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Five Fun Things To Do In Starkville

Going to Starkville to watch the Cats this weekend? If so, you’re a better person than I am. I’ve made three trips to lovely Stark Vegas and that is three more times than anyone should.

But don’t let me talk you out of going because Kentucky needs your support in the sea of cowbells on Saturday; I will instead tell you five fun things to do in Starkville when you’re not at the game.







I got nothing.

Good luck, I guess.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

16 responses to “Five Fun Things To Do In Starkville”

  1. KYvsMSUupset

    Already thinking of jokes to make up for the beatdown MSU is going to give. LOL

    1. Rixter

      Since Louisville stopped stealing playbooks, they are 4 – 6… with wins over powerhouses like Purdue, UNC, Murray State, and the Kent State Flashes!
      Don’t they have the Heisman Trophy winner playing QB? Four and SIX? Yikes

    2. ClutchCargo

      LOL at the turd bird trolling over here while the University 6 athletic dept implodes into a huge smoking crater! XD Maybe your baseball and women’s basketball teams will still be pretty good, so enjoy that.

    3. UK Big Board Update


  2. kykid16

    What’s up blocking comments on Anthem advertising! Anthem is pulling out of ACA coverage in Kentucky, leaving thousands without insurance!

    1. The Original WTF Guy

      Great point!!!! WTF is there even a “story” about Anthem? Between the crappy content relative to what it used to be, the proliferation of ads, and the fact the page loads slower than any webpage I regularly visit my visits have dropped considerably. If we are going to start getting stuff like this it will be “bye bye,”

    2. Mathlete

      Why aren’t you mad about not being able t comment on the KSR shop ad? This isn’t new, the only difference is you (justifiably) don’t like the company.

      Also, stop whining about ads. The lights don’t stay on by themselves, food doesn’t put itself on tables, and interns suck at writing (ex: BTI).

    3. UK Big Board Update

      “Ads keep the lights on”


  3. TomTraubertsBlues

    Best thing to do in Starkville, is to leave Starkville

  4. kentuckybackupplayer

    they got a ho or two in starkville, and plenty of liquor, just make the best of it.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Is that you, Coach Pitino?

  5. John Henry

    Here we go again. Seems like each time we make fun of a state or people they end up kicking our ass.

    1. Mathlete

      I mean, there’s nothing else to do in Starkville but practice football. Minimal distractions?

  6. RealCatsFan

    You guys missed a chance to use that picture of Tom Crean with the confused look on his face…

  7. 2Dogs

    What about the National Cowbell Museum? You can learn about the origin of the cowbell dating back to the Iron Age. But I’m telling you folks something you already know. Enjoy.

  8. J-Dub421