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Comedian Jim Gaffigan pokes fun at horse racing, says he doesn’t care about Triple Crown

Justify trains at Churchill Downs prior to the Kentucky Derby. Photo courtesy of Earl James Photography.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is famous for jokes about Hot Pockets and Elton John, but his comments today on CBS News Sunday Morning about the horse racing industry have caused quite a stir.

He simplified the sport as a “prom for gamblers” who “dress like characters from Gone With The Wind.” Gaffigan later added the horses always sound like they were named by rich men on their eighth wife such as “Viagra’s Revenge” and “Alimony Be Damned.”

He then teased Kentuckians (with an atrocious southern accent, mind you) about gambling addictions and Mint Juleps.

“You like my hat? I’m living in my sister’s garage because I have a debilitated gambling addiction. Enjoy your Mint Julep, y’all,” said Gaffigan.

Here is the comedian’s complete skit:

Knee-slappers, right there. Honestly, this kind of comedy makes me wonder how in the world TV Land could cancel his show after just two seasons on the air.

At least he has short segments on CBS morning shows to make headlines, now.

Needless to say, the horseracing community is not too happy about the comments.

American Pharoah’s owner Ahmed Zayat has been on a tear on Twitter, going after CBS, host Jane Pauley, and Gaffigan for the “outrageous” and “tainted opinion.”

Those in the local media aren’t too pleased, either.

Good job, good effort, Jim.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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28 responses to “Comedian Jim Gaffigan pokes fun at horse racing, says he doesn’t care about Triple Crown”

  1. TorpedoVegas

    You seem upset.

  2. JTHinton

    For the most part, he’s not wrong

    1. mm40

      I was going to say the same thing, he’s not wrong.

    2. foamfinger

      Yep. Prom for gamblers is on the money and the disability bit is probably accurate. There are those who legitimately are on disability and there are those who find ways to get on their and blow all their money. Also, there are those who could get off disability by making lifestyle changes who would rather not.

  3. Chagan02

    Hmmm, shoe is on the other foot.

  4. Chagan02

    Oh the outrage! How dare a comedian say such demeaning things…………..

  5. JoeMoney333

    It’s funny bc it’s true. It’s funnier because people are offended.

  6. Cokely53

    It would be funny if his jokes were funny. Guy is washed up, perfect example is he does that show and he did kfc commercials. Take gambling out of sports in general and you lose a lot of the fan base.

  7. bigfatstoopidE

    it’s too bad for him he didn’t wait two weeks, after everyone has gone back to not pretending they give a s**t about horse racing.

    1. bigbluebanana

      You just perfectly nailed it! Well played.

    2. Han

      Same thing with the Olympics. Week after they’re over and none of us give a crap about any of the athletes or sports.

  8. ronnie78

    I don’t think it’s that bad and isn’t worth freaking out over. A 3 minute bit by a comedian isn’t going to have an effect on the horseracing industry. Calm down and move on with life.

  9. JohnWoo

    It wasn’t an “opinion-piece given by a comedian”, it was a “Comedy Piece” given by a comedian. I wonder, when Gaffigan goofs on Hot-Dogs, does the wiener-industry get offended?

  10. michaelb

    Yea lol, getting bent out of shape so easily says something about ones character. If someone at that age hasn’t learned how the world works in regards to comedic manner They don’t need a voice – they need more ears. Fire that chump. I would –

  11. bigbluebanana

    Does comedy really need to be explained? I don’t find him very funny, but why in the world is anyone upset about this?

  12. NewPoster

    Relax jack, he’s joking. And how can KSR put up a post being offended by someone making fun of horse racing? The site isn’t even focused on horse racing. And KSR constantly makes fun of Louisville, athletes, celebrities, politicians, restaurants, nerds (which is why I love KSR, btw). Pot definitely calling the kettle black here. Toughen up jack

    1. SuperTroy18

      True. I remember Matt, specifically saying Soccer would never be a legitimate sport in this country, and he was very opinionated as to why. No one got all upset about it. Just an opinion. I love Kentucky. Horse-racing is pretty barbaric. Beating an animal to see how fast it can go so that it can outrun other members of its species. In a hundred years it probably won’t even exist. Same with football. I played football, but it’s a dying sport. Anyway, he’s a comedian. He gets paid to make fun of stuff. I have never found his stuff funny, but…to each their own.

  13. dgtuk

    I didn’t think his bit was all that funny but to be outraged about it is indeed laughable. People have zero tolerance anymore. 🙂

  14. Cousins Fake Tooth

    Lived in Ky my entire life. Couldn’t care less about horse racing.

    1. kcochran

      Me either. Seems like most everyone I know in Western Kentucky couldn’t care less either.

  15. The Professor

    Comedians make fun of everything. That is their job. The problem with this bit is that is was cringe worthy unfunny!

  16. The Professor

    Comedians poke fun at everything which is their job. The problem with this bit is that it was cringe worthy unfunny.

  17. Genocat

    He’s a comedian! It’s a joke. Maybe not funny to you, but still a joke. Stop being offended by everything! I hate this PC world.

  18. shelbyville cat

    If you think this is anything but funny, he’s talking about you.

  19. ukfantilidie

    It’s not a joke or comedy. Shocked he didn’t bring up immigration or gun control in the piece. Poor low to middle class people can’t control or know what to do with their money except lose their life savings at the track. Well Jim, help me better use my money. Maybe I just give it all to you to invest wisely. Comedians are known for being brilliant with their money and being some of the worlds wealthiest people…down vote the scetch. Agree with the horse folks

  20. kuhlkat

    SuperTroy says football is a dying sport.
    Super stupid comment.
    Ratings are sky high

  21. Alex90

    HE’S A COMEDIAN! Why do people always have to find something to be offended at.

  22. bd2153