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Article written by Nick Roush

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25 responses to “Consider Will Wade Out for the NCAA Tournament, but Javonte Smart could Return”

  1. Catcasey1

    The kid is just as guilty as the coach. No way should he play

    1. bigbluebanana

      You’re 110% right and I totally agree with you. But as lots of others have stated here, there’s no incentive not to let him play. In today’s ncaa, LSU needs only to deny, deny, deny. I hate to say it, I just don’t see anything coming from this entire fallout other than Wade losing his job. Even that I’m skeptical on because there’s a big name and program over in Lawrence that would have to go down too if the ncaa takes LSU down, andcwe all know that ain’t happening.

    2. mashburnfan1

      Sad thing is LSU is going to end up losing this seasons wins anyways. So they will let the kid play and go as far as they can. The cheater {kid and family} will still get to enjoy all the events and games. NCAA will take it away like that matters, they still got to do all the things. Just like U6 title being so called vacated. No it’s not, they went, they played, they enjoyed the meals and events. All that is gone is the block of wood that none of them care about anyways. NCAA is just the National Cash Acceptance Agency as all they care about is the cash they rake in.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Unless your dUKe, Banana. They wouldn’t dare investigate K for anything no matter how serious the offense as history has shown. It seems that the state of North Carolina has as RCF called it, diplomatic immunity. I used to think it was an ACC thing, but they punished UofLittleBro and Syracuse.

    4. Ridge Runner

      It’s strange that all of us posting here and many others who haven’t.. agree this is both preposterous and won’t change.

    5. makeitstop

      I’m w Mash on this – they “vacate” the games but they all get the perks and worse deny a bunch of kids that didn’t cheat. And yes, UNC’s violation over decades was just as bad, and just as outrageous and if the FBI was interested back then was just as much a violation of federal law (public funds provided with no performance by the university), so I agree, the NCAA is the worst kind of creature: greedy, hypocritical, bureaucrats.

  2. cking

    No way in hell this kid should play…
    This notion of play until Caught is BS.

  3. bluemark

    So, Javonte Smart and/or his family were negotiating a “strong-ass offer” from LSU but gets to play, while Enes Kanter was deemed permanently ineligible after accidentally being reimbursed for some expenses in Turkey and paying them back. And that Bowen kid from Louisville is going to get to play again, right? Or already is?

    1. 4everUKblue

      Enes would’ve played almost anywhere but Kentucky and definitely if it had been dUKe.

  4. clarks

    Bowen played professionally in Australia but did withdraw from the draft last year

  5. Bluebloodtoo

    I haven’t seen any facts that suggest Smart knew about the money. Admittedly, i haven’t seen many facts at all. Makes it hard to believe that anyone on this site knows what actually happened.

    1. timbo

      Oh? So the operating theory is that he randomly picked LSU or that the benefactor somehow made a huge life decision for an unwilling and unknowing young man? I get what you’re saying, but circumstantial evidence is MORE than enough here. If he wanted to attend LSU, why the need for “a strong *** offer”? If he did not know , and we just equally way every D1 college in the country, what is the probability he ends up at the one that made “a strong *** offer”? Heck, weight the top 25 programs equally and what are the odds?

    2. makeitstop

      He does not have to know. He benefited if his family received cash (or other remuneratiion) whether he was aware or not.

  6. clarks

    So we all think that smart got paid but the others didnt. They gonna be playing ineligible players either way so he might as well suit up. It’s all gonna be vacated either way

  7. KYjellyRoll

    If it’s against policy to accept or even talk about money with a recruit. Then the recruit and all others involved should be done! Horseshit!

  8. Shlomo

    If this was on tobacco road it wouldn’t be an issue

  9. clarks

    Doesnt matter whether he knew or not. If he or his handlers was compensated makes him guilty in eyes of ncaa. They closed that loophole after the cam newton mess. They also closed the plausible deniability for coaches if they dont know what assistants did because they are in charge making them responsible for what is done under their leadership

  10. clarks

    Supposedly they is wiretap between Kansas assistant and zions dad about what it would take to get him to kansas

  11. clarks

    If that comes up in court ncaa will have to give everyone a mulligan so they wont have to investigate they darling duke. They already got a mulligan on lance Thomas but since ncaa couldn’t force him to interview,they had no proof so didnt happen lol

  12. thatCat

    Roush…be better

  13. michaelb

    I hope this situation don’t spur them to play out of their minds and knock every team in the dirt all the way to a title . Surely not ha

  14. J. Did

    Let him coach; let Smart play. See how far they get. He has coached and Smart has played all season.

    If it is what it is, they can revoke it later.

    Meanwhile, other teams get screwed along the way.

    Like when uavel won; but Michigan didn’t.

    Or – like when unc won a few. After cheating for 20 plus years – yet, they retained, intact, their seasons and ‘ships.

    And, dook?


  15. Rixter

    ok, Smart is the kid Wade happened to be talking about on the wire tap. Are we to believe Wade came by the rest of his roster honestly, he just decided to give the one player money?
    Yeah, might want to investigate the recruitment of all players

  16. JMFATZ47

    Persuasive about what? Use an accent and say it isn’t his voice on the wire taps?

  17. CahillsCrossingNT

    Interesting that they are guaranteed to play one of the teams that beat them this year (Arkansas and Florida).