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#FreeMattJones is the top Twitter trend in the United States

KSR fans have come through again. Following iHeart Radio’s decision to remove Matt Jones from his own show due to the Kentucky Republican Party’s FEC complaint, #FreeMattJones is the No. 1 Twitter trend in the United States.

Drew, Ryan, and Shannon started the movement early in the show and not only an hour later, it’s the top trend in the country and in the top 25 trends in the world. Unbelievable. You people are crazy.

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Keep the tweets going, fam. Don’t let #ThursdayThoughts pass us by.


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124 responses to “#FreeMattJones is the top Twitter trend in the United States”

  1. bigblue98

    We need five minutes daily on the show of Ryan impersonating Mitch until IHeartRadio puts Matt back on the air. If works then great, if not we’ll cry from laughter. Ryan being Mitch is awesome!

  2. mclarenm8b

    I want a “lock him up!” T-shirt!!!

    1. catdaddyd

      I’d buy a #freemattybangs shirt.

  3. 4everUKBlue

    Matt has the ability to free himself, all he has to do is to realize he’s not cut out for politics and announce he’s not running.

    1. madarchitect

      And you know this because?

    2. cats646

      Because Matt Jones is a blooming idiot. Great radio host, funny guy, but a blooming idiot nonetheless.

    3. drew_123

      Yeah a guy who went to Duke law school is an idiot. Okay.

    4. ukkatzfan

      Duke law school gives you a “ not an idiot” card ?

    5. satcheluk

      Anyone calling MJ an idiot is deflecting, just like the idiot Trump does. Label the person you fear with the inadequacies you carry yourself. It’s sad that we have so many that have so little self awareness.

    6. 4everUKBlue

      Thanks 646.

    7. VirginiaCat

      Matt is not a “blooming idiot.” On the contrary, he is a well educated, intelligent person. But…he is clearly highly ambitious and apparently has an oversized sense of worth, I believe that reality will overcome ego and that he will not run once he accepts the fact that he has no discernable path to victory.

    8. 4everUKBlue

      No Matt is not an idiot but I can’t believe anyone believes he is cut out for politics. And why would anyone want to ruin their life by becoming a politician?

    9. cats646

      I’m not saying he’s not intelligent. He just seems very ditsy, and idiotic at times. I just don’t think he’s cut out for it lol

    10. 4everUKBlue

      I agree he is not cut out for it and I don’t think he could get elected now and I don’t think he could make a difference.

    11. catsarerunnin

      Lots of idiots get elected so he has a chance.

    12. UKFanSC

      Matt is no idiot……however wanting to jump into 2019 politics would give me reason to question it

    13. 4everUKBlue

      Lol catsarerunnin…

    14. loservilletard

      he went to Duke law school and is a talk radio guy. What does that tell you about their law program?

    15. RealCatsFan

      So what exactly makes one “cut out for politics”? Is it lack of a soul, conscience or empathy and single minded lust for power and money? If so, Mitch has got that in spades.

    16. 4everUKBlue

      BINGO RCF! Nailed it.


    Woohoo! Let’s make sure Matt Jones doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else! Yay for social media!!!

    1. 4everUKBlue

      You mean the same rules as Rush, Hannity and all those types?

    2. TPACAT

      Try to keep up, 4ever. Rush and Hannity haven’t set-up an Exploratory Committee to run for Congress…

    3. BlueCat22

      Well this totally backfired on the KY GOP…ouch

    4. Crushgroove

      Yep. Twitter trending to own the Reps. Get back to us tomorrow when this still has no effect on anything but your feels.

    5. cats646

      Lol crushgroove

    6. ClutchCargo

      No, it didn’t really backfire at all. It was a publicity stunt from the beginning, and Matt is getting the attention he so craves, and still is no threat to take McConnell’s seat. How many of the tweeters even live in KY?

    7. everythingsblue3

      Matt is the perfect young liberal “politician”!

      His own words from his announcement:

      “ the man who speaks often about the importance of free speech and the exchange of public ideas has decided to cut off mine.”

      Just like Matt did when he disabled OUR comments in that post…

      Hypocrisy, with a full measure of “double standard”….very typical of today’s liberal…

      I’m waiting for the turn towards socialism…

    8. Middy

      That makes no sense. KSR is a privately owned website. It’s not a public forum. Not allowing to to someone to post on a site that you own is far from taking away the right to free speech. Start your own blog or website and you’ll be free to say anything you like.

    9. Bobbum Man

      Lol everythingsblue… that’s actually a good point, anytime they go political they disable comments…. where muh free speech?

    10. coal miner

      Rush and the political radio show host don’t pretend to have a sports radio show and add a political jab when they feel like it when you listen to a political radio show you know what you’re getting this isn’t Kentucky sports politics.

    11. 4everUKBlue

      Valid point coal miner.

    12. 4everUKBlue

      But those shows are also one sided. Ever hear a caller try to challenge their narrative? Cant get a word in edgewise and they’re callers are screened.

    13. coal miner


  5. 4everUKBlue

    Once upon a time an honest man went to Washington DC….. and that was the last anyone ever heard of an honest man/woman in DC.


  6. BigBlueFoo42777

    If Matt did the face app age filter it would show a picture of Mitch if he decides to run in a matter of time he would be just like him. Politics bring out the worst in people

  7. masterblaster48

    No matter your political affiliation, Mitch is an idiot. He made Matt a political William Wallace

    1. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      You can’t possibly think Mitch is a political idiot. He’s been in office since the Civil War and is majority leader for pity’s sake. All he’s done here is force Matt’s hand. Jones can continue to “explore” his options while not doing his show, commit to a run or return to his show. Ask Amy McGrath how badly she doesn’t want Jones to announce. I’m sure it would just kill Mitch to watch the Dems fight it out amongst themselves as more and more money goes out the door. This is a smart, calculated move. And now we wait.

    2. masterblaster48

      Well, being in office forever certainly does not prove one is not an idiot. But you make some good points.

    3. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      Well I’d say you’re definitely right in the short term. It’s a matter of the long run. Should Jones actually enter AND beat McGrath, something I don’t think Mitch is planning on, then this could backfire in a huge way. This trending might actually spur that on. I think had Matt announced early it would’ve changed things dramatically. The Dems on the national level are entirely ignorant of Kentucky politics (which has been on display in their awful assessment of the meaning behind the Bevin loss) and simply don’t understand that Jones, even with a complete lack of experience, is a much stronger candidate than McGrath. She is a smug carpetbagger whose entire bag of tricks consists of being a veteran. Jones is a popular, “hometown kid” heavily associated with UK sports. They’re not even in the same stratosphere of likability. Which is all a really long way of saying, you could be right. Lol.

  8. MauiCat

    The reality is Matt would have a VERY hard time raising money. This is why I think he will choose not to run. The big democratic donors are all in with McGrath, especially the PAC money and out-of-state heavy hitters. Matt’s biggest problem is the fact his resume is super flimsy from a political perspective, especially compared to McGrath. She’s got 20 years of military experience, a service academy grad, she’s worked on Capitol Hill and has some real policy experience. As someone from East KY myself, I like Matt. He is a great voice for Kentucky, and really care about people here…but does he even have any actual law experience? Is he even a current member of the KY bar? And honestly, one of his biggest mistakes was probably not going to UK Law school. I mean Duke…really? lol

    1. MauiCat

      His best bet is to hope John Yarmuth retires soon and to go after that seat. He needs some real legislative experience first (assuming that is his congressional district). Or maybe at least win a race at the state congressional level first to show he actually knows how to win a race before taking on the big dogs.

    2. cats646

      Wow. Not one but TWO well thought out and good comments from MauiCat. Proud of you son

    3. abobicesaevior

      Matt’s lack of political experience is a big plus for a lot of people. McGrath’s campaign is a dumpster fire.

    4. MauiCat

      Thx 646…I know we had some beef in a past thread and I apologize. Most of my friends are conservatives and they know I can be a little too preachy at times (as many liberals can be). But like Matt, and many other strong liberals in this state, I care about my state and ALL its people. Unfortunately, the last 10-15 years the rhetoric has gotten out of hand…especially in anonymous chat rooms…lol. But funny enough, when in person…I find it amazing how often we actually agree on many things even when we differ politically. And hopefully we all don’t let this rancor divide us from our friends and family who may have completely differing opinions.

    5. 4everUKBlue

      Good points Maui.

    6. cats646

      Completely agree with everything you said brother.

    7. MauiCat

      Thanks…Oh and don’t get me wrong…I’d vote for Matt in a second over McGrath for precisely the reason mentioned.. that he is a political outsider. That and the fact he is a die-hard Kentuckian at heart. We all can plainly see that. I lived outside the state for many years and it never left me the fact KY was in my blood. I never thought of myself as anything but a Kentuckian no matter where I was. So I would never question the loyalty of others who may have gone to out-of-state schools or lived away for many years like me. Us Kentuckians are clannish you know…and we bleed blue till the end.

    8. cats646

      You’re damn right MauiCat.
      GO CATS!!

  9. DenverCatFan

    You got my support Matt in whatever you decide. I love the show and know it will change if you run/win. But I respect the heck out of you if you decide to run. Because I know it’s not for fame or fortune, it’s because you truly want to help people. And you care about people. A truly selfless act. I commend you.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Yes every politician want to help people…

    2. 4everUKBlue

      LMAO catsarunnin.

  10. eyebleedblue

    Twitter isn’t real life. Echo chamber.

    1. cats646


  11. cats646

    And they wonder why Mitch wanted him off the air lol. Look at the influence this guy has!! I don’t blame Mitch at all.

    1. 4everUKBlue

      I don’t think Mitch could keep him off the air if he decides he’s not running. They would have to hold Rush and those types of radio hosts to the same standard wouldn’t they?

    2. cats646

      True, and I don’t think Mitch would try to keep him off the air if he doesn’t run. But I just don’t blame him for wanting him off until he decides because in all honesty, they trash talk Mitch a LOT on the show lol. I would be mad too if I was him.

    3. 4everUKBlue

      646, you know Mitch like any other highly influential politician is a political pro-stit-ute right?

    4. 4everUKBlue

      Sorry having to outsmart the modbot. Not saying that because of party affiliation.

    5. coal miner

      Listen I love Kentucky Sports Radio and I like Matt but he just isn’t ready for U.S. Senate and I really don’t think what he’s up against senate majority leader beaten by a sports talk radio show host.and the campaigning of trump (love him or hate him) but you got to be ready for that.matt has a great thing going he needs to stick with it.i would love to do what he does everyday.

  12. IndianaSucks

    KSR will make a shirt about anything. Smh

    1. cats646

      Hey, if it makes money, it makes sense. -50cent lol

  13. UK_fac_boi

    #ditchmitch #whattriggersconservatives

    1. cats646

      It’s funny. No one has to ask what triggers liberals, because everything triggers liberals. Smh

    2. macattack

      If we’re really being honest, everyone is triggered by everything. If it’s not liberals crying about something, its conservatives crying about something else. The same people I see shouting snowflakes then go and whine about something else. There are no sides in the triggered debate, everyone does it.

    3. cats646

      I must say macattack, I think for the most part, you’re right.

    4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      There are different levels of being “triggered”, and must getting irritated and posting a counter opinion is not necessarily being “triggered”. No one that I know personally shows up to fight with folks they disagree with politically like Antifa (the fascists who call themselves Anti-fascists) and their ilk.

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      Just getting irritating…

  14. ukblue22

    So he got caught gaming the system and now he’s the victim? Wow. Let’s try not to feel to sorry for him. Love the show but let’s not forget the situation was created by and managed by Matt Jones.

    1. michaelb

      Clearest thought I’ve read on here

    2. 3Goggles

      Yea someone earlier said Matt was an idiot. Thats so wrong, he and his advisers are incredibly smart. They mobilized this huge movement #FreeMattJones and garnered so much attention out this. He knew exactly what he was doing by staying on the air despite drawing out his decision. Heck, McGrath already got him off Hey Kentucky. He knew this would happen and played all of BBN like a fiddle. Im actually a little disappointed in him for playing this political game the way he is. He’s becoming a true politician.

    3. coal miner

      Amen ukblue 22

  15. John Henry

    You know IHeart Radio is pleased with this. They wanted politics out of the show and now the people left are making it more political by mocking the decision IHeart made. You people keep digging your grave. KSR claims to be the smartest thing on radio. You best get back to UK sports and drop this whining before IHeart gets a huge fine and dumps the entire show. Wake up KSR.

    When Amy McGrath complained to WLEX they dropped Matt Jones from Hey Kentucky. IHeart may have to do the same thing if this suspension doesn’t shut the politics up. Keep testing them if you like

    1. macattack

      KSR’s slogan literally has “in the most ridiculous manner possible” in it. They never claim to be the smartest thing. Usually, they are laughing about how dumb the show has gotten.

  16. BLUEsky

    If one can’t look beyond the blue or the red sunglasses to see that what is going on here is just wrong; then, I’m sorry, but with all due respect you are missing the point. This is the perfect example of communism at its finest. Silence anyone who offers an alternative to the establishment. With all of the political hack shows on the airways, for this to happen is laughable in one sense.

    1. ukcamel

      Matt broke the rules and is now playing the victim. The only question is if who will play the fool. You seem eager to volunteer.

      Truly baffling that liberals would openly be on the side of corporate money in politics, but yet here we are.

  17. Rick_Noush

    Lots of hurt buttholes in this comment section. Looking at you cats646. You may not like Matt’s political views, but I highly doubt hes a “blooming idiot.” I guess you graduated ahead of him at Duke Law? Safe to say you have not accomplished anything noteworthy in your sad life. Preparation H might help with that rusty balloon knot of yours that’s oh so sore and throbbing.

    1. BlueCat22

      Lol Rick_Noush

    2. cats646

      Lol. I like the screen name. Now about your comment. You people take things to serious. No I do not actually think that Matt is an idiot. I think he’s a pretty intelligent guy. But, as I pointed out above, he definitely seems very ditsy and idiotic at times. What about my comment makes you think I’m butt hurt? I really just don’t want him to run because the radio show isn’t the same without him. And as far as my life goes, no I did not graduate ahead of him at Duke Law. I didn’t go to college. I chose instead to save money, and start a business. Which I did. At the ripe age of 19. I’m 24 now and I’m now either owner or partial owner of 5 businesses. I can also tell you about my trips to Italy, France, London, Ireland, Scotland, or any state in the U.S. And you can freely choose not to believe any of this, I could be making it all up since I’m just an anonymous screen name on a sports site lol. You do you brother, I promise it won’t hurt my feelings.

    3. Rick_Noush

      I am amazed you are able to achieve such success while spending so much time replying to every comment in this thread. Truly inspiring.

      You really just don’t want him to run because you were raised by religious conservatives who told you that liberals are yellow, dumb, and lazy. You obviously bought it and failed to consider the possibility of formulating your own opinion. Soon enough you’ll have children of your own and have the privilege of teaching them to be closed-minded and unoriginal as well.

    4. cats646

      Completely wrong again buddy. I was an atheist for a while. I studied different religions trying to find the truth for a while. I guess now I’m just agnostic. I think there’s probably something out there but can’t prove it one way or the other. I’m sure if you keep trying your hardest, you’ll end up finding a way to “trigger” me lol. Btw, I’m glad I could inspire your lazy, “woe is me” liberal ass.

  18. Larkin123

    He has been using “hey kentucky” and the radio to take jabs at the other party for a while… free advertising apparently… Im a moderate centrist by the way…

  19. ukwildcat1991

    I think Matt is way over his head. How u expect to be in politics when u get butthurt about someone reporting u.

  20. Dark Soul

    It is a shame iheart didnt even have his back

    1. Rick_Noush

      They would have to give McConnell 2 hrs of live radio every day. For one thing, iHeart is in the business of making money. If they put McConnell on the air for 2hrs daily there goes 2hrs worth of ad revenue because that show would BOMB. In addition, McConnell is too big of a coward to take the time. Honestly a bit of a leftist move by McConnell here wanting to take away from someone else rather than put in actual work running for re-election.

    2. Sticky Ceiling

      HA! iHeart’s goal isn’t to worry about Matt Jones being on the air. They are there to make money. If KSR were to ever be cancelled, that radio window would be filedl in with another program in no time. And, iHeart’s bottom line would not feel it one bit.

    3. Sticky Ceiling


    4. cats646

      Could you imagine TWO HOURS of listening to McConnel gargle his throat?!?! I don’t think he’d have a single listener. Haha

    5. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

      That is not true about iHeart’s bottom line. It’s not that easy to replace a successful show. Talk show hosts and other media personalities come and go all the time because of a lack of ratings. I guarantee you they don’t want to lose KSR.

  21. ChetSteadmansSalisburySteak

    Tough pills to swallow: Never would’ve happened if he just STUCK TO SPORTS. But you didn’t. You entered the upside down world of politics all on your own. Be an adult and take responsibility for your choices, don’t try and twist this into a ‘Woah is me’, ‘I’m the victim’ moment.

  22. catsarerunnin

    This concerns me as much as being struck by lighting during a Ohio river tsunami while its frozen over.

    1. cats646

      This made me laugh harder than I care to admit.

  23. bkeith75

    Anyone want to talk about Sports again?

    1. cats646

      I can’t wait till Saturday! We’re gonna kick Tennessee’s ass!!
      GO CATS!!

    2. ClutchCargo

      Kick their asses for Cawood!!! I may not have any vocal cords left by 11 pm Saturday.

    3. cats646

      Same Clutch. Same.

  24. MauiCat

    Seems to me this is the best thing that could have happened for Matt. Great free publicity! Plus, it forces him to chit or get off the pot.

  25. My Dixie Wrecked

    Funny thing about laws… turns out you have to follow them!

    1. cats646

      You finally made me laugh Dixie! Congrats lol

    2. 4everUKBlue

      Why? The politicians in DC don’t have to follow them. Limp Dix did you know that DC is a city state? Funny thing about DC they don’t answer to the same laws we do.

    3. BLUEsky

      Wrong is wrong. Whether it is disguised as a law or not. North Korea has laws. China has laws. Russia has laws. In this country senators are exempt from insider trading laws. Everyone else goes to jail.

  26. Steady

    Liberal self love is so LGBTQ.

  27. cats646

    All of this BS aside. I hope #freemattjones makes it to #1 in the world. That would be pretty funny lol.

  28. mashman 93

    The other guys are great but Matt is the show man and it won’t be as good if he leaves for any length of time.

  29. BigBlue4Three

    Filing that complaint was the best work Mitch has done. Hey Matt, you want to be a politician, try following the rules first. Stick to sports and slinging chicken wings.

  30. Cousins Fake Tooth

    The complaint states he was using the money for other things, along with not reporting donations.

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      per usatoday


    It’s his own fault you cannot have this type platform if you are going to be a bigtime politician period. All he has to do is announce he isn’t running. Most people don’t want a socialist running anything. Say your not running and get back on radio or continue to say you are running and do not come back on radio. It’s his choice and those are his options period. It’s actually pretty simple and the Republicans did the right thing. They would do the same if rolls were reversed.

  32. va kat

    And Matt was also barnstorming the state with his radio show attempting to appear in all 125 counties. You can’t tell me that wasn’t politically motivated. I love the show but I don’t blame Mitch for calling him out. I’m pretty sure that MJ’s daily rants against Bevin were influential in his defeat. Mitch took note. Also, Jones is now spending much of his time in NYC. That isn’t gonna sit well with the rural plains-folk of the bluegrass if he decides to throw his hat into the ring.

    1. Keith Biggins

      120 counties*

  33. ceeph

    Does anyone find it ironic the guy whining about taking away his free speech disabled the comment section on that post? I would trade in 30 years of UK fandom and become a UL fan before I would ever vote for someone like Matt Jones. I cant stand Mitch and vote against him when he is primarried but i would vote for him twice before jones or any other democrat who supports the national democratic party platform.

    1. catsarerunnin

      Your post probably will hurt someones wittle feelings.

    2. 4everUKBlue

      Not to mention if you post a comment about a serial killer that they find offensive, your comment will be deleted. That is called censorship.

  34. jaws2

    Look at me, look at MEEEEE!!!!! I’m a poor victim of the laws.
    This guy’s running for nothing other than keeping his face on the page. I’ve encountered a lot of guys full of themselves, but Jones takes the cake. Hell, he wouldn’t even get all of the KSR viewers and listeners to vote for him let alone a majority of the states registered voters. This guy is NOT going to beat McConnell in a statewide race. BTW, I wonder who he’s donating the proceeds from the sale of the shirts too? If this is trending on twits by ‘twits’, it must be a huuuuuge story! Paleeeeeease!

    1. catsarerunnin

      Yeah but he does have a wonderful singing voice…

  35. UKCatAttack

    Jefferson County is why Matt Jones cannot win this race. You need the Democratic votes from Jefferson County to stand a chance. It’s the only reason Andy Beshear won. Louisville fans in Jefferson County (and there are a lot of them) will not vote for Matt Jones. Even the democrats will not vote for him. They will likely go 3rd party. Matt needs to spend the $9700 he’s raised for his exploratory committee to poll Louisville Democrats to find out if they will vote for him or not. I believe the answer will be no.

    1. T-Rox

      The only reason Bevin lost (I wouldn’t say Beshear won) is because Bevin of his openly ridiculous behavior with teachers & state employees! Beshear didn’t actually win, Bevin lost. Ppl went to the polls to vote against Bevin

  36. mcp157

    Matt has done a great job with KSR and sounds great on the radio. This state is a conservative state and the only reason a guy like Beshear wins is Bevin shooting himself in the foot the last 4 years. If he had grace and finesse he would have won again. Matt keep life fun and more respectable and stay out of the toilet called politics.

    1. Trinity45

      All of this is fine and dandy, but Matt wants to play at politician and still keep his radio show, well sorry the world doesn’t work like that. The Democrats and Amy took his TV show, now the republicans are going after his radio show. Guess what this is politics in real life, it’s dirty and nasty. So my suggestion to Matt is piss or get off the pot and stop playing politician. Does he really want to get dirty or does he want to be a sports radio show host. I personally would not give up the radio show just to get into politics.

  37. BrassowFan

    Looks like Moscow Mitch is scared!

  38. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

    Matt sure has a face for radio. Wow! No wonder he is not married. A face only a mother could Lionel.

    1. Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert

      Love! Haha.

    2. catsarerunnin

      I’m sure you’re no Brad Pitt.

  39. sprtphan

    Politics is extreme cut throat no holds barred. Don’t get into an MMA ring and complain about getting kicked in the face. Study Trump and learn how to fight back.