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Four Cats in the Top 5 of Seventeen Magazine’s Hottest College Basketball Players


March Madness means it’s also time for publications that couldn’t care less about basketball to put out basketball features. Seventeen Magazine took a break from trying to justify Justin Beiber’s bad decisions to rank the Top 30 Hottest College Basketball Players, and FOUR Cats made the list, all in the Top 5. That’s more than any other school, so you know, there’s that.

Coming in at #2, right behind Jabari Parker? None other than Jarrod Polson:

Poson_Jarrod_TV Head 12-13

2. Jarrod Polson, University of Kentucky Wildcats
Position: Guard
Year: Senior
Hometown: Wilmore, KY.

Why He’s Hot: We love how Polson’s blue jersey brings out the color of his dreamy eyes… Kentucky may not be one of the top 25 teams, but they’re ranked 8th in the midwest, and score #2-#5 on our hotties list. Click on for more Wildcats!

Girls like twins, too, so the Twins are next up on the list:

(Photo by Chet White/UK Athletics)

(Photo by Chet White/UK Athletics)

3. & 4. Aaron Harrison & Andrew Harrison, University of Kentucky Wildcats

Positions: Guards
Year: Freshmen
Hometowns: Richmond, TX.

Why They’re Hot: After a rocky early season, the Harrison twins are playing some of their best combined basketball yet, as displayed in their SEC tournament semifinal win over Georgia. Plus, what’s hotter than one cute basketball player? Matching cute basketball players!

heart-emoticonheart-emoticon OMG squee!! heart-emoticonheart-emoticon *

Cauley-Stein_Willie_TV Head 12-13

5. Willie Cauley-Stein, University of Kentucky Wildcats
Position: Forward
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Olathe, Kan.

Why He’s Hot: This 7-foot forward is known for a killer slam dunk, and we’d like to add for his killer smile, too. Willie rounds out a total of four Kentucky Wildcats on our list, more than any other school in our bracket!

Also, he loves coloring and coloring books, which makes him perfect for Seventeen’s demographic.

No Julius Randle?? Come on, SeventeenCheck out the whole list here.

* Just so you know, using that emoticon ripped out a tiny part of my soul. 

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18 responses to “Four Cats in the Top 5 of Seventeen Magazine’s Hottest College Basketball Players”

  1. ajhjack

    Hell yeah!

  2. Dakari Johnson


  3. Aaron

    Aaron looks about an inch taller than Andrew in that picture. First time I’ve noticed this.

    1. M

      The piece of wood panelling behind them is sloping down. I’m pretty sure they’re on a boat. Maybe a skateboard ramp, or wheel chair ramp. I’m pretty sure they’re on a wheel chair ramp.

  4. Mormon Reedus

    Why not a current/formwe UK BBall player pinup calendar for the huge contingent of female, gay and bisexual UK fans?

    1. M

      This is even a better idea for all the trolls out there that can’t get enough UK. I can only imagine the damage twocoach and some of the other trolls would do to those pics. I do know they’ll have a lot of paper cuts.

  5. Plenty

    This is pretty lame. Julius is the second ugliest guy on the team behind dakari and that’s why he isn’t on there. His face after he commits a foul is awful. Good for the fellas in the top five though. If they weren’t already getting enough play on campus, they are now.

  6. David

    “tiny part of your soul”??? using emoticons means you have no soul to begin with…LOL…

  7. Stephen

    Bulletin Board Material?

  8. Miss Nomer

    James Young was robbed.

  9. Personally

    I always thought a more appropriate name for that magazine would be Eleven.

  10. PudleyCheesewell

    Jabari Parker !!! Seriously ??? I’ve thrown up things that look better than him…….Polson craps all over Parker….hell, I’m male and heterosexual and I’d date Polson !

  11. Tom Crean

    Dang, I’m coaching the wrong team. I guess it’s good I don’t have these hot guys distracting me though.

  12. Lena

    Day made. Lady Cats Fans love some Polson.

  13. UK Girl

    Love the list but gotta add a couple more Cats. James and Alex are hot too… Marcus Lee can be the runner up.

  14. Tom

    Willie Cauley Stein is a forward. Is this breaking news?

  15. snubbed

    Hood is really mad now.

  16. UKkathy

    I think the entire team is gorgeous. Anyone wearing UK blue is “hot”! GO CATS!