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Craig Yeast Named Kentucky Wesleyan Head Football Coach

Craig Yeast is taking his football talents back to Kentucky.  The former UK wide receiver will be Kentucky Wesleyan’s next head coach.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to build an excellent football program at Kentucky Wesleyan and the fact that KWC is in my home state made this position more intriguing,” Yeast said.

“I love the Commonwealth of Kentucky so being handed the keys to the Panthers Football Program is not something I take lightly.  I am very blessed, honored, and extremely excited for this opportunity.  I am familiar with Owensboro, but I have not been here since 1994. Much has changed so my family and I are looking forward to exploring and becoming a part of the Owensboro community.”

The Danville native shined in Hal Mumme’s Air Raid offense.  With the help of Tim Couch, Yeast set the SEC record for career receptions.  He still holds all of UK’s major receiving records after finishing his career with 208 receptions, 2,899 receiving yards and 28 touchdowns.

After a few years in the NFL and CFL, Craig got into coaching.  He coached his son Russ in high school, then spent the last three years calling plays at Franklin College, just south of Indianapolis.  In 2018 Yeast’s offense led D-III football in total offense and passing offense.

Yeast certainly has the resume to build a winner in Owensboro.  Most importantly, Ryan Lemond approves.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

13 responses to “Craig Yeast Named Kentucky Wesleyan Head Football Coach”

  1. Ben27

    I wonder if his son will leave Louisville to join him? I still love Craig, but his son is a traitor to UK. I wish his son nothing but bad luck. Anyone with Kentucky ties that chooses Louisville is scum in my book. Craig should have taught him better.

    1. Bobbum Man

      Back off the ledge Ben… it’s gonna be okay. But seriously, ur wishing a KID badluck because he chose a different school lol, ur the kind of fan that gives us all a bad look

    2. Ben27

      I do not want physical harm on him, but he had many choices including UK and he choose UL. That in my book is a direct slap in the face to all UK fans and to his Dad that played here. If that is a bad look, then he earned it! I will stand by my statement.

    3. Wade

      That’s garbage talk bro.. get it together. Your hating on kids!

    4. JASUN74

      WTH! Ben he could /can do anything he wants to do with his life. What is wrong with you man? It’s a college choice for a kid!!! Maybe he didn’t want to have to Listen to a bunch of bumbazz fans comparing him to his dad. He has nothing to do with your life, and wishing anything but the best for any young person, shows what kind of person you are. A selfish piece of poop!! What about calling a kid scum. Man you are a big man aren’t you. Just wow!! You should be ashamed of yourself and need to get God in you life, or Buddha, or something. Take your damn pills kid and get off the internet. Your definitely not ready for the real world yet. lol. Grow up.

    5. IndianaSucks

      Ben27, clearly the true BBN doesn’t agree with your ignorant and childish way of thinking… go be a Tennessee fan.

    6. mdupchurch

      Isn’t Craig Yeast from Harrodsburg/Mercer County? Pretty sure I watched him growing up, playing for Harrodsburg HS – NOT Danville…right?

  2. Shively1978

    Shouldnt talk bad about any kid. Yes he could have went somewhere besides are rival. But if it dosent bother his dad shouldn’t bother us. We are fans we didn’t play there. Craig did so if he’s OK with it and it’s his kid then it’s not a problem. Congrats to Craig and everything he accomplished here years ago. Probably fastest guy I ever saw play here in my years of watching.

  3. zoupman

    Craig’s first move should be try and sign the QB of Males state championship team. That guy can flat play.

    1. JASUN74

      Could he play here? I would like to see them take a chance on him myself. What do you think?

  4. ukkatzfan

    Coach Yeast will own KWC. Great hire for them. Would have thought a Div 1 asst would have been a better job. Guessing he wants his own team from day one. Welcome to Owensboro Coach.

    1. JASUN74

      Good playtime get started. Heck or just great place to stay for that matter. Lol. A place like Owensboro would be a great place to grow Old and live out your years. Pretty good fishing in them part too. Hahahaha. How close to Ky lake are you?

    2. ukkatzfan

      Almost 2 hours. Closer to rough river for fishing. There are many things to do in this area. 3 hrs from Lex, 2 hours from Nashville. 45 min from Evansville and Bowling Green