considering Louisville was known as a poor shooting team this season.

    1. FCK UK

      Poor shooting??? LOL good enough to bear kenSUCKy 🙂

    2. dballrb

      Got further than your Cards did.Not to mention we always beat Ville win it counts.Y’all win one game the last in forever last year and ur still riding high on that..Pathetic.But Funny,nice try.A$$hole.

    3. Eazy

      UK is 8-2 vs UL under Cal. We are 34-16 vs UL all time. It’s not really even a rivalry. UL is a joke.

    4. ClutchCargo

      If beating UK is your standard of success, your boys really suck at that during Cal’s tenure.


      really hanging on to that one win arent you?

    6. catsarerunnin

      Another UL squirt.

    7. J-Dub421

      Typical poor grammar and spelling of a Louisville troll.

  2. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    He’s a natural born Card……

  3. WatchutalkinboutWillis

    I can’t wait to see his development from non-NBA prospect to less than non-NBA prospect.

  4. ClutchCargo

    He chose UofL over UK like I chose to go to UK and be an accounting major over playing basketball at UofL.

  5. jasonw1215

    Pitino has a proven track record of getting guys into the league (if by “league” one is referring to the ACC).

    1. UkfanMatt

      I thought “league” was the room in Minardi Hall where the strippers work.

  6. 72uksprinter

    Hey, Darius… think dumb-ass comments like that reveal the type of poor character that Cal does not want on our team?
    Hint: “think” is the key word in that question.
    Rick will get you to the league, all right.
    But, you misunderstood him on the D word he promised you.
    He said the league you would play in will be in developing COUNTRIES.
    I’d get your passport up to date.

  7. TheNewOriginal

    Where did he ever say or even imply that he picked Louisville over Kentucky? He simply used an example of a player not improving. Not a L fan, but you’re really reaching here.

    1. secrick

      I don’t blame you i wouldn’t admit to be a card fan.

    2. WatchutalkinboutWillis

      He gave an example that separated U of L from other schools…that is implying he separated them from his other choices.

    3. GroundControlToNumber9

      TheNewOriginal – Don’t hurt your brain here. This is a clear little brother response (and a logical fallacy).

      1. He picked UL over other schools.
      2. Due to: player development at UL. Then references a player at a school he never had an offer from as why he chose UL.
      3. imply – suggest as a logical consequence.

      The logical disconnect is where he references a UK player. Had he referenced a player from another school where he had an offer there would be no disconnect. He would have been logically explaining a decision that he ‘had.’ Unfortunately for him the UK decision is ‘not’ one he had. Which makes the statement disconnected logic (it falsely implies an option he didn’t have… there was no logical consequence).

    4. Ken Grizzle

      Apparently, one of Rick Pitino’s future Cardinals, someone named Darius Perry, explained why he picked Louisville over other schools. Perry citied Pitino’s player development as the deciding factor (LOL) and then took a shot at Isaiah Briscoe, saying, “Briscoe couldn’t shoot when he got to Kentucky… and he still can’t shoot.”


    5. dballrb

      6’2 gaurd who was one of the best rebounding gaurds in the country,could take it to the cup and finish through contact. ..I’ll take Briscoe anyday…

  8. W.C.

    I think you all misunderstood Darius. I think what he meant to say was “I know I can’t shoot so I am going where, in four years, I can develop into an NBA shooter like they did with T-Will”.

    1. damage_control

      Sure- like he, or anyone else, even knows who T-Will is.

  9. GroundControlToNumber9

    Darius Perry couldn’t make a dunk during the dunk contest.

    That’s all you have to do. 1 job… Couldn’t do it… once. Had 30 seconds.

    Dunk is easier than shooting. You’d surely have to have dunking (0′ feet from the basket) figured out before you can graduate to shooting (more than 0′ from the basket).

    1. blackmilk23

      To be fair… most of the other guys in the contest couldn’t either. It was the worst contest I had ever seen.

      The 3 point contest was also bad so I’m happy Shai was head and shoulders above the other contestants.

    2. GroundControlToNumber9

      blackmilk23 – I like your comment (the contest sucked & the Shai part) but… to be fair?

      This dolt just threw salt uphill at Briscoe and made it appear as if he was thowing it downhill.

      … and he couldn’t make 1 dunk in 30 seconds. We aren’t talking about any other player… as they had nothing to do with Darius Perry.

      It was Darius Perry, a ball, a rim, 30 seconds, and his bucket full of salt. Couldn’t get it done.

      At some point facts are facts and salt is heavy.

  10. Sentient Third Eye

    Sounds like a guy who won’t be able to handle the pressure of NBA basketball, so he’s using his college decision to ensure he never has to worry about it.

  11. JoshI1985

    That’s Louisville for ya, pick the dumb and criminal minded players. Remind me again of how many Cardinal players are in the NBA making bankrolls?………. Don’t worry, I’ll wait………………….

  12. david8577

    When anyone associated with UL says anything about UK, it just feels wrong. It’s like ISIS talking about the Catholic church.

    1. BiasedBigfoot

      Ooooohhhh kkkaaaayyyyy. :'(

  13. Matty_Cam

    I’m pretty sure the only player who has EVER picked UL over UK when the player had offers from both schools was the gift that keeps on giving known as Chane Behanan. Thanks to Chane and the boys (and really to Andre McGee) that banner is in jeopardy.

    1. pancakesfordinner

      This wasn’t during the Cal era, but Marvin Stone transferred to the L and then destroyed us when he played.

    2. Matty_Cam

      Yes. Cal offered him a scholly. He was in the same class as Anthony Davis, MKG, Teague, and Wiltjer.

  14. Big Dan

    Come on guys, he obviously meant his sexual development since UL supplies it’s players with strippers and prostitutes!!!

  15. JusSayin

    Briscoe improved his shooting percentage by 15% from the 3 and 20% from the free-throw line. By all measurements he got SUBSTANTIALLY better at shooting in the one year he was here.

    1. blackmilk23

      Yea last year we were like: “Oh god please no! Don’t let Briscoe shoot!”

      This year we were like: “I would rather not have Briscoe shoot jumpers.”

    2. catinkville

      He did improve his FG shooting to an acceptable 47%, but his 3 point shooting % was poor enough that he should have a lot shot less. He FT % did improve, but he was still close to the worst among those who played significant minutes and by far the worst of the guards.

    3. blackmilk23

      But you can’t say he wasn’t “developed” because he was. He just had a long way to go in shooting and a year was not enough time.

  16. pancakesfordinner

    I’m not sure why this is a big deal. He’s going to go to Louisville and sit on the bench for his first season just like VJ King, then maybe he’ll learn a great deal of “fundamentals” while he gets his communications degree. When he graduates and doesn’t get drafted he’ll have all those fundamentals to fall back on during his YMCA championship seasons.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Don’t forget the part where he has his ho’s and strippers hand delivered, and he gets to use the “borrowed” Challenger of a booster to make late night weed runs to Bowling Green.

  17. Mathlete

    Same logic – I chose to go to work again today because the lottery didn’t pick me to win

  18. dballrb

    Watch those clear-cut elbows in the game vs. Cats..and the hookers,and STDs

  19. Art Vandalay

    If you believe it, it’s not a lie

  20. meeksfor3

    C’mon dude admit it. You chose Loserville for the Milkshake cause everyone knows Katina’s milkshake bring all the boys to the Hall.

  21. loservilletard

    them ‘tards sure know how to pick ’em. Can’t wait to see UK kick his ass 4 years in a row….


      he will transfer before his 4 years is up

  22. pancakesfordinner

    You realize that account only has 101 followers (now 104) and they’ve been on twitter for 3 years. It’s pretty sad when a “Louisville Fan” account has UKHate in the title.

    Also, I don’t see anywhere other than this twitter account saying this quote. Then again, I doubt many people actually follow the L.

  23. BluKudzu

    He is still a kid, made stupid choices, says stupid things, does stupid things. He is a “Louisville Man”.
    What do you expect. A school, not likely to have a program for a couple of years, trying to get anyone they can. Appears Rick is recruiting at a much lower level these days. I wonder why.

  24. playmorezeppelin

    Well he just guaranteed a Kentucky win this coming season so, thanks, I guess.

  25. Bobbum Man

    Sounds like me.. I chose community college over going straight to the NBA

  26. acw2684

    Dude he is an 18 year old kid.. like you are trying to talk sh*t about a kid, chill tf out, who cares what he said about not picking Kentucky