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E.J. Montgomery Commits to Kentucky

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Happy Monday Big Blue Nation!

John Calipari is starting the week on fire by adding the E.J. Montgomery to the 2018 recruiting class.  Evan Daniels reports the 6’10” power forward and No. 12 player overall has committed to Kentucky over Duke, North Carolina and Vanderbilt.  Montgomery told Daniels that Cal’s track record with NBA players put UK over the top.

“It’s a big factor because my parents just wanted me to go to a school that I can get develop the most,” Montgomery told 247Sports. “Their track record with their players in the NBA shows that they’re pretty good at it.”

“It was a pretty hard decision,” he added. “I had to talk about the pros and cons about every school. I just had that feeling that Kentucky was the place for me”.

The first big man to commit to Kentucky in 2018, the Cats’ class is now ranked second, only behind Duke.

[247 Sports]

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

43 responses to “E.J. Montgomery Commits to Kentucky”

  1. Go_Wildcats_Go

    Rock on! Let’s do this CATS!

  2. rabbit

    Wow I’m shocked !

  3. Twick39

    Hell yeah! Made Monday suck a little less.

  4. ukjaybrat

    did NOT see that coming this morning

  5. ArmyCatFan

    Huge. Come on down Hagans

  6. Catcasey1


  7. CatesDuncan


  8. shelby

    Awesome news. Welcome to the BBN

  9. satcheluk

    Is Cal throwing down the gauntlet? Interesting to see if K can keep it up with his Viagra now at Pitt.

  10. meeksfor3

    Hadn’t he commented recently he would need to see who stayed and left each school before committing? Does this mean we are losing at least 1-2 big men who haven’t publicly declared yet which would free up space for him?

    1. Big Blue Balls

      No. Only needed Knox to leave to make room. Any other recruits (Hagans) would need one more departure to make room.

  11. Mathlete

    I’m assuming means a current big (Washington, Vanderbilt, or Richards) is gone?

    1. ClutchCargo

      Could be. It could also mean that we will have excellent front court depth, ala 2014-15. I’ll go with that until something else is announced.

    2. henderblue

      And we’ll be pretty good in the backcourt as well Clutch

    3. runningunnin.454

      Nope, looks like he was just waiting for the Knox decision.

    4. gwhittle

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sacha leave now. Not that I want him to, I just wouldn’t be surprised.

    5. ClutchCargo

      That would be a real head scratcher. If playing time is an issue, why transfer and spend an entire season on the bench? I don’t see that happening at all.

    6. Mathlete

      SKJ is about to have a breakout season. He showed at the end of last season that he has found his niche, and Cal showed some confidence in him by leaving him in after he made mistakes. I’m expecting to see a huge leap from year 2 to year 3 for him, and I’m really looking forward to see him meet his potential

    7. Mathlete

      Welp, I was wrong

  12. Blue Bill

    Well…. good Monday morning!!!!

  13. Alleykat16

    I dont know if this means others are leaving or it just means he dont care who’s staying because he knows he can out them

  14. runningunnin.454

    Very little fanfare and hoopla…I like his style.

  15. Alleykat16

    When he says he talked about pros and cons does that mean he talked about KAT, Anthony Davis, and Cousins, and the cons Lee, Mathews, and Wiltjer lol

    1. kenny

      Pros: KAT, Cousins, Davis.
      Cons: Jabari Parker, jahlil okafor……

  16. Scottscats

    Sounds like someone is leaving….maybe Wenyen…

    1. kenny


  17. Cmart0907

    Excellent news!!! Quick question. How many scholarships do we have left? Anybody know for sure?

    1. blzns2

      The scholarship count does not matter. If a kid wants to come then room will be made and a scholarship will be available. Cal is known for keeping a lean roster as is.

  18. Jiminy Crickets

    Today still decision day for Shai?

  19. frantic29

    Correct me if I’m wrong. UK has 13 scholarships. This last year they used 11. So subtract Knox, Diallo, SGA, and Tai and your down to seven adding back 4 recruits so far so we still have room for 2 more scholarship wise.

    1. ClutchCargo

      I think that’s right. Except, at this point in time, Diallo and SGA are still here. So no extra scholarships as of now, even though that’s likely to change very soon.

  20. Kat4Life

    Awesome way to start the week !!!

  21. Flake

    Even if Vanderbilt stays, it will be hard to count on him playing the entire season with his injury issues, so this is huge.

  22. ScottGreene22

    Welcome smart kid

  23. henderblue

    After seeing Herro last night, it looks like he could fill in nicely at Knox’s spot. He can score in a variety of ways

  24. PillsburyThrowboy

    He does look like a filled out Tayshaun. But can he make it from the logo?

  25. Jiminy Crickets

    One of bigs is leaving. Knox leaving opened the scholly for him to commit, but Knox is a SF, him declaring wouldn’t mean anything to him, but if weynen, vando, or pj leave it would be his position.

  26. UKfromJersey

    He should be our starting 5 from day one. Way better than Richards or SKJ.. similar style to Marvin Bagley.. little less polished. But better defender than Bagley.

    1. Robkycats54

      I’ll agree he should start unless Richard’s put on weight & learns how to catch the ball……

      PG- SGA until announce he leaving he still here…..
      SG- Herro
      SF- Gabriel
      Pf- P.J. Washington
      C- E.J Montgomery

    2. KentuckyT

      @Robkycats54 There is no shot that Wenyen or Herro would start with Keldon on the bench.

  27. BPatte

    Now, this is a big time recruit!!

    1. Robkycats54

      @kentuckyT, I seen keldon play nothing he did amazed me but make a stop on defense one time & I believe Cal is loyal to his vets unless the talent in front is that much better…. if knox would of stayed then possibly Johnson started but with him gone it’s wenyen spot to lose basically having to make up for knox offense & I’m not seeing Keldon as a threat yet & he maybe behind diallo as far as I’m concerned…. KJ great effort Kid not skilled offensively & is good on defense but not great

  28. makeitstop

    That’s a huge get, not least bc he’s not playing in Durham. It could mean SKJ is transferring – we haven’t heard much about him since the season ended, and he’s young enough (19) to sit out a year, play one more year and graduate at 21 as a draftable finished product. Plus he’s looking at Wiseman likely being a freshman starter his senior year. But it’s Wenyen that seems to me most likely to bolt based on age and family need.