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Eric C. Conn says a puppy and a woman helped him cross borders

Eric C. Conn is back in the States after a long trip to Honduras for Pizza Hut (and to avoid the FBI). Many of the details of Conn’s crimes and his time on the run have been well documented, but now we know much, much more about the escape, through Conn’s own words.

In a 42-page letter to the Herald-Leader, Conn shared his account of exactly what happened as he made his way from Kentucky to Honduras, where he was eventually caught and shipped back to the USofA. As he tells it, he was able to cross borders with the help of a puppy and a fake engagement to a woman on a bus:

Conn said he got to the Mexico-Guatemala border in early afternoon, giving him only a few hours to observe the security procedures.

He said that’s when he saw a young man holding a brown puppy and got the idea to use it as a cover.

He asked the man if he could borrow the puppy for half an hour. The man said yes, but it would cost him $5, Conn wrote.

He said he gave the man the money and started across the border, but the dog spotted a chicken and began to bark, catching the attention of the guards.

One guard told Conn he had a dog that looked like the one Conn was carrying. Conn told the guard he had named the dog Curly.

“The guard apparently had watched ‘The Three Stooges,’ because he started laughing and said, ‘Curly,’” Conn wrote. “I just looked at the guard and smiled and kept walking.” [The Herald-Leader]

Conn said he later turned the dog loose to return across the border.

A woman, “Jessica,” then helped him get into Honduras, he said:

Conn said he decided to try a pull a “Rhett Butler” tactic, referring to the scene in “Gone With The Wind” in which a roguish Southerner played by Clark Gable pretends to be drunk in one scene to assuage the suspicion of a Union officer about a raid.

When a Honduran soldier asked for his identification, “I said, what I hoped was in classic Clark Gable style, ‘I just got engaged to this awesome woman and I’m a little drunk, but you are welcome to check in my backpack for my papers,’” Conn wrote.

He said the soldier looked at another soldier and said he thought all gringos were crazy, then shook his head and moved on without checking the backpack. [The Herald-Leader]

There is much more absurdity from Conn’s account in the Herald-Leader’s story, ranging from what he ordered at the Honduras Pizza Hut to how one of his former employees assisted in the flee.

Give it a read here, and then be thankful you’re not wanted by the FBI. (And if you are, don’t go to Honduras.)

Article written by Drew Franklin

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