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Corrupt U: Report finds Jurich and Pitino make all of the money at Louisville

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In today’s corruption at Louisville news, the Courier-Journal uncovered a pretty insane truth regarding how Tom Jurich’s income compares to other parts of the university.

According to the C-J’s story, Jurich is paid more than UofL’s entire History department. And its Mathematics department. And its English department. And its Biology department.

Jurich brings in more than all four!

Although the annuity was earned over several years and will be paid out in $200,000 installments, his listed income last year was more than the university budgeted for its departments of Biology ($3.3 million), English ($4 million), History ($2.4 million) or Mathematics ($3.5 million). [C-J]

And he is paid double what the second highest-paid AD in the country makes!

Jurich’s compensation was more than twice the $1.98 million paid to the next best-paid AD, Ohio State’s Gene Smith, according to a Courier-Journal survey. The only athletic director who has come close was Vanderbilt’s David Williams, who earned $3.2 million in 2010, but he also was the university’s general counsel and vice chancellor at the time, as well as a tenured law professor. [C-J]

Then there is the story of Rick Pitino’s cut from the university’s current deal with adidas. Again from the C-J, Pitino raked in 98 percent of the cash from the deal. NINETY EIGHT PERCENT!!!!

In fact, under [the University of Louisville’s] current deal with Adidas, which expires July 1, 98 percent of the cash provided by Adidas goes to one person: Rick Pitino, the now-suspended head coach.

In 2015-16, for example, $1.5 million went to Pitino under his personal services agreement with the apparel company while just $25,000 went to the program, according to a contract obtained by the Courier-Journal under the state public records act.

The year before, Pitino also got $1.5 million, while the department banked just $10,000. [C-J]

That’s not a deal with Louisville; that’s a deal with Rick Pitino.

May I remind you, Jurich tried to make everyone, namely the taxpayers, believe the athletic department is struggling financially. Maybe so if he and Rick are taking everything home with them, which they were. What they did was robbery, and they left the university high and dry with no profit.

This corruption and greed over there is mind-boggling, as is the continued support of Jurich.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

28 responses to “Corrupt U: Report finds Jurich and Pitino make all of the money at Louisville”

  1. RealCatsFan

    This is just a small microcosm of what is going on across the country. More often than not, those in power have no conscience about grabbing up every last dollar that they can possibly get their hands on. From politicians, to professional athletes, to entertainers, and lastly to CEO’s and high ranking officials at most large companies, everyone is out to get theirs. Which leaves most of the regular middle class folks struggling. Kind of sad.

    1. cjruk1

      Yet people keep voting Republican…….

    2. TBW3011

      Dumbest comment of the day. And that’s saying a lot. Plenty of corruption on all sides of anything.

    3. PillsburyThrowboy


      If you think Republicans are the only politicians “grabbing up every last dollar,” then you are delusional.

    4. j4stone

      cjruk, I agree with TBW, that is the dumbest, most ilinformed, most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in a very long time

    5. catsarerunnin

      Obviously you haven’t read comments by Slater and Luether.

  2. IAmTheDanger

    If UL is even CONSIDERING bringing juRICH back, they obviously have no true motivation in cleaning up the most corrupt image in college athletics. Perception is reality and the jurich perception of those on the outside looking in is CORRUPTION.

    1. foamfinger

      I can’t imagine anyone could justify it anymore. Athletics could be profitable if $12 mill a year didn’t go to two people. Students would protest like crazy that they are getting nickled and dimes to make those two rich.

    2. IAmTheDanger

      If I was the parent of a student at UL (I just threw up a little as I typed that) and found out that my hard earned money that I had scrimped and saved for my childs college education was going for golf memberships and bar tabs……God help them is all i can say.

  3. Poppschmidty

    For comparison I’d like to see how UK stacks up against this report.

    1. secrick

      UK is not u-6 . Thank God for that.

    2. UKBlue1982

      Pretty well. “University of Kentucky athletics, for example, spun off $6.7 million that went to scholarships and debt service on UK’s new Jacobs Science Center”

    3. Poppschmidty

      I just saw a link the Herald Leader shared…UK pales in comparison, but I understand that Nike doesn’t need the exposure like Adidas does; which makes sense. OH well, Go Cats!

    4. RealCatsFan

      To answer your question directly from the article:

      “If not for $7 million per year in subsidies from the university, the program would have finished in the red the past two years.”

      “The data shows that 50 of 230 athletic programs – but not U of L – transferred money back to the university in both years. University of Kentucky athletics, for example, spun off $6.7 million that went to scholarships and debt service on UK’s new Jacobs Science Center.”

      I know UKBlue basically cited the same sentence above, but it stands in stark contrast when compared to what happened at UofL.

    5. J-Dub421

      It’s especially eye popping when you consider how much U of L has bragged the last several years about being the “richest program” in college athletics.

  4. RealCatsFan

    And yet the state voted against helping UK with a renovation of Rupp Arena a few years ago, while UofL got a sweetheart deal to build the YUM Center. Yep, makes perfect sense.

    1. TBW3011

      That was the Lexington mayor’s fault for trying to attach another project he wanted onto the Rupp wagon. Totally agree with the Yum part.

  5. BlueGrass

    I think this article makes it clear the media protection for UL in Louisville is OVER…

  6. Bluebloodtoo

    Run for senate or HOR.. where else in the world do you get to vote in your own pay raise? People with ethics would have a problem with that kind of power. Also, You can spend 50 years there and make so many connections with other people (lobbyists) that you can run the whole country regardless of who the president is….

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yep, our Republican senator and speaker of the house is well versed in this scam. Remember when he helped to defeat campaign finance reform because it might violate his right to free speech?

    2. Peas and Carrots

      Mitch McConnel is a flaccid rooster.

    3. catsarerunnin

      Yeah bring back Harry Reid!!! He only lied 99% of the time!!!

  7. Rixter

    Many in the community, like Captain Suntan, still support Jurich! why????

    Stockholm Syndrome??

  8. Bluebloodtoo

    Hmm… C’mon guys. You know Ricky didn’t get to keep that money…it was for the players.

    1. catsarerunnin

      And strippers.

  9. kfwa

    To be fair, UK receives pretty good jack from the SEC network. Take that out of the equation and see how UK compares.

    1. Eazy

      True, but even before that UK was giving back to the school and never took student subsidies. They were about even in revenue with UL 5 years ago. Now we are ahead by 30 million and the gap is widening.

    2. Eazy

      And UL was never even close to UK until the YUM center opened. It’s hilarious because they brag about revenue. Such an ignorant fan base.