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Ed Cooley “doesn’t give a damn about Kentucky”

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Following his team’s 78-69 home win this afternoon, Providence head coach Ed Cooley had a few things to say about your University of Kentucky Wildcats, the Friars’ next opponent.

“Everybody is asking me about Kentucky,” Cooley said. “It’s a game. Congratulations, they’re good. They have all these great players. You know what? We have some great players, too. I do not want anybody to look at my team as if we are some step-child hoping to get lucky.” Cooley said. “We’re going to go down there and we’re going to be confident, passionate and we’re going to play with a lot of pride. I don’t give a damn about Kentucky.”

“We play high-profile programs every day in the Big East,” he added. “That keeps coming back. Kentucky. It’s another game. The Big East is the best basketball conference in the country. We’re going to play teams like that every single day.”

See for yourself at around the 1:50 mark in the video below…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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67 responses to “Ed Cooley “doesn’t give a damn about Kentucky””

  1. Uk Fan #5

    If he still thinks the big east is the best basketball conference in America he’s insane.

    1. Haha

      Who the fluck is in the big east now?!?!?!

    2. Han

      Not to mention for all the hype and excessive number of bids, in the last 15 years (cutoff right after our 1998 title), while the Big East has gotten 5 titles, it was only 3 teams (UConn thrice, Louisville once, Syracuse once). And before you say 5 titles in 15 years is amazing, the ACC also had 5 titles with Duke getting 2, UNC getting 2, and Maryland getting 1. The remaining titles went to the SEC (2 Florida, 1 UK), Big 10 (Mich St), and Big 12 (1 Kansas).

      Extend backward 5 more years and the SEC adds 3 titles (2 UK, 1 Ark), and the PAC 10/12 adds 2 titles (Arizona, UCLA). It’s also worth noting that in those 20 years, while the Big East had a good ratio in title games of 5-1, the SEC (6 wins to 3 losses), ACC (5 wins to 3 losses), and Big 10 (1 win to 5 losses) all managed to get to the title game at least as many times, with the SEC and ACC having 3 and 2 more appearances. Even the PAC 10/12 managed 5 total appearances in the title game.

      Now, the Big East has put a lot of teams in the Final Four, as well, but when your conference is getting 8+ bids out of 65 spots (with like 30 spots guaranteed to other conferences), you should put that many teams in the Final Four.

      The reputation of the Big East as the best basketball conference exists because CBS, ESPN and the Big East wanted people to think it was the best conference, constantly talking about how the best basketball was played in the Big East tourney in Madison Square Gardens. Poor records were blamed on the teams beating up on each other, and early nonconf success often wasn’t repeated in the postseason. Sure, Georgetown and Villanova had a great reputation, as did a couple other teams, but the conference tourneys and title count lean heavily to UConn, Syracuse and Louisville. The bottom of the Big East was no better than the bottom of other conferences, and the middle was marginally better, if that, but their middle was huge by the end. Their top wasn’t really better than the top of the ACC and SEC, either.

  2. How much I care about Mr Ed.


  3. ukcatsfan2

    I didn’t even know Fairfield, Kentucky had a college!

    I live 10 minutes from there and I’m going over tomorrow and find that college.

  4. Headhunter

    There’s an assistant guard coach at Cleve State who might need a job. He and this clown would make a nice fit at some JUCO out there.

  5. UpperSectionStudent

    The Big East was the best conference two years ago… Now it’s just a buncha small cinderella schools. But he’s right, they play elite teams like KY every day! Wait, no they don’t. That’s untrue.

  6. bigblue

    crush ’em. then ask if he should’ve cared a little more in the post game presser.

  7. Weiss Hai

    The last time Providence made the Final Four was 1987. Seems to be a lot of butt-hurt associated with “last time” and “1987.” LOL

  8. Things I wished I never said

    Just read the OP. (I think it is more of an ADvertisement than a comment)

  9. Joe

    Who knew Ed Coley was a fan of “Dire Straits.”

    To be fair what’s he SUPPOSED to say, “Man we are going to be kicked in our @rse. It’s not even goin’ to be pretty.” No coach is going to say that.

  10. Big East says

    Where did I go?

  11. Big Brother

    I think he’s an idiot for giving a team any BB material but each as to their own. I actually think this game is going to be close… We haven’t looked good as of late and this Prov team is a step up vs. the competition we have been playing. So is Baylor, NC, Belmont and of course UL. Our perimeter defense is still awful and I’m hoping Cal will start to use some zone because I don’t think this team has the quickness to guard a team Man to Man for an entire game. The Twins simply aren’t quick enough.

    1. sunnycat

      Twins and quick should never be used in the same sentence.

    2. BCO

      If Dunn is out, I think we blow them out.

  12. Basketball history books says

    Welcome to the Big East conference.

  13. jake

    I understand he’s trying to get his team pumped for the game but no coach kentucky is not like any team in the big east

  14. bigblue091812

    The SEC is better in BB than the Big East and that’s saying something, I did not say football. The Big East is now maybe the 5-6th best conference in the country. Oh well, someone needs to ask him after Sunday night.

  15. James K

    Holy crap, I hope Kentucky kicks the shit out of them now. No buddy, you aren’t going to play a team like Kentucky every day. Sorry. I hope Cal shows the team this.

  16. Kristen Geil's Abs

    It looks like he doesn’t give a damn about cholesterol.

  17. Flozell

    Why should he care about Kentucky and the hoardes of inbreds infesting NYC?
    The only good thing about UK fans staying in New York hotels is that they will eat all bed gugs

    1. Isaac in Louisville

      “eat all bed gugs”


    2. What??

      Lay off the sauce before posting. You are a Moron! Get Lost.

  18. ACC

    UL clean ur act up or we will not accept u into the ACC.

    1. dUKe Grad

      It is awful that a school like UL is going to be playing in the ACC.

    2. Han

      Gonna be funny to see how Louisville handles the flopping of Duke and the homecooking officiating on Tobacco Road.

      Also, they’ll find out when Rick retires just how prestigious a job they have there. Especially since the frontrunner will be Ricky Jr.

    3. 15 Seconds

      Rumor has it, Rick will retire after this year. He does not want to go to the ACC. He will have a losing record next year. He is in talks with FOX 1 as the lead color for college Basketball.

    4. L1C4

      Matt, this is a stupid post, please delete.

    5. RealCatsFan

      Actually, it looks like UL is trying their best to fit in with the likes of UNC and Duke, with their players getting pulled over for speeding in “borrowed” cars and questionable escapades related to jewelry. And Jurich manages to get it all swept under the rug jest like them. They may be a perfect fit!

  19. jezz

    Show this to our guys maybe they will finally play with a sense of urgency.

    Damn I miss MKG…

  20. NoelGallagher

    don’t see the big deal, what you want him to do? Suck on KYs Schlong & just let us win or not bother trying?

  21. brain

    They don’t play teams like Kentucky everyday because there are no teams like Kentucky and they don’t play everyday.

    1. Its true

      They only play about twice a week, no kidding, point blank for real period son.

  22. Fat


  23. SoonerCat

    Coach is exactly right. He nor his team should fear this UK team right now they are to inconsistent and the game is gonna be fairly close.

  24. Chane B.

    Point blank period, Jurich has my back.

  25. walt

    Why censor my post for making a correction? Your first quotation mark in the heading should be before the word “give” not “doesn’t” because he didn’t say “doesn’t”, he said, “don’t”, thus you can quote it.

    This is very minor. Who really cares?! And maybe I’m wrong, but why edit that out? Control freaks, too much ego or pride to be corrected? Gosh.

    1. Huh

      Too much eggnog?

  26. Wait

    Heck with you all. I am taking my grammar police and leaving!

    1. Kevin

      …Heading back to duh ville . How long will it take to get there @ 95 mph?

  27. Random

    #17 The irony of morons like you insulting the intelligence of Kentucky fans is hilarious. “Bed gugs.” What an idiot.

  28. Charles Barkley

    The Big East? – They’re turrible.

  29. kevin slapnuts

    i wish UL was more like UK….there, i said it.

  30. UKScott

    Does anyone give a damn about Providence?

  31. SheedWallace'sGraySpot

    I love his hair

  32. gary

    Thats the “Kentucky Effect” in action! They’re jealous.

  33. BigBlue42

    Just another steping stone on the road to 39-1, just like my Tshirt say! NEXT!

  34. bluetooth

    mr ed is a pretty thing don’t cha think ? he will be doing a lot of sweating when he faces the cats . ” a horse is a course , of course ……

  35. Chicago Chris

    Anything a coach says is what he feels is best suited to get his players going. No problem with whatever his strategy may be. We almost lost to Cleveland St, after all, we have done NOTHING yet this season to make anyone have to kiss up to us. Let’s prove something first.

  36. g-man

    Honestly, the OP is sensationalism. I agree with about half the posters here who say things, like “what is this coach supposed to say other than whatever he needs to, in order to motivate his team”? When you listen to him actually speak, it’s clear he’s NOT knocking Kentucky. It’s not some “shots fired” comments. He’s simply trying to keep his team focused and confident. There wasn’t a need to make the guy out like someone who is putting us down. He wasn’t.

  37. mike

    is no one going to mention that this dude looks like Bunk from The Wire?

  38. nuke99m

    Is that Aaron Neville?

  39. Ky_Tom

    Been a Cat far to long to get upset over some coach saying anything. You can’t blame him, what’s he supposed to do, act and sound like he’s afraid for his team because they are playing Kentucky. That’s not going to happen, or should never happen from any coach. Sure many coaches know playing Kentucky can be a teams worse nightmare. Then again, Kentucky can have a nightmare game, they have had them before, and I’m sure someday, they’ll have another. No I am not saying anything like Kentucky will lose to Providence. Like I said, over 50 years as a Cat fan, and from my experience as a Cat fan,,I ‘m not surprised to see anything happen from these freshman teams that coach Cal has put together in his short time here as head coach. They can’t win them all, and I expect them to lose some games many expect them to win,,,and on the other hand, I expect them to win a games they are not suppose to win…Like beating North Carolina and Ohio State in the regionals back to back to reach the final four, when it was clearly obvious the deck was stacked against them to make it…So expect the unexpected, and when it comes…just learn to live with it..

    1. WRB

      Nicely said, good post.

  40. Johnny Basketball

    If Cal can not get UK to come ready to play sunday after this coach talking like this, I will be very surprised.

  41. Jim G.

    Providence has a team?

  42. hooters

    Man needs to wrap his head in coal oil. Might help what’s wrong with his scalp..

  43. ben

    We will see who gives a dame on Sunday Night. You have just put the curse of the Wildcats on u Providence. Beware! !!!!!!!!!

  44. Bobby Boushay

    Mr. Cooley it’s “red-headed” stepchild thank you, and you’ll get you a big dose of “not giving a damn” when Ky opens up a can of whoop-ass on your no-name team 🙂 Mama said you was the devil!

  45. the mange

    the frick happened to the bck of his head!

  46. Joel

    We are here in NYC for the game tomorrow and have 2 extra tickets we are trying to unload. I’ll sell for less than face value. 5th row in section 23 (aka awesome seats)
    Email me at if you need tickets or want to upgrade. Of you’re here in the city I can meet you pretty much anywhere

  47. ray ray

    Well, I dont give a damn about Ed Cooley !

  48. Mr. Self Destruct

    I just hope Cal doesn’t get the mange from this turd.

  49. Megan

    Coach Cooley likely has alopecia areata, thought to be a systemic autoimmune disorder. My father was stricken, quite unexpectedly one year, with alopecia universalis, a total loss of hair. So let’s show a little more maturity here.

  50. PW

    Here is UK’s record against the current Big East (Cat’s wins first):
    Butler: 4-0
    Creighton: 8-4
    Depaul: 18-3
    Georgetown: 0-2
    Marquette: 7-7
    Providence: 1-0
    St. John’s: 11-5
    Seton Hall: 1-1
    Villanova: 6-1
    Xavier: 37-2

    Total record against current Big East: 93-25 I don’t think UK gives a damn about the Big East any more. (I was surprised about the complete ownage of Xavier, wow)

  51. Bill


  52. the mange

    thxs for the clarification on his bald spot.but hes still a Dick and proably one of the most potty mouth coaches ever in the ncaa.dirty mouth clean with orbitz