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Coach calls out Louisville’s Scott Satterfield for pulling scholarship offer

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On Sunday night, Franklin-Simpson offensive guard Jack Randolph received a call from the Louisville coaching staff saying that new head coach Scott Satterfield was pulling his scholarship offer. Now, Randolph’s high school coach Doug Preston is fighting back, tweeting that Satterfield is no longer welcome to recruit players from his school.

Preston didn’t stop there, calling Satterfield out for making recruiting staffer Pete Nochta deliver the news instead of doing it himself.

Football recruiting isn’t always pleasant and transitions between staffs are tough, but this could have been handled better. Preston tweets that Randolph, a three-star player, had the grades to qualify for full academic scholarships to some prestigious schools, but passed because he had an offer from Louisville. Now, with just over a week until Early Signing Day, he and his family are scrambling for options, while Louisville is scrambling to get commitments for the 2019 class, which currently consists of only three players.

Nice move, Scott.

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56 responses to “Coach calls out Louisville’s Scott Satterfield for pulling scholarship offer”

  1. Bobbum Man

    Seems like a good fit for UL so far

    1. mashburnfan1

      He did not offer the kid. If the kid does not fit his system why not cut ties now, is actually doing the kid and family a favor. Would the kid be happy not playing for 4 years, NO. And it is not just days from signing, this is the early signing period Will be another one and he can still look for academic if he wants. Now I do believe THE HEAD COACh should have made the phone call but other than that he is actually helping the kid by letting him find a good fit now.

  2. shelby

    I feel for the kid, but if kids can flip and dump on coaches who are counting on them, why is this wrong?

    1. krautdog


    2. makeitstop

      Because we are adults and supposed to know better.

    3. ktelectricatfan

      Exactly! Could not have been said better!

    4. runningunnin.454

      Absolutely, makeitstop; the guy is supposed to be an educator; so, what does this teach us? It teaches HS coaches and players should not believe anything he says going forward.
      In fact, he has pulled three scholarship offers, and one of the kids already had his dorm assignment.
      This is the most vomitous and deplorable situation I’ve ever read about.
      Hey coach, you have three commits, and your class ranks 133rd in the nation. UL should be proud.

    5. Carcrook

      True! Plus, it’s a new regime.

    6. Booby Petrino

      My comment keeps getting moderated so trying to change wording. But why do you think it’s ok to punish kids who stay loyal just because other kids don’t stay loyal? This kid no longer has a scholarship to get an education and play football, that’s worse than a coach having to find someone else to fill a roster spot. Sports are entertainment, this guy took away a scholarship which affects real life stuff.

    7. antiquefurnitureandmidgets

      Are you really asking why the adults shouldn’t be able to act like the kids? Forgetting the facts regarding adults who are supposed to be teaching kids character, Tyra specifically told the kids their scholarships were good.

  3. michaelb

    Sad for the kid, hope he gets another school he likes . It’s not funny in any shape or form

  4. Peas and Carrots

    If we have room Stoops should make him an offer

  5. krautdog

    Did UK offer him?

  6. BlueTXHeart

    While I get the giddiness to pile on UL – and it is fun – let’s all admit that this is not that unusual in major college sports. New coach has a new vision for the program, assesses current personnel and cuts those who don’t meet the standard loose. Frankly, his timing is pretty fair given that the kids haven’t signed and still have time to find new gigs. If he had waited until they arrived on campus & they had no other options, he would have been fried for that too. Other schools do this and, as we all know, kids make this last minute shift frequently. The kids will be fine.

    1. Underdog

      Do you think the new coach likes the optics of his move?

      If not, does he regret it?

      It’s not like he was making room for a 4-star prospect.

      I’d say he definitely regrets due to the terrible PR he’s getting.

      Furthermore, it seems safe to conclude he wasn’t competent or smart enough to see the results of pulling the scholly.

      Doesn’t bode well for the UL Football program.

      I’m heartbroken!

  7. Clyde X

    “No class”. Sounds about right. He’ll fit right in at Louisville.

  8. oruacat2

    Sucks for the kid, but anyone who has been paying attention to college football recruiting should have a backup plan or two, so if he and his family are really “scrambling for options” that’s on them.

    Still, a low-class move on Satterfield’s part to not tell the kid himself. I hope all KY HS coaches are paying attention.

    1. shepdog3720

      AD visits recruit and family and tells them the scholly will be honored, yet a few days later said scholly is pulled, and “that’s on them?” That is foolish.

    2. oruacat2

      Yes. As is noted constantly, nothing is official until the paperwork is signed.
      Always have a Plan B.

    3. JASUN74

      There is no plan B when you truly are 100% committed to your hometown school. That was his dream and he turned down other big time Programs and pretty much said ,” Helll no, I’m going to U6”. Lol. I would like to have some kids that were that committed to us!! I do understand what you’re saying ouracat2, but I’m just saying not maybe, but for sure that this kid and family was all in for them and has been forever probably. It is a shame that his was done like that. Seriously, he’s just a card fan that dreams of playing there. I honestly hopes he gets to play somewhere that he’s grows to love in the future. I watched a couple videos of him being interviewed and he seemed like a smart an well mannered young man. He’s just a kid that just got his life shattered. You know how it is to be young and have something go bad for you. It’s like the end of the world for him. Lol. God love his little heart. I sure would love for Coach Stoops to go talk to this kid and see if he’s willing to put in the work to play at Kentucky. If he never plays a down , it will make a big impression on that school and help with future kids. They’re a pretty good football school anyway and always have a few nice prospects. Anyway. I do see your point but he’s probably tore all to pieces right now and was done shitttey if you ask me. Come on Coach Stoops, have a look at this kid anyway. Thanks oruacat2.

  9. Shively1978

    Why would a school with only 3 recruits drop anybody especially a 3 star recruit. It’s not like kids are breaking down the door to come there. We UK fans have nothing to complain about right now little brother is in pathetic shape.

    1. Racerr11

      For the most part no class is very unusual.

  10. johnswall

    He would be doing the kid a disservice if he let him stay if he wasn’t going to fit the system. Overreaction by the coach.

  11. Catlogic15

    And I believe Louisville has only one scholarship TE. TE’s must not fit Satterfield’s scheme haha.

  12. Brkcat24

    Start out of the Bobby Petrino playbook.

  13. ukkatzfan

    Way to go for the high school coach. Cut off your nose to spite your face. Guessin u6 didnt give u the interview. Lol

  14. Racerr11

    Coach Presto did exactly what he should of, let everyone know how the kid was treated and not allowing Bobby Satterfield into his program. Ooops I’m sorry I mean Scott . Bobby won’t last at loserville ooops I’m sorry Scott . Disservice to the kid that’s got to be a loserville fan….wow

  15. CatsandPats

    3 star tight end? Gotta be pretty good. We have one graduating and that means room on the depth chart. Bring him down to Lex coach!

  16. Jiminy Crickets

    Didn’t Calipari do the same thing, along with telling current roster kids they should transfer? He kept Daniel Ortons offer but pulled it on 2-3. This happens all the time when there is a coaching change. Coaches want the kids they want….

    1. kjd

      Calipari did it.
      Head coach Satterfield had an assistant do the dirty work. Gutless and classless. He came across as a stand up guy in his opening presser. Acting 101.

    2. makeitstop

      Re-reading reports from the time, Orton had spotty academics and decided to go pro, getting drafted in first round. How is that remotely similar to pulling a scholarship offer? I agree w the earlier comment, if we have an extra scollie, offer him. He is a 3 star and it would give him a chance to work his butt off to beat Louisville, and also be a nice thing to do.

    3. Wilfred Smith

      Cal honored Orton and Hood scholarships offered by BCG. He got rid of the rest.

    4. monstermash1

      Who did he get rid of? ESPN article says he only had Hood & Orton signed at the time of his firing.

    5. monstermash1

      (Billy G only had Hood & Orton signed….)

  17. UKSupporter76

    As several have said already, this isn’t particularly unusual in college athletics, especially when there is a coaching change. It is certainly unfortunate for the kid. No question about that. Sounds like the kid really wanted to play for UofL, but sometimes we don’t get what we want. So we plan accordingly. Remember how several of those other kids re-opened their recruitment after (some before when it was obvious Bobby wouldn’t survive the season) Bobby was fired? No reason he couldn’t have done the same thing. Get some backup offers and gauge interest from the new coaching staff. If they’re interested, great. Recommit. If they aren’t then you still have a landing spot. There are plenty of things you can pile on Louisville for. I don’t see this being one of them.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Wow, the one and only true SaneUKFan. Kids are kids, this guy is a jerk; going to be so much fun to hate.

  18. l503423

    The difference is that a couple fo these kids were enrolling in spring semester. They had housing assignments, etc. A big transition in their lives already in motion and UofL pulled the rug out from under them, just weeks before. The right thing would have been to suck it up and honor the university’s commitments to those kids.

  19. bigblue98

    Vince Tyra needs to come out and talk. He was recruiting for Louisville after Petrino was fired, as he stated on the radio last week. If he told these kids their scholarships would be honored that’s unacceptable. If not then a different story.

    1. notFromhere

      Exactly. If Tyra opened his mouth, he better not let his COACH put his foot in it.

  20. StuckinLville

    I think the problem people have with this is it happened right before signing day. Someone uses Cal telling people to transfer as an example, but these guys had all summer to figure it out, plus they legit didnt have the talent. Football is different. You develop guys. Josh Allen was 210 and leaves at 260. The kid stayed committed to the school through everything and should have been shown some appreciation. No reason to not let the kid play and if it doesn’t work out, then tell him it may be in his best interest to transfer when it gives him time to figure it all out. Besides, it’s not like he’s gonna run outta scholarships.

  21. notFromhere

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone, though. After Pitino and Petrino, would anyone expect more of the next coach? Class dismissed from UL years ago

  22. dcforuk

    It is either very strategic and very well thought out or it backfired. I generally think the former, not the latter but could be wrong…..

  23. Brian in Franklin

    I would love to see Jack at UK. He’s a UK fan and comes from a family of UK grads. He is very smart and a great kid. He asked by Stanford to come take an official, but he was already committed to UL and is a loyal guy so he didn’t take it. This guy would’ve worked his tail off for them. It sucks for him because he showed loyalty, wanted to stay in state and represent his family even if it was in a red uniform.

    1. JASUN74

      Well Brian, thank you for letting us know that. I’ve only seen a couple videos of him being interviewed and he seems like a very smart and well mannered young man. He’s got the talent to play at UK and I hope they at least try to talk to him. This may just be a blessing in disguise!! One of God’s Unanswered prayers, if you will.

  24. kentucky1998

    The High school coach is in the wrong

    1. zoupman

      For defending his player? Not at all. Scatt is in the wrong for not doing it himself.

  25. TBW3011

    I hate UL as much as anyone, but this coach didn’t offer him the scholarship. Wouldn’t have been the worst move to honor the scholarship, but he’s trying to win. If he doesn’t think he’s the type player he wants to recruit then that’s his prerogative. Oh and most importantly. Coach, you were ok sending a kid to BOBBY PETRINO!!! Hard to be on your high horse when you’re cool with a kid going to play for that d-bag.

  26. cking

    Didn’t Cal do the exact same thing when he first got to Kentucky? He pulled a few scholarships.

    1. makeitstop

      He did not. There were two offers and commits: Orton and Hood. Honored them both. May have said they may not make it, but honored them. UL actually reneged on an Accepted offer. The kid relied on their offer for you know, an education! College tuition. It’s not like someone else won’t make an offer – that’s not the point – they lied to him. Twice! Once when they offered and then when they told everyone their offer was good. So, no, Cal did not do this in any way, shape or form.

  27. UKBoo

    If I remember correctly, Cal did the exact same thing when he was hired. “I can’t hide you here”. That’s what he told a few commits and he dropped their offers. KSR (and probably several here in the comments) were right there and ready to justify it then.. Somehow its OK when Cal did it but not when UofL does it. I am sure some will still find ways to justify the difference. It sucked then and it sucks now.

    1. StuckinLville

      Football is all about development and most freshmen redshirt. Basketball is a different story so please people, quit comparing apples to oranges.

    2. UKBoo

      What??? ALL college athletics are about development. Don’t have any numbers but I would think a higher % per team redshirts in basketball over football. There are also a drastic reduction in available scholarships in basketball than in football which translates to fewer opportunities to recover from a pulled offer. We could side step with alternate facts all day and it doesn’t make any difference at all when a kid thought his college was taken care of only to have the rug pulled out from under him. I’d say nice try… but it really wasn’t.

    3. matt2000

      I believe cal pulled the scholarships from the underclassmen (ie 8th Graders) that had been offered by BCG, not any seniors. That is why Daniel Orton still had an offer. Completely different.

    4. makeitstop

      It’s materially different rescinding an offer that’s not accepted. Like “I’ll sell u the car for $20,000… never mind someone bought it for $21k while u were thinking about it.” Not a breach. This was an accepted offer, and yes he hadn’t signed yet bc he wasn’t allowed to sign before signing day but he accepted it, and that’s enough. Sheez this shouidnt even be a close call. They screwed this kid and could have just honored it and left it up to him if he wanted to leave after a year or not, released him, anything. U tell ur kid they are going to the college of their choice bc they got a scholarship then explain sorry they lied u can’t go there, play there, fulfill that dream. He’s a lucky kid he didn’t go there but that’s not the point. Coach Satt deserves every inch of bad press he gets for this.

  28. tdub

    Proud of his high school coach for standing up for his players. Don’t blame him a bit. Hope he ends up at U.K.

  29. dcforuk

    The older I get, the more I see scenarios that people agree to disagree. I don’t think that is necessarily the case here but it is possible that the Coach at UofL is simply doing what he believes is right for the program and the H.S. Coach is, too. NFL firing day does not necessarily result in the firing of coaches that can’t coach. It could be the firing of coaches that are simply no longer a fit. My younger me refused to believe any of that mumbo jumbo.