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Calipari tells the KSR Road Trip the two-year rule would extend his career

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The first of our KSR College Basketball Road Trip articles is up over on and it’s a good one for Kentucky basketball fans, which would be you. We had the opportunity to sit and chat with Coach Cal after taking in yesterday’s practice and Matt went home and churned out a recap of the discussion, titled, “Why you should believe in John Calipari’s Goliath-turned-David Wildcats.” 

In his conversation with KSR, Cal told us the potential two-year full for NBA draft hopefuls would extend his career at the University of Kentucky:

My career will be extended if they go to the two-year rule in the NBA. It just will,” Calipari says. “If that happens it will be crazy down here. My hope is that it goes to two years. It will be better for high school basketball, better for college basketball and better for the NBA. Is it also a little self-serving? Sure, but it will be better for everyone else and the game of basketball too.”

He also explained what is taking this group longer to “get it,” compared to the 2012 national championship team:

“Why didn’t it take so long in 2012?” he asks. “Back then I had a team with Anthony (Davis) and Michael (Kidd-Gilchrist) who were ready from day one and only thought team. Then we had a couple of sophomores and Darius (Miller, a senior) and we only had to change one guy, Marquis Teague, not a whole team. This group has required us to change almost everyone, so it has just taken longer.”

You can read more from Matt and Calipari here at

Article written by Drew Franklin

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27 responses to “Calipari tells the KSR Road Trip the two-year rule would extend his career”

  1. Wild Turkey 101

    Whether they’ve ‘gotten it’ remains to be seen. Every game is a struggle.

  2. asdf

    If word of this gets out, the NCAA will never go to two years….

    1. KennyT

      The NCAA can’t stop kids from going pro. It’s really up to the NBA.

  3. UK's #1 Fan

    Wild Turkey, every team is struggling, its not just us and those other teams have “veterans”. Just enjoy the process. We have talent and when it comes together, we will be scary. We have just as good a chance as anybody else to cut down the nets! C-A-T-S cats, cats, cats!!!

    1. Classy Cat Fan

      Well said! But it is: C-A-Y-A-T-S, Cayats, Cayats, Cayats!

  4. Dribble-drive high-five

    What’s this? Positivity? I like it!

  5. Plumb Surprised

    This was a very interesting article. He basically called out this year’s team members for being too focused on themselves. Now, he seems to think they are “getting it” and playing as a team better. He also outed Teague for being the only guy who wasn’t initially “getting it” on the 2012 team. That’s interesting to me. I love how candid Calipari can sometimes be. Hope he sticks around longer than his 10-year mark

  6. veritas56

    I enjoyed your article Matt. Great Stuff! GO CATS!

  7. realme

    Very nice article, Matt. Now when do we get to see video of the whole interview? 🙂

  8. hope so but....

    I hope that this rule passes because our national championship numbers would sky rocket, and we would be so freakin good. Think about that national championship team or even this years team with another year. Lets say they don’t improve from year to year, we’d still be really GOOD. But if this rule did pass and players improved from year to year, we WOULD BE SO GOOD.

    On the other hand, you can’t really take a players choice away to go to the NBA after one year, even straight from High School. A lot of them need to supply money for their families, plus its their right as Americans to pursue their goal, even if it might be a stupid decision. Still, I hope this passes cause we would be REALLY GOOD.

  9. Next

    I guess when you dare speak the truth on here, instead of groupthink, every post gets the “your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    1. Adorable

      Dude, you’re a troll. Get lost. Do you ever think of how pathetic your existence is?

  10. Madisonville

    Love the article, Matt. Cal’s hope for this team has me pumped for March. The last line of the article seems like one of those sentences we look back on in April and smile about.

  11. steve

    From one and done to two and through?

  12. Han

    The 2012 team also had a ton of pros around town before the season due to the lockout, guys they could observe and learn from and even play some pickup with. We had a pro team come in one day and Rondo here for a while, then the exhibition with the DR. You can’t put a value on that.

  13. raccoon

    I don’t think people realize how good Anthony Davis was. If you take him off the 2011-12 team and replace him with just a good center we lose at least 5-6 games and maybe we still win the national championship, but we probably aren’t the favorites.

    He was great at recieving the lob and hit free throws. But what he really did was eliminate drives to the basket and post offense. He turned the other team into a jump shooting team and allowed us to play them tight – every defender could play a half-step closer to their man on the perimeter knowing that AD had their back. And how many fast break and transition lay-ups did he block? He took away easy points every game. Randle, Young, Harrisons: even if they “get it” they would never have the impact AD had on a game. They just aren’t as good. And btw neither is anyone else playing in college basketball. Honestly I don’t think anyone in the last ten years has been as valuable. If you go back far enough Tim Duncan was better as a senior and maybe as a junior.

    1. Yes they do

      I think people realize how good he was

    2. huh?

      He won SEC player of the year, freshman of the year, The Wooden Award(player of the year), tournment mvp, and national championship MVP, he was drafted no. 1 overall, and he has single handidly brought the pelicans back to a decent record averaging somewhere around 24 points in the NBA and leading it in blocks. I think people know recognize how good he is, especially cause theres something about his greatness on here about everyday

    3. Madisonville

      I think raccoon means that we are expecting the same from every “one and done” player. He was a once in a lifetime player and we shouldn’t expect another one like him for a long time.

  14. Shooter

    I’ll bet Coach Cal won’t be around in two years.

    1. Why?

      I’ll take that bet. Why do you think that?

    2. M

      Read his name, and alert the authorities.

    3. Madisonville

      Ha. Someone should watch Cal’s back.

  15. theSkinny81

    The NBA going to two years would be the best thing that ever happened to UK. Calipari would not be scrutinized for the one-and-done philosophy, we’d have JUGGERNAUT teams (think 2012 Part 2, or the John Wall team a second year) and the players would be better prepared for the next level. Oh, and UL would never beat us, again. Point, blank. Period. Ever.

    One can only hope.

  16. Chaz

    Good read, Matt. Glad Fox Sports thought enough of it to publish early.

  17. Eight Letters

    Can you imagine having Anthony Davis, Julius Randle, MKG, the Twins or Wall for 2 years? Oh heck yes!!! Please dear God in Heaven, make this happen.

  18. mashburnfan1

    I have not called this bunch a team because they are just a group of individuals and I got bashed. Look at Cal’s comments, he refers to that 2012 unit as team and this bunch as a group. Bash him, it is same thing I said. These guys are ME first, all of them, and the most selfish group maybe in history. It is like an AAU team.