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Country Club Thug’s Sunday Morning Links

Dedicated to the Country Club Thugs in Suburbs Worldwide, this masterpiece from Dublin, OH depicts the struggle of the middle-upper class in America’s Heartland. The timeless lyrics will captivate you….

“Tennis on my shoes, tennis in my heart, who said you could hang with me you stink like Roddick’s fart.”

“Sittin’ by the pool sippin’ on the Arnold Palmer, gettin’ kinda toasty better get that lip balmer.”

“Layin in my lawn chair feelin’ pretty tight, chillin’ with my golden girls just call me Betty White.”

– Sometimes nothing is better than scaring the hell out of your friends during the Halloween season. If you’re really good, you can scare the hell out of strangers and it’s totally acceptable, that’s what this guy did with his flying Grim Reaper. I gotta say I would’ve ran for the hills too.

– The best highlights to watch or college football highlights, check out yesterday’s craziest plays from around the country.

– Two nights ago the Pink Prom at the Grand Reserve was THE place to be in Lexington. A breast cancer awareness fundraiser, celebrities like Drew Franklin made the event a hit. The Herald-Leader was there to take pictures, did you make the cut?

– Kentucky isn’t the best state to go looking for die-hard baseball fans. While normally I could care less about a baseball game when college football is going on, last night’s World Series will go down in history for the way it ended: on an obstruction call. The Red Sox lost on a play in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs when 3rd basemen Will Middlebrooks tripped Allen Craig, before Craig was gunned down at home. The ump called obstruction immediately, giving the Cards a 2-1 advantage in the Series. If Kentucky had a major league baseball team in the World Series, they’d lose on a n obstruction call.

College football was glorious last night, especially in Colombia, Missouri. Down 17-0 entering the 4th quarter, Spurrier’s last chance was on the shoulders of injured Connon Shaw. Shaw played like a mad man, throwing for 201 yards and 3 TDs while forcing Overtime with 42 seconds left in regulation. The game looked to be in the Tigers’ hands, until Shaw’s TD pass on 4th and 15 (what would’ve been the last play of the game if they didn’t score). Needing a FG to extend the game to 3 OTs, Mizzou missed one off the left upright. The holder must’ve never watched Ace Ventura, “LACES OUT!”


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

8 responses to “Country Club Thug’s Sunday Morning Links”

  1. itzbadandy

    Horrible….. I expected more from the video

  2. Ben

    I am Cardinal baseball fan! It must be nice to knock someone down and then trip over them and get an obstruction call. The third baseman did obstruct, but he was pushed down by the base runner and then the base runner who knew he was there, did a great job of faking a trip and getting the obstruction call. This proves that there needs to be replay in MLB. I am happy the Cardinals won, I am just not happy with the way they did it. The World Series needs to be held to a higher standard than this! As a wildcat fan, this is the only Cardinal team that I root for.


    I did not see the play and am a BOSOX fan since I can recall, ~ 1972. The call fit the rulebook. I don’t know if the runner pushed Middlebrooks or not. I am still pi$$ed about the 1975 series and the crap interference call with Armbruster.

  4. Mike

    Stupid video, I can’t believe I wasted my time watching it.

  5. Who's on first

    Craig did not push Middlebrooks down. Middlebrooks was down due to diving for Saltalamacchia’s poor throw to third.

  6. Chef Cain

    Am I the only one that can’t get YouTube videos to work on ksr since the updated website?

  7. BlueRedNeck

    I actually got a good laugh from the video. Very clever – would love to come up with something like that. It would be extra effective if he used it at around dusk.

  8. Yep

    Kentucky isn’t a die hard baseball state? Dude, your knowledge of Kentucky must be limited to Lexington. The entire western half of Kentucky are die hard St. Louis Cardinals fans. It’s always been like that over here.