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Fan puts up “Good Luck Coach Cal” sign in his yard

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Photo @ukturkeyhunter

A fan reportedly stopped at Cal’s house tonight and put this sign in his yard. We people are crazy.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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67 responses to “Fan puts up “Good Luck Coach Cal” sign in his yard”

  1. Catcounsel

    Great post Mrs. T, only in Kentucky have I seen these types of occurrences. Makes me never want to leave! Go Big Blue!

  2. billy


  3. Dude

    Stay off the mans property you creeps!!!

    1. UKNation


    2. Bigger Blue

      Where wa all this talk about creepy trespassers when idiots were putting for sale signs in Tubby’s yard?

  4. doug

    very creepy

  5. Randy Satterly

    I am the owner of, and I was paid to place this greeting outside Coach Cal’s house.

    1. LuvDaCats

      You do know you were trespassing?

    2. UKNation

      Not sure how I feel. Part of me thinks that you crossed the line, but it’s not like you could get permission from Coach Cal and it’s also not like you egged his house.

    3. Brandon

      Depending on where the property line is, it may not even be on his property. Considering how close it is to the sidewalk, it may very well be on city property.

  6. brian

    Nice thought, but leave the man alone. This is his home.

  7. Tubby smith

    you should have saw what them racist hillbillies put in my yard

    1. Hayley's quadriceps

      “have seen”, you moron.

    2. Jughead

      Clay Travis: don’t you have better things to do, pencildick?

  8. Grammar PoPo

    “Have saw”. Clearly a Tennessee fan infiltration.

    1. Bigger Blue

      That was actually a Louisville Grad mistake… but thanks for playing!

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    1. ibescootch

      That’s a really good point. Top notch basketball IQ here, people.

  10. Jarweed

    Regardless of the intention, don’t go there.

  11. Casper

    This is why Cal’s house is surrounded by a wall.
    I think he should add a moat.

    1. Cincy Cayt

      …with crocodiles. Let’s give him some privacy – he’ll stay longer that way. Leave the good hearted messages to fast food restaurant billboards.

  12. iucansuckabigblue....

    Freak show tonight!

  13. LuvDaCats

    Unacceptable. I wish him and all the players and staff luck. But there homes are off limits. Not cool.

  14. LuvDaCats

    And no TT, that is not crazy. That is stupid. Unless it was done by a family member or very very close friend, that would be unacceptable. But a random fan? No. Dig deeper and let us know who placed it. I might feel better. But a total stranger? As stated, “That’s creepy”.

    1. old blue

      Agree! There has to be a disconnect somewhere. This is the man’s home!

  15. Wild Blue

    BBN, Coach Cal and the players should not be bothered this week. Leave them alone so they can focus on the final four games. Yes, I said games.

  16. rdhack

    …and you guys think that actually bothers Coach?

    1. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

      Thats what I was thinking. He has that brand new fence, if he wanted to keep people off his entire yard he would have fenced the whole thing.

  17. Clint

    Do we think it actually bothers Cal that people trespass on his property when he, his wife, kids, etc may or may not be there? Yes, I think that probably does bother him. How would you feel if some stranger came into your yard? Guys, remember.. This is his job. He has a life outside of it, unlike us haha

    1. NBA league pass

      I agree completely.

  18. Knows Better

    I live in the neighborhood. This is not cool. Coach should ask for UK police to put an officer at his house to guard against this kind of behavior. Copycats are next.

  19. L4

    I don’t think the message of support is creepy. It is his front yard easily accessible from the sidewalk. Its not like its on the other side of the fence – that would be creepy. Maybe he should beef up security but I’m thinking this is nothing unusual.

    1. grumpycat

      I came to say the same thing.

    2. Cats.

      I agree completely. If said “creeper” had hopped the fence and placed the sign, I would definitely be disturbed. But anyone can access the grass. It’s harmless.

    3. Catpocalypse

      I agree, they didn’t vandalize, destroy, steal, poop on his lawn or chop his cherry tree down….they put up a supportive message! Like some politicians do without asking…. No harm in this at all, if it does BOTHER Cal, then he will address it, I’m sure. It’s like welcoming home a new baby when people put stuff on your mailbox or whatever. Get over yourselves people…This IS KENTUCKY BASKETBALL & Coach Cal knows and understands. “We are Crazy”!

  20. Lexington 3

    Brings a whole new meaning to, “Hey kids, stay off my lawn!”. I am sure the person meant well, but this really is kind of creepy. Unless, as someone else stated, it was a family member or friend.

  21. UK Employee

    Look. I know all about this. The University paid to have this done. Cal was aware it was going to happen. It wasn’t some crazy fan.

  22. KMS35

    Oh come on. Everyone knows where he lives. It’s not like he’s completely isolated somewhere and it took a huge effort to get OUTSIDE the fence to his yard. The sign was very thoughtful and harmless and a showing of strong support from the BBN. You make the argument that he “has his own life and this is his job,” so by that argument you could also say he’s a person just like any of us and probably thought it was a cool thing for someone to do to show love. This would be a nice human interest story if it were a local high school basketball coach. I would be touched if someone did this for me.

  23. miamiwildcat

    Shouldn’t it be facing the other way so people from inside the house can read it? Thats who the message is for right?Or is it supposed to be read when they drive back home? If it is for when they drive back, we’ll by that time the games have been played and it’d be too late to wish them luck, right?

    Otherwise it’s a terrible idea to put a big sign telling the world who lives at this house. Especially if they will be out of town.

  24. miamiwildcat

    If they already know where he live, why not a nice letter or a card? Why is it that they can’t just do something nice they have to make a big production of it to call attention to themselves?

  25. art vandalay

    Better than a for sale sign but still a little bit creepy.

    How about just hiring an airplane to write it in smoke over his house?

    Or maybe send him a carrier pidgeon?

  26. Bradley

    What a bunch of pansies in this comment section.

    1. Andrew

      Couldn’t agree more

    2. Uh No

      Yeah totally! Privacy and property rights are for sissies!

    3. You know!

      Bradley, is it ok if I burn a cross on your lawn? Just wanna show my support!

    4. Dude seriously

      You take a good luck sign in a coach’s front yard and compare it to burning a cross in some random persons front yard. This comment section is ridiculous.

  27. James K

    Not sure how I feel about it. On one hand I bet he loves it, but on the other hand we really should let the poor man have a little oasis in his life where he can get completely away.

    I don’t know, part of me wonders if Cal eats it up. Bottom line is that I personally would never do that.

  28. paul

    I mean, it is right by the sidewalk. Not like its by his fence even. I don’t see a whole lot of harm here. If it was me I wouldn’t care unless they came near my house. By the sidewalk would be ok.

    1. You know!

      And I would be ok with a super model coming into my house at night and replacing my wife! However that doesn’t mean everyone else would.

    2. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

      Yup, he could have fenced his entire yard if he cared. Knowing Cal I would say he loved it. Just don’t climb over the fence.

  29. Picky

    If its a sign for him, shouldn’t it be facing the other way? So he can read it?

  30. rahrah

    Oh good grief, over-react much? There’s a perfectly secure fence behind that area. Pretty sure Coach Cal was fine with it and probably loved it. I doubt anyone other that the gardener/yard people ever walk in that area.

  31. Tom Selleck's Mustache

    God, you people are truly joyless. This sign was put literally two steps off the sidewalk. If Cal wanted all this extra privacy, do you really think he would have bought that house? You troll’s should really come out from under the bridge. The sunshine is beautiful.

  32. tea party logic

    If this is “no big deal” why did they do it in the middle of the night under the cover of darkness?

  33. Johnny

    Creepy. Let the man have at least one place of privacy.

  34. Trav

    Are y’all serious? Lol it’s outside of his fence and it’s to show support? Stop pulling out the bad in everything good. Jesus.

  35. Slick Willie

    Seriously, how can anyone see bad in this gesture?

  36. Clint Eastwood

    Get off my lawn!

  37. Bigger Blue

    Actually this is a lot less annoying and creepy than what some dog owners probably leave for him in that part of his yard!

  38. Jimharris

    I agree with those who’ve said don’t mess around the man’s home, no matter how good the intentions.

    Cal is really pulling for Stoops to be successful so the football coach can take some of the zealous BBN crap in another direction.

    1. Slick Willie

      It’s a freaking yard card people. I see them everyday, wish someone a happy birthday etc. It’s not like someone is stalking him.

  39. 9 is fine

    Scott’s Turf builder, fed your lawn…seed it!

  40. Neighbor Cal

    As a Richmond Road neighbor, I think the sign is great. We all know he lives there, they have total privacy which everyone respects, and frankly, we on Richmond Road concede to a little less privacy anyway. Weird people doing much weirder things like a totally nude guy walking down the street (except for shoes), car wrecks in front yards, et al. It’s a fun part of the atmosphere.

  41. tea party logic

    I suggest they try George Zimmerman’s house next

  42. Clint

    Let me explain my thoughts a little more..

    This is his job.. Cal didn’t grow up a UK fan and, while I believe he loves UK and his job, at the end of the day, it’s his job. If you’re an insurance salesman how would you like waking up one morning to a yard sign saying “Great Premiums Mr Smith!”? Especially while you are away and your wife and son are probably there alone. I don’t think it’s creepy, I don’t think the person responsible should be ashamed or in trouble, and I actually like the sentiment.. I just think it crosses a line a little bit. It’s the mans home. It draws attention to his home by people who may NOT have good intentions and didn’t know he lived there. I just believe in respecting our coaches private lives and giving them time away from work.. That’s all.

    1. Slick Willie

      If I walk out of my house today and there is a yard card that says “good luck today Willie” and I know it is sincere then I’m ok with it.

  43. BigBlueNational

    The fact that anyone, anywhere at any time could find this creepy is downright ridiculous. It was paid for by a fan and placed on Cal’s lawn by a legitimate business that does this on a regular basis in this town. There wasn’t any trespassing, invasion of privacy or anything else of a negative nature going on. People have these signs placed in their yard all of the time. The card wasn’t placed in the middle of the night like some clandestine operation. It was put in his yard in the evening, when most of these signs are placed, so that the card designee will see it the next day and so forth for how many ever days have been requested. Do you Team Creepy people not ever see these? They’re all over. I love the BBN and likewise have love for all UK fans, however I think it’s juvenile and immature to read anything untoward into this gesture of support.