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Cal’s “What” face wants you to listen to the Postgame Show

Screencap @DoubleB_25

Screencap @DoubleB_25

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44 responses to “Cal’s “What” face wants you to listen to the Postgame Show”

  1. EddieSimmons

    I’m now more confident than ever about these cats going far in March!

    As I predicted, the Florida game was the turning point. I fully expect us to win a close one in Gainesville in a few and run every other team off the floor.

    The season was reborn today! Go Cats!

    1. BigBlueNation13452

      Long as we continue to make jump shots and not scared to take em. We’re unbeatable. We have to do a better job of closing games, we played not to lose down the stretch tonight. Any team we play from now on should be happy if they stay close to us with us making free throws and playing with the energy and effort we showed tonight. And we have to protect the ball better. We looked good tonight for the most part though!

  2. Out-Of-Office

    The Cal say what moment may have passed him sitting on that tiny stool against baylor for cal moment of the year

  3. Out-Of-Office

    I also loved Jimmy dykes called to asked you if cal called set plays then had a new cal cam waiting for him to do it. He has to take shrooms to think of these.

  4. Aaron Gabbart

    Louisville Cats fans — has Jewish Hospital completed their merger with St Joseph Health Care yet? My insurance is at stake. Thanks

  5. Out-Of-Office

    Loved the way the cayts played tonight. My confidence is restored. Just a question is Hawkins still on the team?

  6. Greg Stumbo is discipable.

    To bend over for the gay lobby like he did today? It seems like the only groups it’s safe to discriminate against nowadays are white people and Christians. I really pray for this state and country.

    1. What?

      Discipable? Really? Spell check is your friend. You do realize what you wrote is closer to disciple than despicable don’t you? BTW, this is a sports blog, not a political blog.

    2. Chuck Norris

      Yep, it’s so hard being a majority.

  7. ukbradstith

    Kansas getting ready to possibly lose to tubby!

    1. ukbradstith

      Never mind, wiggins with game winner off a broken play.

  8. Rocky Calboa


    1. ukbradstith


  9. Bill Lamb's amazing POV revelation tonight

    was that guns and alcohol don’t mix. Amazing!

  10. Dan

    Kansas got lucky tonight against Texas Tech. They were down by 1 with 3 seconds to go and Andrew Wiggins made a shot and bailed them out. They were down almost the entire game. Yet the AP will just look at this as a win rather than about how they played.

    1. HuntsVegas

      Actually, they will just show how the best freshman just won the game. He was the best. BOOM

  11. Uknate

    Did we see a Andrew Harrison smile tonight?

  12. Matt

    Sick and tired of Cal’s antics!

    1. hal

      there’s like 300 other D-1 teams, brah.

    2. Next

      Are you suggesting Cal should go to one of them?

  13. Buddy

    Matt! WTH is wrong with our fan base? We won by double digits on the road and they cry about cal losing his mind (like he always does when they don’t listen) when they start falling asleep on the court. I’m baffled! Please shake our fan base!

    1. Next

      I agree, shake them. They get excited about beating a horrible SEC team and have 19 turnovers and almost let them come back. This after losing at home. And 2 mediocre showings before that against 2 horrible SEC teams. It’s like they have battered wife syndrome now.

  14. RXZR2

    I like the win, I want to see them win a significant game against a significant team before I can relax.

  15. Orney Focker

    This is my, who shipped there pants face?

  16. RXZR2


  17. Orney Focker

    He’s losing his mind… And I reaping all the benifits! Adam Sandler’s Wedding Singer Movie, he has some real classics!!

  18. just saying

    Thought it was hilarious. Randle has a real bad habit of making that same face at Cal, Like “who me?”, when he screws up, and Cal calls him on it

  19. Orney Focker

    Think Cal needs a vacation…..

  20. Orney Focker

    Hell, what am I saying? I need a vacation.

  21. 2mites

    Why does Cal refuse to play zone longer than a few minutes a game?

  22. 2mites

    The worse loss was Arkansas

    1. ukbradstith

      Baylor was worse. Arkansas played out of their mind good. Lsu was worse than Arkansas too.

  23. Orney Focker

    Still not buying Kansas or Duke for that matter in the top ten. This year should be upset after upset. Syracuse is just the luckiest bunch in the world, but traditionally choke every year, so they are out. Arizona, not played anyone legit, plus lost Ashley. Michigan ST, almost beat them after only three games playing together. Cats could get lucky and be seeded in the same bracket as Wichita State, still don’t think they are relevant, that could possibly get them to Texas. Luck of the draw..

    1. Anyone seen Kate Upton in Zero-G?

      I see pics, but no video available. And does she take off her top or is it on the whole time?

  24. Orney Focker

    Focker Out!

  25. Marshall Henderson

    Did Marshall give the refs the suck my d— gesture after the technical. I swore i saw it…

  26. catfaninnc

    I love Cal, so don’t get me wrong, but… He complains about these KIDS body language (which I appreciate), but how is HE being a role model with HIS… Two games this year I have seen technicals called on him which for whatever reason turned the tide of the game (UP being the most recent). it is what is but if you want to influence kids, practice what you preach.

  27. Next

    Yea nothing gets through to teenagers better than berating and belittling them. It’s obviously not working on this team. Maybe show them how to be calm and composed by example?

  28. Lance

    While the face Cal made is hilarious, does anyone realize how inappropriate it was. Julius has a mouth condition that results in him speaking out of the side of his mouth. And in the heat of a game Cal took the opportunity to make fun of him for this disability. Seems wrong for a grown man to make fun of a teenager.

    1. VaCatFan

      Hey Lance, I agree and thought the same thing…..this was in poor taste by the coach to sarcastically make fun of Julius. I think he needs to apologize. I understand that he was making a point as he did in another point when (I think it was Young) someone else was whining. I understand they need to quit complaining about calls and/or no calls, he should’ve made his point without making fun….

    2. Jordan

      Agree 100% that he was mocking Julius when I saw him do that. Hope Randle told Cal he was offended, or hope Cal apologized later. He knew what he was doing

  29. lou eaton

    Yeah, glad to see others see same thing with Cal. I love him as a coach and would never replace him period BUT he needs to CHILLOUT and practice what he preaches to his players. WHY does he not believe this causes negative impacts upon these young guys??? Some is okay but he seems to be getting worse with his sideline outbursts when he removes guys and during timeouts…..Please let up on the guys and they will respond.

    1. VaCatFan

      To me it seems like his outbursts are directed at only a specific few, Cauley-Stien, Poythress and Polson. The tv never shows him jumping on the Twins, who in my opinion need it more than anyone.

  30. Catpocalypse

    Does Coach Cal have two rows of teeth like a shark? Check out the pic…lol.