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Could a Terrence Clarke commitment turn away Jalen Green and Josh Christopher?

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Could a Terrence Clarke commitment to Kentucky and reclassification hurt UK’s chances with their two top guard targets in the class of 2020?

Recruiting insider Evan Daniels certainly seems to think so.

In his weekly mailbag post published today, the Director of Recruiting at 247Sports said that if Clarke commits to Kentucky and reclassifies to 2020, as expected, it would “effectively end the Wildcats recruitments of Josh Christopher and Jalen Green.”

In fact, Daniels said that a commitment from Clarke on September 14 could force Green to cancel his official visit to Lexington scheduled for October 16-19.

“If Terrence Clarke lands at Kentucky, and I think they are the leader, and if he reclassifies, which is likely, then I think it would effectively end the Wildcats recruitments of Josh Christopher and Jalen Green,” he said. “I know Green just scheduled an official visit date to Kentucky, but my guess is that would be canceled and the parties would go their separate ways. If Kentucky adds Clarke in 2020 that would give them three perimeter prospects in the class already.”

Bad news, right? Well, not exactly.

Daniels also believes that Cade Cunningham’s recruitment is more open than people believe and that Kentucky could end up landing the nation’s No. 2 prospect instead.

“If the Wildcats are going to add another to this group, I think the preference is Cade Cunningham,” he said. “Despite his brother being an assistant coach at Oklahoma State, Cunningham has been telling schools behind the scenes that he’s very much considering them.”


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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20 responses to “Could a Terrence Clarke commitment turn away Jalen Green and Josh Christopher?”

  1. UKLugo

    Clarke>Green and Christopher.

    1. UKBaker24

      Yup.. especially if it’s
      Clarke and Cunningham>Green and Christopher
      As far as straight up I’m taking Clarke over Green all day

    2. IrishCat

      All day.

    3. Cletis75

      I really want green and Christopher, but they have had their opportunity to commit! You can’t turn down a top 5 player for guys that haven’t made up their minds! I don’t think they would be afraid of the competition to take their rightful place in the lineup. If anyone is afraid of competing against the best, then they aren’t Cat material anyway.

    4. Carcrook

      Amen, brother!

  2. bigcat68

    Who cares? Take the kid if he wants to be here!

    1. UKFanSC

      Bingo…..At this stage, Kentucky’s coach, Kentucky’s brand and Kentucky’s program should attract a certain caliber of player. If they are not interested in coming here for whatever reason, so be it. Every year regardless of circumstance we are able to secure a top three recruiting class. That will be good enough to compete.


    @UKLugo I swear! Get Clarke and Todd is Cal #1 priority I can tell you that! I like Green and Christopher, but when you talk future superstar that we’ve missed on since Duke run, Clarke and Todd gives us 2 and catapults next yrs class to be the best ever if we lock up 2-3 more players (2 bigs, 1 wing). And folks is saying Clarke is a 2. He’s a PG in our system. My prediction: Boston/Fletcher/Clarke/Todd/Brown/Ware/Omouri. All depends if Nick leaves though on Omouri or however you spell it. Would like Maker instead for our system of 4 out 1 in DDO, but I think he wants to go oversees. Same with Green. I think he wants to go oversees

  4. Megan

    Doesn’t it seem irresponsible for Evan Daniels to make such comments? It’s almost like he’s putting the idea in their heads that Christopher and Green will drop Kentucky if Clarke commits. Is that what Christopher and Green are saying, or is that just Daniels speculating? Daniels doesn’t tell us.

    1. UKFanSC

      I thought the same thing, but when you consider that he earns his living with these proclamations it makes it understandable, if not particularly appropriate.

  5. Headhurts

    We need a top 5 big for 2020, let’s go coach Payne go get us a superstar big.

  6. StuckinLville

    I would take Clarke and Cunningham over those two.

    1. mashman 93


  7. mashman 93

    I want to believe Cade but as the saying goes blood is thicker than water. Clarke is a stud and I want this kid wearing blue and white. GO CATS!!!

  8. KYfaninTN

    I pray we do not mess this up and end up with none of them.

    1. mashman 93

      That has crossed my mind as well

    2. FlatTopsAndBlockedShots

      It happened to UK last year with big men.

  9. season-3-disc-2

    I agree with what someone said above, all are great players but you take whoever wants to be here right now. So you don’t end up missing out on all of them. Clarke is the best of the bunch, I have said it in previous comments on other post it’s just a fact. I personally don’t care much for green’s game. It’s a ton of athleticism and few intangible assets. Christopher is a bulldog, which I love but Clarke’s game is so beautifully smooth. I will say this though, I just truly feel like there is too much Penny talk going around in recruiting right now. Don’t be surprised if a lot of the stuff it’s coming from the Memphis coaching staff.

  10. ColoradoCatFan88

    Gimme Clarke over Green and/or Christopher all day. Kid is special

  11. BMT

    I still don’t believe that Cunningham ends up anywhere other than OK State (despite what he says) but I’d gladly admit that I was wrong if it happens!