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Cough Damien Harris Cough Cough

damien d1harris in silver helmet

It’s only been a day since the 2014 recruiting season came to an end, but Mark Stoops already has his eye on 2015.  When asked yesterday what the Cats need out of the 2015 class, he responded, “Good football players.  It will be a lot the same, I think.  We could always use a home run running back.  Know where I can find one?”

Coach knows exactly where he can find one: 30 minutes down the road in Berea is the #1 Running Back in the nation, Damien Harris.  Harris recently decommitted from Michigan, his favorite team growing up.  While the chances still seem to be a long-shot, Harris ended National Signing Day by Tweeting this:


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

56 responses to “Cough Damien Harris Cough Cough

  1. Big Dave

    Come on down?

  2. DH

    The fact that players of this caliber are even mentioning UK is great. But we are actually signing some of these guys. Sounds pomising to me

  3. JHK

    Whether we get him or not, we’ll see. But we should not back down anyway. Full court press on this kid. Let’s go.

  4. Brad

    Joker would not even have recurited him.

  5. C_Cov

    One of my neighbors kids is good friends with Damian and is on the football team. He says hes not even slightly considering UK its Ohio state or Michigan.

    1. Aol

      Don’t pee is my Cheerios

    2. Jason

      While it’s likely that today he may not be considering UK at all, at this point last year, I can likely say that much of our current class (2014) wasn’t considering UK, either. Barker looked like he was going to South Carolina. Boom was committed to Georgia. A lot can happen in 365 days.

      Damien Harris probably isn’t that high on UK today. But if this team can pull in a top-25 class coming off of a 2-10 season (back to back, 2-10 season to be exact), I’d love to see what they can do coming off of a 4 or 5 win season. I have no doubt that Stoops can make headway with him, he’s proven that much when he took Barker and Elam away from perennial SEC top rivals. We’ll see how much headway he can truly make.

    3. Joe

      He says hes not even slightly considering UK its Ohio state or Michigan.

      So that’s why he Decommitted from Michigan…..

      On of MY neighbor’s cousins children is friends with Damien’s mother’s hairdresser and he told me, Damien is seriously considering UK.

      Sorry for the snark….but really, no one, quite possibly not even Damien knows where’s he’s going.

    4. BillDozer

      That has been the word for awhile but he has visited and is open more to KY each day. If he comes to juniror day next week then it’ll really help.

      At the end of the day we’ll need some on the field improvement to pick him up and show that its worth coming here.

    5. C_Cov

      Okay guys, Believe what ya want. Hes not even looking at us. Ive known the kid that told me this his whole life.

    6. brad

      I’ve heard the same thing, expect the school was Auburn. That tells me it’s not really a sure thing either way. A long time until next year.

    7. Plainclothes Man

      C_Cov, with all dude respect, you really don’t know. I overheard Joe Manley, at lunch, bet a kid any amount of money that he’d commit to UK. He ended up at Louisville. The entirety of John Hardin’s student body was sure he was headed to Bama. He came to Kentucky. Truth is you don’t know, and probably won’t know, until the rest of us do.

    8. shelly

      I’ve known the kids for over 30 years. He says he doesn’t know what you are talking about c cov.

  6. gokycats33

    Go get him coach! Keep the top in state kids at home!

  7. Ron B.

    I’m not even mad that’s amazing!

  8. raccoon

    Never going to happen, but we just nabbed a Saban guy and that was never going to happen either.

    Need to win a few games this year. I’d be ok with 4-8/5-7, but we should be thinking 6-6 and some crappy bowl game. Can’t have another 2 or 3-win season. Beat Louisville, beat Mississippi State, and beat Vandy.

  9. John

    Elam or Barker weren’t even considering UK either around this time last year but you see what one year of recruiting can do.

  10. John

    I think he could do bigger things in the SEC rather than the Big 10. Playing the Florida, LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn, and Missouri week in and week out gives you no choice but to get better. Michigan, Michigan St., Wisconsin, and Ohio State are really the only teams that were any good at all last year that I can think of in the Big 10. I wouldn’t put Nebraska in that category because they struggled. And plus this kid could be the hero in the state. He would get so much love from the BBN.

  11. chris

    I watched his father play at Eastern Kentucky University and I say to the young man, “Why Not? Hell Yes!”

    1. Red Headed Stepchild

      is this Elroy’s son? If so, if he is half the player hi dad was, all I can say is WOW!!!

      The Seahawk’s screwed Elroy by the way.

    2. Dave in Marshall islands

      I am with you, why not !!!!!!!

  12. Problem

    There is an extra problem recruiting this kid. Air Raid. Why would the #1 RB want to play in an air raid offense?

    1. Seriously?

      Dude, do you not know that if you dont have a good running game you will never open up the passing game?

    2. James

      Gotta be able to run the ball in the SEC. Haven’t you noticed the stable of running backs this team has? Get a clue.

    3. JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy

      The air raid would completely destroy everything with a world class back like Harris.

    4. AnthonyBBN

      Shows you don’t know what the air raid offense is. It isn’t just bomb the ball down the field 100%.

    5. Get real cats fan

      ^well it obviously wasn’t bomb it down the field last season!

    6. Dave in Marshall islands

      My God have you ever heard of Marcus Allen. Great running back and receiver out of the backfield.

      Here is a Mike Leach article on how important the running back is in the air raid.

      SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) – Washington State coach Mike Leach disputes the notion that running backs are underutilized in his Air Raid offense.

      Washington State may run the ball less than half as much as the Cougars’ opponents, but the running backs catch a lot of passes.

  13. James

    This is the type of thing that good recruiting classes can get you. Players that normally wouldn’t look at UK are now taking notice.

    That’s great and all, but coach Stoops and the staff need to start winning to really get the ball rolling. Gotta have more than 2 or 3 wins this season or we could see some negative attention.

  14. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Oh gosh, he sent that tweet cuz he knew this would start another year’s worth of an Elam type watch. 🙁

    However, that being said, COME BE A HERO DAMIEN!!!

    1. Jason

      I would absolutely love if we could get another full year of Elam type hype on a recruit. Means we’re coming up in the world.

  15. explorer

    Chris – what was his Dad’s name and what years did he play?

  16. Jason

    I’ve watched some of his videos online.

    Why is he #1?

    I clearly can’t identify great when I see it, but honestly he looks fast against slow players and has great measurements, but nothing I saw made me say wow! like I expected he would.

    Anyone info would be great, thanks.

  17. timer

    Go get ’em Coach Stoops!

  18. Chris

    Explorer — Elroy Harris. played for the seahawks in 1989, All century team at EKU, hope this helps.

    1. Red Headed Stepchild

      Can he do the back flip like his dad used to? His father was the real deal.

  19. catlogic15

    Would love to have him but don’t we have like a thousand running backs already?

  20. explorer

    Yes, I remember him. Was 1981 or so. He was definitely the real deal. I remember watching him and he was so much better than everyone else on the field. It was amazing watching a running back just totally dominate a game.

  21. Laker Cat 18

    I saw him play multiple times this year. He’d have runs for 1, 4, 2, & -4 yards and then bust a 60 yard touchdown. He’d finish games with 220 yards on 35-40 carries based off those 3 or 4 big runs he’d break loose. Harris touches the ball at MadSouth 90% of the time and that’s no exaggeration. Toss left, toss right, counter, screen and then repeat. It wouldn’t surprise me if he left Madison Southern this year to win a chip, because it’s not going to happen for him there. He’s a very good back, but I’m not sure he’s #1 in the nation.

    1. Michael

      “He’d finish games with 220 yards on 35-40 carries”

      This is not a true statement. Look at his game stats. He rarely touched the ball anywhere near that many times.

  22. Rub A Dub Dub

    For you UK Football Fans:

    2015 Football Recruiting Board



    ****Jarrett Stidham – Favors Oregon, Baylor. But from Kentucky. Mainord has known of him for a long time.

    Running Back

    *****Damien Harris – Five-star, recently decommitted from Michigan. Will visit soon. Likes UM, OSU, UK, Tennessee, etc.

    ****RayRay McCloud – Rivals100 from Florida, plans to visit UK multiple times.

    ****Darrin Hall – Rivals250 from Youngstown that’s very high on UK.

    ****Larry Scott – Rivals100 from Ohio that UK loves.

    Wide Receiver

    ****Alex Ofodile – Dad has ties to Marrow. But dad played at Missouri. Big offers (OU, FSU have come in).

    ***Deondre Farrier – USF commit that will give Kentucky a very hard look.

    ***Reggie Rogers – Definitely one to watch in Ohio. Kentucky is probably best offer so far.

    ***Auden Tate – Good early offer list, will look at UK and UL.

    ***Sam Franklin – Kentucky was first to offer. Will wait to see who else comes in.

    Tight End

    ****C.J. Conrad – Ohio tight end favors Indiana and Kentucky. Four-star, No. 5 in nation (tight ends). Will visit soon.

    ***Jackson Harris – Ties to Kentucky, now in Tennessee. Has visited, will return. Big interest in UK. Great underclassmen combine performances. Great offer list.

    Offensive Tackle

    ****George Brown – Rivals250 OL. Cousin of Mike Edwards. Very familiar with UK. Huge offer sheet.

    ****Rob Dowdy – Marrow recruiting, someone UK likes a lot.

    ***Brendan Loftus – Growing early offer sheet. Florida kid with UK offer.

    ***Tyree St. Louis – Will visit UK. Getting lots of big interest.

    Nathan Gilliam – Tennessee kid, UK was first to offer.

    Mason Wolfe – UK first to offer. One of Cats’ top in-state targets.

    Offensive Guard

    ****Matthew Jones – WVU commit but UK likes him.

    ****George Asafo-Adjei – Former teammate of Mikel Horton. Favors UK. Has visited twice.

    ***Darryl Williams – Alabama kid with offers from UK and Miss St.


    ****Luke Hiers – Rivals250, favors Kentucky. Teammate of commit Marcus Walker.

    ***James Daniels – No. 3 center nationally, likes UK. From Ohio.

    Defensive End

    ****Darius Fullwood – Four-star DE with UK near the top of his list, from Maryland. Will visit soon.

    Defensive Tackle

    ****CeCe Jefferson – Rivals100 DE, will consider UK.

    ***Ben Cooper – Teammate of Nick Richardson.

    Inside Linebacker

    ****Justin Hilliard – Rivals100, top ILB in nation. Wants to visit. Brother at Iowa.

    ****Nick Conner – Rivals250 from Ohio, sees great fit at UK. Cats probably lead of those that have offered.

    ***David Long – From Winton Woods, likes UK a lot. Plans to visit soon.

    ***C.J. Stalker – Has visited UK five or six times already, probably favors UK.

    Outside Linebacker

    ****Eli Brown – Rivals100 in-state kid. Decommitted from Vandy. Will visit UK for junior day.

    ****Richard McBryde – Good athlete from Alabama, UK may lead of current offers.

    ***Anthony McKee – Good player from Ohio, will look at UK.

    ***Matthew Draper – Glenville kid, UK in the mix.

    Tevon Coney – From Florida, big-time athlete.

    Austin Smith – Georgia kid, UK in the mix early, one of his first offers.

    Roquan Smith – Big-time LB from Georgia.


    ****Ugo Amadi – Rivals250 corner, has visited UK a couple of times.

    ****Ronnie Harrison – Committed to UNC, considering UK.

    ***Kei Beckham – Ohio kid, talented athlete. Favors Kentucky.

    ***Carlton Davis – Florida guy, UK one of his better offers early.


    ****Tyree Kinnel – Committed to Michigan, still considering UK. Rivals250 guy.

    Marcus Walker – Committed to UK.

    Jamarkus Sims – From Alabama, big safety prospect with UK offer.


    Montrell Custis – Committed to UK.

    ****David Dowell – Big-time Ohio kid that likes Cats.

    ****Ryan Davis – Florida guy, favors Florida State but giving UK a strong look.

    ***Trevon Story – Glenville guy, likes UK and Ohio State. Cats have offered.

    ***Vincent Perry – Hillsboro (Tenn.) kid, fantastic athlete, great baseball player.

    1. Spoiled Stuff

      WTF??? Where are all of our 5 star recruits?

    2. Dave in Marshall islands

      Great information, Thanks. Hope you post more in the future, with more recruiting updates.

  23. bluecat

    All the arrows are pointing towards this great player becoming a wildcat!, the vibes are telling me that he will sign at Kentucky, and be a part of the greatness that the Mark Stoops era is bringing to UK!
    GO BIG BLUE, decommiting from Michigan and then asking “why not, UK?”, speaks volumes, UK
    already has gotten into his head, he’s coming to Kentucky!

  24. UKfanNKY

    Damien be a hero and a part of KY FOOTBALL HISTOY the BBN would welcome you with open arms!!!

    GO CATS!!!

  25. tyrus

    Smells like blogging hype. 40-0!

  26. Blue To The Bone..

    Look what the kid texted yesterday folks…As the old saying goes…”It ain’t over till it’s over”…Neil Brown and his offense will have a lot to do with it this year…If the offense again averages a putrid seventeen points we probably don’t have a shot, but if we are in the 30ish range and win some ball games then …WHY NOT?…This team is going to have some excellent running backs and if a qb emerges and the OL is solid…WHY NOT?…This is the SEC folks and there is NO better place for him to showcase his talents…WHY NOT?

  27. Delk for 3

    I can almost guarantee you that Kentucky will be given a good long look by this young man. Stoops, Eliot, Marrow, Brown, etc. are obviously a very enticing group of coaches to consider playing for. There is something about them that appeals to these young men. That something is going to give Kentucky a real chance with this kid. I think if we show Damien that we are getting better by having a decent and competitive season next year, he may actually end up in Kentucky blue.

    Also, I don’t buy the “my neighbor’s child is his friend” stuff. That doesn’t mean you know much at all. I was extremely good friends with a high-level football recruit in high school, but I didn’t always know the current situation with his recruitment. Just because Damien may have said something three months ago in casual conversation, doesn’t mean that he didn’t talk to Stoops last night and is liking what he’s hearing.

  28. LouisvilleFans

    Welp, looks like another big time instate recruit that isn’t considering us… Time to head on over to KSR & bash UK fans & try to bring them down since we have no shot at him. :'(

  29. Bald Guy

    You have to include UK in your list to become the Mr. Kentucky Football… With that said, there is no way the recent class and this staff hasn’t given him a reason to be interested. I am at the point where I would not bet against Stoops & Co. – haters gonna hate

  30. Pee wee coach

    Look I coached this kid in pee wee ball and see him regularly, he has never talked about going to UK. But now I’m getting a vibe that UK might be getting closer then some think. I think ohio st is leader for him, then UK, then UT. Michigan is out.

  31. catlunatic

    the kids from here hes got blue blood and the tweet proves it. plus he can play in his own back yard

  32. Dr Suess

    To follow up on this year’s great recruiting class I think we will have to show marked improvement on the field in order to get a similar class or better next year. It will prove more difficult to get another great class if we only win 2-3 games again. If kids see us win 5-6 next year it will be easier to buy in to our recruiting pitch.

  33. Robby

    His father is William Murrell, who played for EKU in the mid 90’s. He will be at UK’s junior day that features the UK-Fla game. It was discussed on his twitter a couple weeks ago.

  34. Dave in Marshall islands

    Being a versatile back, by running and catching the ball out of the backfield, will only make him more attractive to the scouts in the NFL. Also his career in the NFL would be prolonged by not being pounded, running the ball up the middle all day long. So Kentucky would be a great option for him.

    All I got to say to him is, WHY NOT!!! Help us win an SEC championship Damien.

  35. football school

    Come on down, young man! Be a hero!