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Dancing’s Thursday News and Views

We might’ve found what it is that is holding this team back, Cats fans. They don’t dance enough. It sounds crazy, I know, but the proof is in Tuesday night’s game against Texas A&M.

During the KSR pregame show, we talked in length about how much fun the 2009-10 and 2011-12 teams had, and how this team lacks that energy before and even during games this season. We reminisced on the days of John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins strutting their way to the court during the Cat Walk, only to be topped by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s moves two years later. Everyone was always clapping and laughing, having a grand ol’ time, in the minutes leading up to the tip.

This team, however, hasn’t done that. They tried at times, kind of, but it never had that same feel as it did with the other, fun-loving teams. But last night, right on cue, I watched James Young and Julius Randle “hit their Nae Nae” (it’s the new thing) coming out of the locker room as the team clapped their hands around them. It wasn’t much and not a whole lot different than before other games, but I saw smiles I haven’t seen and they all appeared to be more relaxed. I even guaranteed the live blog readers the team wouldn’t come out flat because of the new attitude in the hallway that carried over to the layup line. The theory proved to be true, too, as the Cats hit a three-pointer on the first possession and finally, FINALLY, got off to a good start against the Aggies.

It’s all in the dancing, people. I’m telling you. The Cats just need to relax, take a deep breath, and then dance like no one is watching. It changes everything.

Show them how it’s done, MKG…


Up next: Georgia

UK basketball gets one more home game before its pivotal five-game stretch and the Bulldogs of Georgia are that next opponent. Mark Fox’s team is 4-1 in the SEC with wins at No. 21 Missouri and at Arkansas (where Kentucky couldn’t get it done) and sitting in a tie for second place with the Cats in the SEC East. As always for UK home games, this is a must-win game, but it means even more as it is the last game in Rupp before UK plays four on the road — LSU, Missouri, Mississippi State, Auburn — in a 15-day span with a break for Ole Miss at home in the middle.

That stretch is where we learn what this team is really made of, and a convincing win over Georgia on Saturday will send them off with confidence.

Beat the Bulldogs. By a lot.

Coach O subbed in for Coach Cal on the call-in show, talked about Willie Cauley-Stein.

Orlando Antigua got tagged in to handle this week’s call-in show duties, normally aired on Monday nights. Of the many questions Coach O answered, the disappearance of Willie Cauley-Stein was one of the first and biggest on Big Blue Nation’s minds.

“We need Willie to come out and be the dominant player he had been prior to these last games,” Antigua said, acknowledging what we’ve all seen in the last three games, that Willie contributed nothing.

O said foul trouble limited Willie’s opportunities to get some positive momentum going in Wednesday night’s game against Arkansas, and that he needs only a couple good plays here or there to get back on track. He thinks Willie will be fine if he can register a few blocks or easy buckets by keeping up the energy and running the floor.

The Harrisons did not make Chad Ford’s new 2014 NBA Mock Draft.

Chad Ford of updated the first round of his mock draft on Wednesday and Andrew and Aaron Harrison are notably absent from the first 30 picks. That will hopefully change, at least for Andrew, as the season rolls on. If not, that’s not a good sign for Kentucky’s title hopes.

Ford projects Julius Randle coming off the board at No. 5 to the Utah Jazz. He believes Kansas will follow Kentucky’s footsteps from 2012 by having the top two draft picks with Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins going No. 1 and No. 2, respectively. Jabari Parker and Dante Exum are also projected to go before Randle.

Willie Cauley is the only other Wildcat in the lottery at No. 12 to the Minnesota Timberwolves. James Young isn’t far behind at No. 17 to the Chicago Bulls.

This is a discussion to have on down the road, but Willie, Young, and the Harrisons should all seriously consider a return if this is where they stand entering the summer. I doubt any of them will, but the stock of all four would improve with a sophomore (junior for Willie) season. Randle could even earn that No. 1 spot with a second season, but we all know that ain’t happening.

Enough of that talk, though; back to the now…


DeMarcus Cousins named to USA Basketball’s player pool for 2014-16.

He isn’t going to the 2014 NBA All-Star game (don’t get me started on that one, not tonight) but DeMarcus Cousins has been playing well enough this season to earn an invitation to USA Basketball’s summer camp. Boogie and 27 other NBA stars will be eligible to compete in the 2014 World Basketball Cup in Spain and then the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016.

It’s the third year Cousins has been a part of Team USA training. He was named to the 2012 USA Select Team that practiced against the Olympic team, and he was among 28 young players who participated in Team USA camp last summer.

The entire player pool will be announced on Thursday. Expect Anthony Davis to be on there, too.

Get him on the court and he’s trouble; John Wall messed around and got a triple-double.

Wall scored 28 points with 11 rebounds and 10 assists in a losing effort Wednesday night against the Celtics. It was Wall’s second career triple-double. Rajon Rondo recorded a DNP.

Free NBA League Pass week is awesome.

ICYMI: “The Jimmy Dykes Shoulder Cam”

Jimmy Dykes is one of the better color commentary guys in college basketball, but when ESPN sent him to the baseline and cut to a split-screen of the action, fans were not pleased with how it translated to television. The idea, though probably good on paper, was a complete disaster by all accounts. It didn’t help that Kentucky went on a three-minute drought with Jimmy crouched down under the basket, either.

The “Jimmy Dykes Shoulder Cam” has been mentioned several times since its debut so I won’t drive the nail into it any longer — See what I did there? — but here it is for fans who were at the game and didn’t experience it.

Hey, at least it wasn’t as bad as “Bertha Cam” from 2011.

Never forget.

National Signing Day is right around the corner.

College football’s National Signing Day was always another day on the calendar before Mark Stoops arrived in Lexington. Now it’s one we look forward to every February to see the magic he and his staff pulled off during another year of recruiting. This year Kentucky is all set to reel in its best class in history with a full list of highly-ranked recruits, many of them four-star talents, for a Top 20 class. Matt Elam and a couple of surprises are still out there as well, so football fans have a lot to look forward to on the morning of February 4.

KSR also plans to step up its NSD coverage this year. Our running diaries have always been popular, but this year we will be in the war room with the coaches as the letters come in. I will be updating the website with photos and new signees while Matt and Ryan record the radio show from right next to the fax machine.

It’s less than two weeks away…

Go watch UK Hoops Thursday night and Sunday afternoon, help fight Alzheimer’s.

You should always considering going to Memorial Coliseum to watch the 8th-ranked UK Hoops team, but you can help fight Alzheimer’s by attending the next two games. Matthew Mitchell and his wife Jenna, in conjunction with their Mitchell Family Foundation, will donate two dollars to the Pat Summitt Foundation for every fan in attendance at Thursday night’s game against Alabama and Sunday afternoon’s game against Arkansas.

Pat Summitt gave Mitchell his coaching start in the SEC as an assistant in Tennessee in 1999. Mitchell said he wouldn’t be where he is today if not for Summitt, and that’s why he is contributing to her foundation to help fight the disease. Let’s pack the house so he has to write a big check. I know I plan to attend both games.

Minnesota has the best fans.

My only question is: Why aren’t we at a Minnesota game right now?


That’ll do it for tonight.

Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

49 responses to “Dancing’s Thursday News and Views”

  1. mashburnfan1

    Wall almost had a quadruple double as he had 6 turnovers and shot 9-29 from the field. Maybe if he wasn’t busy throwing up those 20 bricks he would have recorded the quad double. If you are gonna talk stats post the bad ones as well.

    1. Dude

      John Wall delivered a triple double tonight. Similarly, Taquan Dean delivered a triple cheeseburger & double fries to a car at Sonic tonight.

    2. msnthrop

      Wall (6’4″) was also embarrassed by Phil Pressey (5’11”) when he had an attempted layup taken away for a jump ball, and then lost the ensuing jump to the much smaller Pressey. The guy always gets his numbers, but his team doesn’t win…there is a term for that that escapes me…

    3. Jake

      You do realize the Wizards have won four of their last six, right? Go look at their record last year before Wall’s return vs. after, dude makes his team better.

  2. Mos Def

    Dem Selfies Doe.

  3. CatsFan12

    I remember my first selfie… and it wasn’t nearly that awesome or good looking. Must be some girls from down south that we’re visiting their cousins or something.

  4. Michael F. Jox

    I disagree with you about Willie. If he stays a lottery pick I think he should go, I don’t see him really improving his stock that much to risk it. I also have to disagree with the fact that he’s a freshman still.

    1. Demographics

      Probably not. There are tons of cute blondes up in Minnesota, because practically everyone up there has some kind of Scandinavian background

    2. twocoach

      What kind of moron GM drafts WCS in the lottery? He has no offensive game and has sucked in every game with tough bigs. Guess what he’ll be up against every night in the NBA? TOUGH BIGS.

      WCS isn’t even remotely ready for the NBA.

  5. 44 Stitches

    “I won’t drive the nail into it any longer” HAHAAAH I see what you did.

  6. NCCat

    L-R 1,3,2

  7. Micki DeMoss's Mustache

    Selfie girl? I’d Gopher her. #puns

  8. James

    uh, it’s Wednesday Drew.

    1. CatsFanFrankfort

      It is obvious you have never looked at KSR at 11PM. Tonight around 11pm (yes, on Thursday night), there will be a post titled, “So-and-so’s Friday News and Views”.

  9. GA Hill

    I was at the Minnesota game…AWESOME student section, and really cool arena. But I would argue they do not have the best fans…everyone around me didn’t know a lick about the game. It was brutal.

    Ol’ ‘Lil Ricky’s style doesn’t quite match up with the fans’ expectations: “oh jeez, slow the baaall down!” It was comical.

  10. Real Cracka

    Another sorely missed intangible from MKG. The light-hearted guy that loosens everybody up before a game. And unites a team at the same time.

  11. Big Cuz

    Cousins w a nasty little ankle sprain in tonight’s game…could be out a couple weeks…

  12. Dusten

    Jesus, is every girl in the Minnesota student section hot?

  13. Derp

    Drew, what does the Harrison twins draft status have anything to do with our title hopes? That logic doesn’t seem to be sound.

    1. I think...

      I think he’s meaning if his stock rises, it’s bc he’s playing better, which means we play better..he keeps playing how he’s playing now wout improvement, we have no title hopes

    2. RealCatsFan

      On the flip side, if he stays out of the first round, it might mean good things for our title hopes NEXT year.

    3. twocoach

      It is obvious that the Harrison twins aren’t ready maturity wise to be in the NBA. Playing better doesn’t mask that. The NBA drafts on potential, not present. Their NBA stock is down because of their terrible attuitudes and body language and the impact that has on teammates. No NBA team wants to bring that in.

      They can still play better and lead UK to elite levels and not improve their draft stock. I don’t see it happening but they could. UK isn’t going to be an elite team this year. Fans are just fooled by seeing them play against terrible teams. A&M looked like high school kids out there. EVERYONE should look like title contenders playing them.

  14. I think...

    Reckon I was late to the party on that one…

  15. UKBlue

    Drew a little young for this, but he forgot the best chant & dance before every game in 96: Tell Me Who’s in The House Tonight UK !!

    In the draft or not, the Twins have NO business even thinking about the draft. I would hate to imagine how much further behind they would have been if they had listened to their father & attended Maryland.

  16. Not Afraid

    I may be in the minority here, but I kinda liked the Jimmy Dykes shoulder cam.

    1. RealCatsFan

      I kept wanting to yell “Down in front!” at the TV.

  17. Syrin

    Wait a sec. You mean our players fell in the eyes of the NBA scouts which is in accordance with the link I posted that reviewed literally every single college player in the country based solely on raw data that demonstrated most of our players are over rated? I am stunned, because the douche bags that frequent these comments told me I was 100% wrong, and PG’s that can’t shoot, pass, defend, initiate a fast break, gave 70% effort, and shot 50% from the FT line were in high demand at the next level. Stunned, I am truly stunned.

    At least this team has given full effort for 95+% of the game three games in a row now. Hopefully they’ll become coach-able and they’re raw athletic ability will allow for rapid improvement.

    1. Mental Heavyweight

      You’re still a douche and no one likes you….

  18. USA?

    Anyone else see that Wall got snubbed from the USA team? Ridiculous

    1. twocoach

      Which PG would you take off the team and replace with Wall?
      Chris Paul? No
      Russell Westbrook? No
      Steph Curry? No
      Derrick Rose? No

      So how is this a snub?

  19. Kyle

    Why is it when I speak the truth on WCS my comments don’t get posted. This is a blog.

  20. wildcat5986

    Actually it was Arkansas who lost on Georgia’s home floor. Arkansas as most already know sucks on the road.

  21. TimPRP

    Who says Cuz isnt playing in the allstar game? Cuz, Davis and Wall will all make it. Do u know how the Allstar selection works?

  22. jbhuk15

    Georgia did not win at Arkansas, they beat Arkansas at home in overtime.

  23. I hope

    They post the Jimmy Dykes shoulder cam video five more times today. Because, ya know, we haven’t seen it on here already. Nor did we see it lignin TV during the game we all watched.

  24. markky

    6’5″ pg who has trouble guarding small, quick pg’s and shoots 30% (maybe less) from 3pt & 2pt……The twins gonna do what they want but unless we get to the final four (meaning tremendous play) I think they decide to come back for one more. I definitely think Aaron comes back.
    Dakari- no question, returns.

    1. twocoach

      The only UK player that should leave is Randle and even he has serious holes in his game.

  25. Serious question

    Suppose Cal wins one or two more titles and goes back to the NBA in the next 3-4 years. Suppose Lil’ Richard goes to a couple of Final Fours at Minnessota. If Sean Miller is happy at Arizona, and no other big names are interested, would we be okay with Mitch hiring Lil’ Richard? I don’t know how I would feel about that.

    1. The Loco Pollo

      Can’t see that even remotely being in the realm of possibility as long as Slick Rick is at UofL. And if Lil Ricky is having that kind of success, he’ll almost certainly take over for his dad when he retires.

  26. BigBlueBlitz

    I want to agree with the posters above who pointed out Georgia did not win at Arkansas, but they won that game at home. I believe that is the second time I have read that falsehood on this site, so thought I would support those pointing out this incorrect statement. Amazingly, Arkansas does not play every game at home.

  27. beavis606

    Those Minnesota girls destroy anything in the Erupption zone. I have yet to see a tv camera show a hottie in our student section. WTH?

    1. duh

      That is because our eRUPPtion zone is filled with complete tools. They bring nothing good to the crowd….ever.

  28. I Like Dykes

    I do not know the Harrison twins, but it seems like they are best friends. UK will be the last time they play on the same team. So, I would think they would be more likely to stay at UK, unless they would be top 10 picks.

    1. twocoach

      Never say never. The Morris twins are playing together again for the Phoenix Suns. NBA teams realize the power of chemistry.

  29. RealCatsFan

    Minnesota girls – masters of the “duck face”.

  30. Yup

    National Signing Day is Wednesday, February 5th, right?

  31. hell cat

    Do people still make that stupid duck face to be ironic now, or are they still really making it? That was old about 2 years ago or more.