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Calipari visiting two MAJOR recruits today
by Mrs. Tyler Thompson on January 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm


After posting a video of himself dabbing and saying YOLO, John Calipari hit the road this morning to visit five-star teammates Mohamed Bamba and Cameron Reddish at Westtown High School in Pennsylvania. The 6’11” Bamba is considered one of Kentucky’s top remaining targets in the 2017 class, while Reddish is the top small forward in the 2018 class.

Mohamed Bamba
Power Forward/Center| 6-11 | 210 lbs.
New York, NY | Westtown
AAU: PSA Cardinals
ESPN No. 4 | 2 C Top247 No. 3 | 2 PF
Rivals No. 4 Scout No. 2 | 2 C
Cameron Reddish (2018)
Small Forward | 6-8 | 196 lbs.
Norristown, PA | Westtown
AAU: Team Final
ESPN No. 4 | 1 SF Top247 No. 4 | 2 SF
Rivals No. 6 Scout No. 4 | 1 SF

According to Pat Lawless of MADE Hoops, Cal and Tony Barbee will check on Bamba and Reddish before heading to Philadelphia to see 2017 commit Quade Green, who has made it very clear he’s recruiting Bamba to join him in Lexington. Green isn’t alone; all of the members of Kentucky’s 2017 class are after Bamba, including the newest Wildcat, Hamidou Diallo, who called Bamba Kentucky’s “missing piece” in an interview with Evan Daniels released this morning.

“The biggest recruit that we’re trying to get next is Mo Bamba,” Diallo said. “I think that’s the missing piece right there. Once we get him, the sky’s the limit for us.”

Check out their highlights below:


16 Replies to “Calipari visiting two MAJOR recruits today”

  1. jrdh13 says:

    where do we put all the bigs?

    1. On the floor or on the bench.

    2. Mathlete says:

      We’ve already had “Platoons,” we’ve played small ball, now for something really innovative: I call it “The Sequoia Lineup”… put every 7 footer on the court at once. It won’t be fast-paced, but I dare you to try to shoot over them.

      It’s very situational, only really works when you’re up 10+ with a couple of minutes to go and they just play defense or chuck the ball down the court to the one guy going for a dunk.

  2. Rod Crandler says:

    That’s what she said

  3. CATandMONKEY says:

    Bamba appears to have more than 210 l bs on his frame if he is 6’11”. That top picture displays a fully GAM. Ryan would approve.
    He is the kind of big man we need . Come on down! T

  4. @GoCayts says:

    Personally, I think Bamba will be better than Ayton, but I’d rather add Trae Young than anybody else.

    1. BlueGrass says:

      Trae Young would be fun, but Bamba would win a lot more games.

    2. a21CATSfan says:

      Why can’t we get both? I think that Bamba is definitely the more important piece. Just look at the depth we were perceived to have down low this year. That has not panned out so well. You can never have enough long athletes on a basketball team. He’s as long and athletic as they come. And Cal and Mo know that he is better than anyone currently in the post or coming to the team next year. And I’m also still under the impression Briscoe will be back. One, because the draft is deeper this year, and two, even though he has improved he will still be a 2nd round projection.

  5. BlueGrass says:

    Is the recruiting pitch to Bamba as simple as…look we have two #1 picks who are basically the same player as you in Ant Davis and Karl T.. We just put Bam into the draft. We know how to develop you while Duke has NEVER had a player like you that they developed.

    Is it just that simple? Is there another major program involved?

  6. Not that Bamba would lose time to any of them…but we do have alot of guys at the 4 and 5 spots already next year. Not to mention Gabriel might be back and the wing is getting loaded too. But, no complaints, I would love to have 13 5-star guys on the team.

    1. BlueGrass says:

      What I’ve seen is Gabriel should come back, even based on the “draft on potential” world we live in.

      In draft projections, Gabriel isn’t even going to be a first rounder. In no way shape or form can he play in the NBA next season. He just gets moved around so easily by the opponent it wouldn’t even be fair he being getting so thoroughly abused.

  7. Steve Jobs says:

    Bamba would be a perfect Cal big.

  8. a21CATSfan says:

    Mo Bamba is essentially this years Marques Bolden. He will have a choice between the number 1 and 2 ranked classes in the country towards the end of the recruiting period. He is much better and will make much more of an impact on the program his freshman season. And he will make the right choice and pick the CATS.

  9. Luether says:

    Too many bigs next year. I see chemistry issues stemming from this…

  10. UKUKUK1865 says:

    Shooter please. Need a really good jump-shooter.

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