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14 responses to “Calipari visiting five-star forward Jonathan Kuminga”

  1. Cletis75

    Kuminga at the 4 in a small ball scenario would be unbelievable! Would love to have him and Cade, but would be more than happy with either of the 2. Kuminga has been one of my favorite targets of all! It would be lob city with any of our current commits, askew/Boston/Clarke driving the ball to draw the defense! The sky is the limit with these possibilities!

    1. Cletis75

      Having good/great shooters Boston/Askew with great scorers, Clarke/Cade/Kuminga would be impossible to stop consistently for any Defense. Then all you need at the 5 is a rim protector/rebounder, as the scoring would be set.

  2. UKFanSC

    Ohhhhhh baby. This guy is the one we want. Second coming of Mashburn. Mega stud.

    1. Cletis75

      Mashburn is probably still my favorite player still, even though he got me thrown out of Rupp and almost arrested when I was 17 years old, long story. Their games are very similar in inside and out production!
      I would love to have another “Monster” of that caliber!
      Kuminga plays a little more above the rim than Mash, but I just remember Mashburn hanging in air a half second longer than anyone else to get his shot off! He was so smooth his sophomore and junior years.
      Kuminga really looks a bit more athletic and ready day 1! Mashburn was a bit more physical at 230-240!

    2. bc79

      Would love to hear the story…..

    3. Cletis75

      BC, to make it shorter, we just put a thumping on the dirty birds Dec 28 1991 in front of I think it was the 3rd largest crowd ever at Rupp! Pitino and Cawood did the after show courtside and kids are on the court playing with pitino’s kids. Was my first game ever, went with my uncle Jesse James, who at the time would slap the devil for talking bad about “His Cats!” When Pitino left I got his and Cawood’s autograph on one of the 3 signs, and followed Ricky p to the locker room. Travis Ford comes out, autograph! I go get my uncle cause I can’t believe it, and take him back and my cousin. We stand there talking to 2 security guards for 3 minutes maybe when Jamal my hero Mashburn comes out, puts his arm over his girlfriend’s shoulder and starts to walk out! I was like, Mr Mashburn, can I have your auto graph. He turns around walks over looks at the security guards like, really guys. They snatched me up, slammed me against the wall and started to get really rough. I weighed about a buck twenty. My uncle stepped in told them to calm down, he was taking me home. Fortunately, they listened but I lost my 3 autographs on the old 3 signs they used to give you at the games. I was pissed at Mashburn the whole ride home, but forgave him by the time we got to Livingston Ky, population 241 at the time. Went back following Thursday on January 2nd to see Notre Dame pack a loss back to South Bend! If you’re listening Jamal, I still want that Auto!

  3. TonyMontana

    Kuminga is so dominate. He could go play in the NBA right now and he’s what 16? He is #1 on my wish list right now. Would love to have him at Kentucky.

    1. J-Dub421

      No, he dominates, or he is dominant.

    2. GoCatz

      What’s up JDub…you worthless POS.

    3. J-Dub421

      Wow, I really hit a nerve. You’re seeking out other unrelated comments on other threads. Grow up.

    4. GoCatz

      You threw it down, I’m just picking it up.

    5. TonyMontana

      Kuminga is so gonna dominate the NCAA. 🙂

  4. Saiyanj717

    Let’s go! Come to the #BBN Kuminga!! Land where Kings are born!

  5. Ridge Runner

    Getem’ Coach!