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16 responses to “Evan Daniels on Cade Cunningham: “I think he knows what he wants to do””

  1. Not Dan Issel

    Let’s hope Kentucky is what he wants to do.

  2. dave1964

    He is going to Oklahoma St these kids just love attention.

    1. season-3-disc-2


    2. nocode96

      And what’s wrong with grabbing some attention in his case? Or any highly touted recruit’s case. Lots of y’all act like you’ve ever been one of the best in the world at something when you were a teenager. Like this whole thing is so ho-hum. Let these kids enjoy THEIR moment. They only get to do this once with the entire college b-ball world looking at them. Cal wouldn’t be all in on this kid if he wasn’t UK material, neither would many other coaches. Will never understand the bitter and jaded attitude it must take to shlt on a KID because he:she doesn’t something that doesn’t fall into your timeline or world view. Easily the worst part about being a UK fan is other UK fans. Lighten up and enjoy life, you aren’t here for very long. There are far greater things to do with your time than to let some teenaged stranger control your mood.

    3. chardun20

      @nocode96 exactly, people take this stuff to seriously, if Cade Cunningham chooses UK, he’s a good kid, if he goes somewhere else, he must be a bad kid.

  3. Ned T.

    I always had a thing for his mother Marion. Redheads are rightteous.

    1. season-3-disc-2

      ???? Yea your comment isn’t creepy at all…….

    2. Wilfred Smith

      Marion Cunningham is a fictional character from the TV show “Happy Days” and was played by Marion Ross. The original commenter was making a joke.

      A better reply would have been, “Better not let Arthur Fonzarelli hear you say that, he’ll take you down for saying something about Mrs. C.”

  4. WildcatNation

    Evan Daniels knows something that the others don’t

    1. season-3-disc-2

      Agree! If he doubles down then you can Bank that he has information he is really confident in.

    2. mashman 93


  5. Cmart0907


  6. Nickerbocker05

    He talking to IS YALL!?!? tried to tell us bout that “inside scoop”! Dude is toying with our emotional values here… still tho… hope he commits here lol

  7. michaelb

    Evan Daniels is always right

    1. Soylentbeans

      Naw just 94 times out of 100.

  8. 4everUKBlue

    Really surprised mashbum the idiot hasn’t spewed a bunch of lies on this thread.