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Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 responses to “Evan Daniels picks Kentucky for Jaden McDaniels”

  1. ScottGreene22


    1. runningunnin.454

      It shouldn’t; but, it might scare off Blackshear.

  2. JerryCat

    Could this mean that EJ is gone?

    1. bigbluenationmbb

      Doubt it

    2. Rick_S


    3. mashburnfan1

      Where is EJ going? Only place he could go is transfer as he has zero chance to be drafted this year. Guess he could go overseas.

  3. bigbluenationmbb

    I said this yesterday Tipton leaked his choice lock to Kentucky

    1. nocode96

      I saw you say that. Where did the leak show up?

    2. bigbluenationmbb

      One of my Kentucky pages I follow on Instagram messaged Tipton about who Kentucky is getting and he said he knows we are getting McDaniel’s and juzang for sure and the page that I follow posted it


      I call bs

    4. CatsNationBBN

      i also seen it


      What did Tipton say?

  4. Wade

    Ej ain’t gone imo but if nick stays he should go if we get mcdaniels

    1. mrknowitall1981

      Richards wouldn’t leave based off McDaniels coming. He is nowhere near a post player and is about 185 pounds soaking wet.

  5. hutch

    I know they say the kid shys away from the limelight… most say that’s why he wouldn’t come to Kentucky but he could lay in the shadows of EJ, Nick, Sestina… he’d actually have more pressure to produce early at Washington imo

    1. KYjellyRoll

      Very good point

  6. VirginiaCat

    In most cases, I would be overjoyed at the prospect of landing a top 10 recruit, but I have mixed feelings with respect to McDaniels, McDaniels shuns the spotlight, which might be problematic at a school like Kentucky where the spotlight burns bright 24/7/365. He is also enigmatic, appears aloof and detached, which could be an issue in terms of chemistry and motor while in college. My concern is that he might just go through the motions while in college, but admittedly, that is a feeling only and I would appreciate any input from anyone who is familiar with his game. Right now, though, if given a choice between Blackshear and McDaniels, I would take Blackshear’s experience hands down. I expect to get lambasted by the usual suspects, but hope that meaningful input will be offered as well.

    1. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

      I agree we should have Blackshear as objective 1. He has a decent freethrow and 3 %, 2 things that knocked us out of the tournament, and he’s already proven he shows up more in the limelight, which can have a greater calming effect. This is all while still having the ability to bang down low.

  7. notFromhere

    Every good KY team has at least one kid that is selfless and not fond of the spotlight. Darius Miller was that kid a few years ago.

    1. TheMaxCat

      I think the “avoids the limelight” line has been overplayed. The other side of that coin is that Kentucky will prepare you better than any other school how to grow up and handle it because if he is planning on playing professionally (and I assume he is) then its something he needs to be able to handle.