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Caption This

(H/t Kyle Scott of LEX18)

You know Coach Cal is feeling good about his team and has his “swagger” back when he starts doing things like this. During a report from Alan Cutler live from Rupp Arena, John Calipari walked by and gave the “wet willie” treatment to Cutler. In the history of all things Alan Cutler, this is yet another memorable and absurdly funny moment.

Article written by Ally Tucker

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24 responses to “Caption This”

  1. bung

    20 fast break points…16 assists = Win

  2. Thomas

    Is there video of this?

  3. Albert Einstein

    Alan Cutler looks like me, without all the genius baggage.

  4. Coach Cal

    Hey Alan, let me get rid of what’s left of your brain.

  5. Sonny

    Just as I thought, nothing in there but soup.

  6. MadTex

    Hey Alan, I don’t want you to hear this and sense you’re half deaf I’ll just plug up your left ear….

  7. The Electrician

    Where’s the off switch on this guy?

  8. 2mites

    Deposit bugger here.

  9. Truth

    Piss poor performance yesterday. UGA sucks and they were without two of their top three guards. Where was the press? Cal plays Tubby ball, only with better players.

    1. Elwood Blues

      Well that wasn’t a very funny caption.

    2. Easily Amused

      Elwood, you made me giggle. Thanks for your response to the very non-funny caption.

    3. Ownership

      We own you.

    4. Jerk

      You a Tard fan? No just a Tard I guess!

  10. NotSatire

    Hey Alan, you’ve got a great big hair-ball right in here.

  11. Knows better

    Cal wanted to stop that whistling noise.

  12. Dipstick

    You’re a quart low.

  13. Kev

    “One and Done” (walks away)

  14. knowbody

    If you blow in here you can feel a breeze on the other side.

  15. Beebeein

    Wet Willie Cauley-Stein

  16. Blue Biscuit

    Just as I figured — Billy Gillispie is still running through Cutler’s mind.

  17. Jake from State Farm

    Hey Dickhead, guess where else my finger has been.

  18. RealCatsFan

    Hey Alan, I need some wax for my candle.

  19. Walden Schmidt

    First I stick it here, then I stick it in your arse, than I stick it your mouth.

  20. Cutler's Hair

    I was having a particularly good hair day in that pic.