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Four-Star UK Commit Flips to Miami


The highest-ranked player in Kentucky’s 2019 recruiting class is heading elsewhere.  Four-star defensive back Keontra Smith announced this morning he will play for the Miami Hurricanes.


The news is unfortunate, but no surprise.

Arguably the most-talented player from the Chaminade-Madonna pipeline that has brought five players to Lexington in the past two years, Smith committed to Kentucky early in the process.  Once Miami got involved, it was only a matter of time before the South Florida kid decided to play for The U.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

26 responses to “Four-Star UK Commit Flips to Miami”

  1. Alex90


  2. TomEcaster

    Maybe only announce football recruits once that actually sign. Seems that in football “commitment” only seems temporary.

    1. GM1978

      Agree 100%……I really want to love NCAAF the way I love basketball, but stuff like this always keeps me from it

  3. crazycatfan65

    Typical of todays culture, their word means nothing.

  4. SuperTroy18


  5. bosch8184

    UK Football, not having since…forever.

  6. TomTraubertsBlues

    I know this happens elsewhere, but doesn’t it seem like it happens more at UK? We cannot keep our best recruits. Stoops needs to find a way to hang on to these guys.

    1. cats646

      It seems like it happens more here because we pay more attention to it here.

  7. TBW3011

    Sorry kid. I will not respect your decision. You clearly don’t respect them either.

    1. (Aixelsyd)0505

      Hahahaha YES!!

  8. Le Docteur

    Dead to me.

  9. joebandgoose

    He should have ran this note by his English teacher before sending this out

  10. krautdog


  11. Greatcatfan

    As much as want to be suprised be this I’m not. We’ve lost several starters to flips to teams that we were previously on par with when came to recruiting. Problem is now those teams have started to show some consistency to out right success as opposed to be successful in spite of the coaching. If you were to replace Stoops with a legitimate game manager while keeping the other pieces in place UK would have already won the east, a bowl, and our recruiting would be crazy for what we know.

    1. Greatcatfan

      It’s still annoying and makes me feel the kids aren’t mature enough to be allowed to signing day though. That’s the only reason signing day is when it is. It’s so big money schools can poach top talent and dump the kids they no longer need. If they cared at all about these kids they’d let them sign day 1 thus telling a kid a schools true intent and getting schools to back off once 100%.

    2. krautdog

      The way we lost to Florida was crucial!

  12. blueballs80

    Well we all know commitments nowadays don’t mean squat. Jarren Williams is the best example of committing,de-committing and committing again only to commit later. Stoops is going to continue to face this issue and it has happened more often that he would have liked. What might help but is not a guarantee is winning games. When we win 9-10 games it puts us in a better position and might reduce (baked in assumption) the number of flips.

  13. jarred_combs

    These are the flips that need to be investigated by the NCAA. Oh wait they don’t care who’s cheating and turn a blind eye unless someone in the media puts it together and publicizes it. This is what kills NCAAF compared to the NFL, well that and their postseason where 90% of the teams are eliminated by mid season. Very easy fixes would be allow signing LOI starting at end of junior year. Expand to at least 8 preferably 12-16 team playoff. But the NCAA doing something intelligent. NCAAF is just something to fill time until the NFL starts.

  14. CombatMedic_98

    Well when are we going to break the ice and start grabbing 5/4 Stars. Kentucky is the only state surrounded by 7 other states that border us and we have “crickets” on recruiting except Ohio!!! Can we not recruit out of VA, TN, WV, IL, IN, NC???? We are in FL, AL, NY, etc. Hire me I will start recruiting for Coach Stoops TODAY!

  15. CombatMedic_98

    Ohhh Kentucky for starters…we’ve lost enough to Alabama lately…Let’s GO

  16. BCO

    Play I

    I find it fascinating that college basketball is the one sport that is getting destroyed with ethics and morality issues plaguing it. If all this crap is happening in college basketball, could you imagine what the underbelly of college football looks like? I mean the fact that that kids commit to a school then not only decommit several times but then also demand that fans respect their decision shows you the problem we have with kids today. We let them run their lives with no moral compass whatsoever. We shower them with praise and if you critique their game you’re a hater or a monster. Coaches lose control of their teams way more than they used to. I’m not a father but I couldn’t imagine having a kid that is so Ignorant to what the word commitment means. And if you do Deommit, it should be for a legitimate reason like family illness and U dam sure don’t need to demand that the fans of the school you just screwed overrom to “respect your decision” . Kids today have no concept of core values like respect themselves yet demand that others show it to them.

    Look this kid may be a decent person, but I couldnt imagine following college football recruiting. Its gotta be a thousand times slimier than basketball, and that’s almost unfathomable.

  17. Wade

    If you’re waiting for a team don’t commit somewhere else til the end

  18. michaelb

    Pssst…. someone forgot to tell him that respect is only EARNED in the SEC

  19. michaelb

    I hate admitting this ; the diss appointment is our own fault for valuing a verbal commitment from anyone period. “Fool me once shame on ….me? Aargggh!! Fool me once you’re not gonna fool me again” -jwb

  20. notFromhere

    You don’t want to hang on to a guy that doesn’t want to be here.

    You don’t hang on to anyone. They choose you or you move on. That’s the healthy reality.

    You hope that one day parents teach their children that the ones that play with you like a cat with a wounded mouse are not your best option. Miami knew how good he was from day one, but made him wait while they courted others. That’s not just arrogance but a sign of a bad relationship brewing. The kid isn’t meat, yet so many kids choose programs that mess with their heads.

    Richt, Meyer, Saban and many others do this every year.

    The kids and their parents need to start asking themselves why they waited to offer.

    Just as you dont date the person that doesn’t respect you or your feelings, you also don’t date the one that keeps you waiting while they see other people. Smith and others may learn what kind of people they have committed to later in life. I hope they don’t pay to heavy a price being treated like meat at Miami and others

  21. CombatMedic_98

    It’s all about Money ?