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Fun With Photoshop


The above picture has taken on a life of its own in the past two days, as the UK Hoops team/UK cheerleader group shot has gone viral. It looks photoshopped but it is not and showcases the difference between heights of the young women.

But in order to illustrate the picture’s inherent appeal, someone on Reddit photoshopped the cheerleaders to the basketball players’ height. It is also awesome in a different way and showcases that the internet is a magical thing


Article written by Matt Jones

10 responses to “Fun With Photoshop”

  1. Prosta Gramm

    I don’t know about photoshop but there is some kind of trickeration going on. The basketball player is 7 inches tall on my screen. The cheerleaders are 5 in. tall. If the ball player is 78 inches the cheerleaders would be 55.71 inches or a little taller than 4 foot 6 in. The ball players are clearly closer to the camera. All fishermen use this trick.

  2. SMH

    You’re exactly right. The two Hoops players are 6’6″ each, and they are at least 2′ taller than the others, probably more….which would put them at less than 4’6″. That’s pretty short even for a cheerleader. make that THREE cheerleaders.

  3. SMH

    Only the girl on the far left casts a shadow. Perhaps the others are ghosts?

  4. seemslegit

    From the UK cheerleader guide:

    A primary activity of the UK cheerleaders is the partner stunt (double stunt). Pyramids are partner stunts combined vertically (in levels, not to exceed two-and-a-half human heights) and horizontally (side-by-side partner stunts). The nature of these activities demands certain general physical requirements of the UK cheerleader. The male squad member must have sufficient strength to base pyramids and to lift, hold, throw and catch females safely. Female squad members must be of appropriate size and weight such that they can be lifted, held, thrown and caught safely. For safety and performance reasons, females generally should be under a height of five foot five inches and under a weight of one hundred twenty pounds. Body composition varies from individual to individual, but these measurements are thought to be ideal in relation to safety. It is thought that the risk of injury rises substantially with the female who is over five foot five and/or over one hundred twenty pounds. In addition, persons of less than average size, particularly females, are more likely to demonstrate the flexibility (quick change of direction, flight in basket-tosses, etc.) which is necessary in the athletic aspects of cheerleading.

  5. Tatterbug McGee

    The cheerleader in the green shirt, white necklace is super hot!!!! Lord have mercy!!!!

    1. Kristie

      Put it back in your pants, creeper.

  6. Uncle Rico

    That’s some huge bitches. Behemoths!

  7. Mxyzptlk

    I looked at the original picture yesterday and thought the girls in the center were hot. Then I felt a creepy feeling when I realized they were only kids. Then I felt relief when I realized they were adults after all.

  8. Seems to me

    Seems that the first photo is played with, too. Look at the sizes of the heads. Shorter people don’t have tiny shrunken heads. Get out a ruler and do some measuring. You think the hoopers have 36.25% larger heads than the cheerleaders in real life? Doesn’t seem likely.

  9. hmmmm

    Its photo shopped for sure. Look at the cheer leaders in relation to the thermostat on the wall. No way they are so short that they could not read or reach the thermostat.