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Article written by Nick Roush

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30 responses to “Four-Star Quarterback Beau Allen Commits to Kentucky”

  1. j

    Dayum! Let’s go!!!

  2. krautdog

    WELCOME ABOARD! Hope you don’t get a JC transfer brought in ahead of you after two years prep and hard work like Gunnar Hoak!

    1. MrPioneer

      Kentucky wins 7 games max last year if Hoak is the quarterback. Time to move on, buddy.

    2. ClutchCargo

      Yeah, I really hate it when coaches bring better talent into the program. Seniority should definitely be the deciding factor in choosing a starting QB. smh

    3. Miller45

      LOL beautiful sarcasm is quite the art

    4. sprtphan

      Earned not given.

    5. mashburnfan1

      kraut should say… hope we don’t have to bring in a JC QB because you are not good enough to play in the SEC like Gunnar Hoak. Let it go and please go look up Hoahs High School stats and see how well he did vs good teams. You will question why UK even recruited him. Allen is by far a better QB now than Hoak ever was. Still never know with that position so hope the kid continues to learn and work and does have success for himself and UK.

    6. nocode96

      For the life of me mashburnfan, I don’t know why you don’t just stick to commenting about football. You seem reasonable and informed when it comes to football. But then… show up on a basketball thread looking dumber than a baseball hoop.

    7. Skooms

      It’s because he HATES Cal Nocode. He’s only been a fan of Rupp and Pitino apparently in basketball. Most fans seem to be fans of the program itself, but Mashturd is ALL about those coaches.

    8. mashburnfan1

      Thank you code and yes skooms I am not a Coach Cal fan, am a Cal as a person fan. As I have said he does bring quality young men to UK, I feel he does teach them valuable life lessons with the giving back and charitable things he shows them. He is just not a good in game coach and I am tired of all the comments about how great of a coach he is. I just try to show the facts that prove otherwise and admit I am too harsh many times.

    9. mashburnfan1

      btw the “dumber than a baseball hoop” made me laugh. And I don’t want to get started on our baseball team this year. I will just leave it at Congrats Zach on your 1st round draft pick to whoever it is that selects you.

  3. CatsNationBBN

    will they redshirt him?

    1. Cokely53

      My guess would be yes. Especially with the new 4 game rule.

  4. AaronCurrent

    Glad they got him, says hes a pro style qb though, does he not have running ability? Our last 2 QBs have both been athletic guys who could throw

    1. kjd

      Throwing is one thing. What is needed is accurate passing resulting in a higher percentage of completions. I hope he lives up to the hype.

  5. UKantstopus

    May I ask a question without getting ripped?? What will be different about this kid and him not become the next Drew Barker??
    I’m not being negative, I just want some insight…

    1. MontyCats

      I think Drew was great just had a terrible back issue. You don’t see injuries like that end careers very often.

    2. Wildcat homer

      Go back and watch the play where Barker took a blind side unblocked shot from the Florida lineman.

      Unfortunately that one hit ended his playing career.

    3. mashburnfan1

      We saw some greatness from Drew in that one half, threw really well. 2nd half was {lets just say not good}. I do think this kid is much more polished and seems way more mature than Drew with a year to get even better. Sadly Drew was injured and we will never know what he may have been. I think Drew let things go to his head, won’t see that with Beau.

    4. Miller45

      LOL CHA-CHING!!!

    5. RealCatsFan

      I loved Drew, he also did a great job recruiting teammates to UK. But at least early on, I think he had some maturity issues, as evidenced by some questionable decisions on and off campus – the paint gun incident and the fight in the EKU dorm. He seemed to get his head on straight just in time to get injured. Tough to see that happen to him.

  6. deputy24-7

    Commitments do mean squat anymore, betcha he backs out and goes somewhere else where he can play for a championship

    1. secrick

      Betcha he don’t. Five dollars what you say?

    2. Skooms

      I’ll up it 100.00 Deputy. Put your money where your mouth is.

  7. indycatdog

    Maybe he won’t go to EKU and get in a fight, nor shoot pellet guns on campus? He seems way more mature to me.

  8. N-UR-i

    Bad luck is all. We’re due and he just might be the next Andre Woodson.

    1. kjd

      I surely hope he becomes better than Woodson.

  9. KYCat4EVER

    Hope we can keep taking recruiting steps like these young men…. we must own Kentucky In state… and make similar progress out of state… to compete in the nations best football conference!


  10. My Dixie Wrecked

    We have all these great recruits already. Where does the class rank right now?

  11. JDizzle14

    And in 2 yrs, he’ll be playing elsewhere just like Towles, Barker, Hoak, etc….cuz we all know Stoops will find another JUCO transfer this spring in the mold of Stephen Johnson and Terry Wilson and that will be his guy. Which keeps the question still going: why does he continue to recruit pure pro-style QBs when he clearly does not prefer that style? Yet he’ll try to turn TW into exactly this kinda QB……This guy will never play here, not as the #1 starter anyway…..