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Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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17 responses to “Four-star receiver Devonta Lee “fell in love with Kentucky” during official visit”

  1. Duuuuuude

    With a name like Devonta, he has to be a good receiver. I would not be so fast to pencil in Rose as the starting running back either.

    1. ClutchCargo

      My first thought as well. But with his versatility and experience, he is the obvious choice at the beginning of the season.

    2. ClutchCargo

      “He” = Rose.

  2. clarks

    Rb rotation looks promising even though snell is going pro. Don’t think bbn realizes just yet how much talent is coming back next year. Obviously losing some good seniors but the ones behind them are very talented and have stepped in to make plays when others have went down.

    1. Baize

      I agree. A couple things though-

      1. We’re losing our entire secondary. I know D Rob made some plays, and Ajian had the INT against State, but that’s a lot of guys that have to step up.

      2. Our pass rush obviously won’t be as good next year. I trust our LB depth, but it’s not generational talent Josh Allen good, obviously.

    2. Miller45

      I hope they can do the run game by committee and spread out the number of touches. We will see. I still don’t have faith in Eddie gran

  3. Righteous1

    UK has 8 home games in 2019. They play at Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Mississippi State. They have the talent to have better seasons for the next 2 year’s than this current season. I believe that. More 4 star talent and some 5 star talent will start signing with UK. I believe an upgrade to our current facilities will be needed to compete with the elite in the SEC and possible playoff which will probably expand to 8 because of money. I figure the Power 5 champions and 3 at large teams are coming next. UK could be one of those 8 teams in the next 2 to 3 yrs with recruiting wins and player development.

  4. usmcdrew0311

    Y Corker will be a stud corner

  5. Epperson

    I really hope he can caught… that should be a dumb statement, but as our receivers have gone over the years; it’s valid.

    1. Trevathan

      No, you were right the first time. As written, that is a very dumb statement.

  6. UKfanman01

    LEEEEES GO Football Cats!!!!

  7. nadkin

    This is who I said we were recruiting that made Wandale, leave he was being recruited over, that’s a good problem to have Lee is a sure fire stud!!!

  8. east-ky-boy

    We have came alooooong way in recruiting. We used to battle Mac schools for players

  9. J. Did

    GO CATS!

  10. michaelb

    Guy is pretty well rounded, seems sure handed and times his attack pretty well. I like wr with size like that cuz their ain’t no arm tackling them. Work hard bro & come on down

  11. michaelb

    Rose is very good rb, if he gotten as many touches as benny – I don’t think his production would be quite far from snells. I like roses style of running a lil better. He has separation with a good top speed. If they use him right we won’t have much fall off at Rb

  12. KYCat4EVER

    Come to the Bluegrass Devonta! Come join Stoops Troops!