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Article written by TJ Walker

21 responses to “Dontaie Allen drops 53 points and is good at basketball”

  1. Bh32

    Usually don’t comment but this information is totally incorrect. Pendleton County did not lose to #1 Scott County, they lost to untanned Covington Scott High. Regardless amazing game by a great future Cat again

    1. Bh32

      Unranked *

    2. mashburnfan1

      Facts don’t matter here, whatever makes the basketball team and players look better is what they go with. Cal and KSR talked about how great all those Bahama teams were, how great we are to easily win those games. They will not admit this team already has no shot at a title, instead tell you how great all these teams are they currently play and how it is their super bowl etc so they automatically become great teams that 1 day they play us. Appreciate seeing someone else who is real and talks facts.

    3. UKWildcatNation

      Why are you always so miserable?!?! If Kentucky Athletics make you this upset than by all means PLEASE choose another school to follow, because you are not providing support that our teams need. They need a BBN that has their back, through good and bad, not someone who ALWAYS has negativity just pouring out in every comment. Give it a rest already for f$&@# sake

    4. KYCat4EVER

      Wow! I am so glad we have UKWildcatNation to tell us how to be Kentucky fans, and even who to go root for if we do not follow his guidance. ? Actually, UKWildcatNation, your world of “rainbows, sunshine, and no criticism “ sounds s lot like the world IU fans have been promoting ever since Bob Knight left IU…. and we all know how far down IU has fallen.
      Mashburnfan, I don’t agree with all your points, but your SPOT ON for your criticism, and know what it means to hold our UK program to high standards! Go Big Blue!

    5. RealCatsFan

      No shot at a title? Yeah, last year was a bit of a downturn, but they were a last second shot from a FF the year before. I learned my lesson after 2011 and 2014 to never say never.

    6. BigolBlue

      Nope we suck fakecatsfan. No shot

    7. j

      Not sure that #1 Scott County was mentioned.
      Go Cats

    8. RealCatsFan

      “BigolBlue” is actually a “BigolULtroll”. Sorry you guys didn’t get Brohm. He wanted no part of that dumpster fire. Now watch the rest of the coaches on the list turn them down, just like Tenn a couple years ago. Happy trails!

    9. ClutchCargo

      BigolTurd speaks the truth. His cards suck and have no shot at a title.

    10. ClutchCargo

      Also, there is no pleasing some fans. They don’t like “one and done” guys. Fine, so we get some guys like Dontae Allen, who we should all be able to get behind, but they’re still bitching and moaning.

  2. Bh32

    Very quick fix TJ. Keep up the hard work always enjoy reading your articles on Recruiting.

  3. JASUN74

    In the immortal words of George Jefferson!!! “Well, Moving on up”,!! This kid will do something special at Kentucky!! Already been written!! By me. Lol

  4. Thetruthshallsetbennyfree

    Hey look Coach K a kid that can score and no one had to buy him. How about you copy that you jacka$$.

  5. UKfanman01

    How was that even in question? He clearly let it off before the buzzer

    1. TouchYoSocks

      There was .6 seconds on the clock. Maybe not enough time for the inbound, tap pass, and shot. But you’re right it definitely was off before the buzzer.

  6. UKLugo

    Cool. Now can he play defense?

    1. Kat4Life

      Damn…… tough crowd ! Kid puts up 52 then 53 in his first two games and that’s all you can muster ??

  7. Jiminy Crickets

    I don’t know him, but I know his family. They say he’s extremely reserved and they worry about him and the media. They also tell me his life long dream to play for UK. Majority of his family are Huge UL fans, but his room always decked out in blue. I’m happy this Kentucky kid, gets to play for us. Playing for the name on the front will never be an issue for him

  8. Kat4Life

    I don’t care who you’re playing…..if you’re averaging 52.5 ppg you’re a player.

  9. JThompson270

    Allen’s father Dontaie Smith played basketball in Kentucky for North Hardin in Radcliff.

    Smith dropped 55 on North Bullitt on Feb 13th 1995.

    Father and son will end up with their name read a lot in the KHSAA Basketball record book.

    BBN we got a good one on Dontaie Allen, hoops is in his blood!!

    Even his Uncle Quinton played for Morehead State.