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Frank Martin suspended for one game for “inappropriate verbal communication” towards a player

Frank Martin

One of the most shocking things about last Saturday’s game against South Carolina may have been that John Calipari got two technicals and Frank Martin didn’t get any. Martin is notoriously hot headed, and today, South Carolina suspended him for the final game of the season because of “inappropriate verbal communication” with a player.

From this guy?

GIF @Finna_go_HAM

GIF @Finna_go_HAM


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21 responses to “Frank Martin suspended for one game for “inappropriate verbal communication” towards a player”

  1. George Town

    What a flaming, bleeding, rectum. How can anyone play for this putz?

    1. Luther

      That “putz” kicked our butts good this year…

  2. BCG

    Any lip readers amoung us?

  3. ???

    Yeah… um, what’s he saying in that gif? Honestly can’t tell.

  4. Dusten

    What he said in the gif isn’t what got him suspended. It’s just an old gif with him looking insane.

  5. Tailor

    Dude needs a tailor, badly. That jacket in the top pic is WAY too big. I don’t know if that’s from his KSU or South Carolina days, but surely those states do have tailors somewhere. Get it together, Frank

  6. Daddyboy

    “Martin went nuclear on a player as the game slipped away, starring daggers into guard Duane Notice during a timeout and then appearing to scream into his face, “Answer the f*cking question, a**”hole”

    1. UKJAY

      That is exactly what he said. I watched it over and over. Could not believe that he would talk to one of his players like that!

  7. Bill Brasky

    His suspension could be for any number of things he said, not necessarily just one thing. He was dropping f-bombs and looks to generally be threatening somebody every time the camera cuts to him, especially when UK was coming back near the end of the game. The SC higher ups may simply have seen the same thing on national TV that I did, were appalled, and decided to take action. He did the same thing at Kansas St. He has that “old school” (read: abusive dick) approach to coaching that BCG had. He may not pull the same antics as BCG, but he verbally abuses players on the regular. Martin is a total psycho.

    1. Cousins Fake Tooth

      When I played ball, the best coaches were the ones that let you have it and burned a whole in your ass. Slapping little Billy on the butt and saying “Its ok, just try harder next time” does NOTHING. Id play for Martin over a coach like that any day of the week.

    2. Yeah, but…

      I don’t know how it was when you played ball, but these days the best coaches don’t act like Frank Martin. Cal, Coach K, Self, Donovan, Roy Williams, Boheim (I could go on)…none of those guys verbally assault their players on the level Martin does. He’s been acting that way for years, so South Carolina has probably given him several warnings – coaches don’t get suspended the first time they say something. There’s also a big difference between “It’s ok, just try harder next time,” how most coaches treat their players, and what Martin pulls on the sidelines. He better look for the happy medium other coaches have found or he’ll be looking for a new job.

    3. Walter White

      We have become a nation of pussies.

    4. theWilkman

      Are we forgetting Cal’s “selfish motherf***er” at Terrence Jones? This is completely being blown out of proportion. If a player can’t handle a few curse words, they don’t need to be playing sports.


    what he said to the player was…………”nice job kicking UK a$$”. : )

  9. Al/in/Indy

    Poor Frank had a sinus condition, all he said was I wanna an ice cream as he twitched his nose.

  10. cats42301

    Dusten, you are Master Of The Obvious.

  11. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Welcome to the panzy liberal state of America. OH NOS!! He said a curse word to a player! They are scared for life! Come on. These are young adults, and im sure they have heard much worse.

  12. stevieb

    90% of coaches talk like that in practice. I really can’t believe people are shocked. I played some high school ball and was talked like that Mon-Fri. Trust me, that’s just the university being embarrassed that was on national tv.

  13. Gap Tooth Danny

    Frank Martin could easily pass for Frank Sutton ( played Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle USMC)

    1. ukbradstith

      Never saw it but def agree now!

    2. ukbradstith

      I mean I never saw the resemblance, I have seen Gomer Pyle lol