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Calipari had lunch with President Clinton today


Photo @UKCoachCalipari

What did you do for lunch today? Odds are you didn’t dine with a former President. John Calipari just tweeted that he had a two-hour lunch with President Bill Clinton this afternoon, and thanked him for his support on his new book, “Players First.” President Clinton wrote an endorsement of the book, which he called “terrific,” and said it’s a good example of why he’s long admired Cal’s leadership style.

Now we just need to get Clinton down for a game.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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145 responses to “Calipari had lunch with President Clinton today”

  1. BigDaddyUK

    First !!!

    1. katsrock

      Cal’s recent statements about dropping recruits if they disrespect women, then proudly announcing lunch with a sexual predator are inconsistent at the very least.

    2. Catsrock

      Having sex with a consenting adult does not make somebody a sexual predator.

    3. Eric


    4. katsrock

      Juanita Broaddrick never consented.

    5. Madisonville Martha

      Having sex with a 23 year-old intern under your supervision in the White House while you are married to another woman and while Yassir Arafat is cooling his heels in the Rose Garden is perversion on several layers.
      It’s funny to me how hypocritical someof you people get: Pitino is mocked for doing it with a grown woman outside the workplace and not in his employ, yet when Slick Willie does it in the workplace with a subordinate girl half his age, then lies about it under oath and gets impeached for it, somehow we need to rush him down here for a game.
      I guarantee you there is enough decency left in this state that if Clinton comes down here he will be roundly booed — and should be. There’s a reason he got disbarred.

  2. jojojo

    He will be all over the cheerleaders.

    1. Tom

      This man has done more to support women’s causes than you can read in a year.

    2. Gary

      Obviously Tom wasnt around or paying attention when Mr Bill was running for President back in 1992. Only thing Bill did was get the public to feel sorry for Hillary.

    3. Tom Lover

      Tom, I’m getting sick reading all these posts because you’re so attached to everyone of them! Are you actually the Monica under that desk? Sounds like you are ready and willing… Geez…

    4. Madisonville Martha

      The only woman’s cause that man worked for was the O.

  3. Blue Hair

    Didn’t he attend one of the Arkansas/UK games back in the day?

    1. tom

      He also attended the final four game in which UK beat Wisconsin. The man loves basketball. That is a good thing in my book.

  4. DP

    I can’t believe he ate with Clinton! LORD have Mercy! Why not with George W instead??? Long Live King Rex.

    1. Tom

      Bill Clinton has had many lunches with W. But while W paints Clinton’s foundation feeds and provides medical care for tens of thousands. The truth will set a real mind free.

    2. Art

      He wanted to have lunch with a competent President who did more good than harm. Or their schedules matched up better. Either way.

    3. KG e

      If I had the choice I’d pick Bill Clinton over WBya every day. At least Bill knows which side of the knife to use when cutting his steak!

    4. DP

      I was being sarcastic. I Love Clinton. I just know several in our fan-base are Fox News viewers who were thinking something along those lines.

  5. NO1UNO

    As Clinton what his definition of “is” is.

  6. Snowball

    Reading the tea leaves, I would say that means that the twins are coming back!

  7. Real Question

    Who paid for the lunch? We all know it was probably us the tax payers. I havent gotten a 2 hour lunch in my life.

    1. schwing

      considering that former presidents still draw a salary after their term ends, technically tax payers did pay for the lunch. for once your blatant hatred for all things government is justified.

    2. Tom

      American taxpayers pay for George W and George H. W. ‘s lunches as well. Look beyond the hate and see the truth.

    3. Tom

      So you are saying no one has ever wanted to spend two hours at lunch with you. Good luck with that.

  8. Troy

    There’s a stack of 86 dead bodies behind the Clintons and growing.

    Just google Clinton body count.

    1. schwing

      call it 1,000 dead bodies. if you just make up the story about the reasons for the death, you can make up the number also.

    2. Tom

      Behind George W Bush is over 9000 service men and women killed as a result of lies and corruption which led America into two wars. Let’s not even think about the tens of thousands of Iraqi’s and Afghans.

    3. BillGar
    4. roundball fool

      You left your tin foil hat on the black helicopter!

    5. KG e

      There’s 10,000 dead American bodies on Bush’s resume since you are keeping morbid score.

  9. MKG

    Cal- Politics aside, you gotta wear a tie when you’re with a President..

    1. Laker Cat 18

      I think it’s the other way around. These President’s need to respect any UK coach. Cal should run for president after his tenure as UK coach.

    2. CB

      Ahh… come on MKG. Give Cal a break, I mean this is ‘Ole Slick Willie we’re talking about. He’s “as loose as they come” when it comes to Presidents!

      If it was “W” it would be a different story!!!

    3. Tom

      At CB, Slick Willie has done more good for millions than you can count which is more than 10 ten fingers. .
      While we are at it why do former Republicans paint while former Democrat presidents build homes for the poor and feed and provide medical services for millions.

  10. Teachable Mo'

    The game’s not over till the Big Dog howls.

  11. KES

    two pimps!

    1. Lil' brother's at it again

      ^^^^^^^And a BIG douche BAG^^^^^^^

    2. Tom

      A pimp calling two honest decent men what he knows all about.

  12. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    Ever since Billy lost weight his head looks WAY too big for his body it seems.

    1. Teachable Mo'

      You’re right. He’s been out of the limelight for so long I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it. He’s got an actor’s body. They all seem to have huge heads relative to their body size.

    2. Tom

      Inside that head is a big brain. You should be so lucky.
      He uses that big brain to rally support for good causes like ending aids, feeding the hungry, providing medical care for those who don’t have access to it, etc. etc. etc. Basically doing good deeds while you simmer in your hate. Stop belittling great men and do something good for someone other than yourself for a change. Nope, you will never do that.

    3. Gary

      Obviously Tom has a MAJOR man crush on Mr Clinton, or Tom is REALLY Bill Clinton hiding behind the name of Tom.

    4. TOM

      I do admire Bill Clinton for the great president he was, how he solved the welfare reform issue, how he kept us out of murderous wars, how he balanced the budget, how he brought the US out of the economic crisis created by Reagan and not solved by George H. W. only to be destroyed by the next Bush. Yes I admire the fact he works hard to help people all over the world. He has more intelligence in his little finger than you haters do if all your simple little minds were all put together. He is twice the man of any of you and if you ever actually did anything good for anyone I would be amazed. Haters, racists and bigots

    5. UKfan

      Please explain how Bill Clinton solved the welfare reform issue.

      Please explain how Bill Clinton kept us out of murderous wars. I’m curious how you feel about George Washington, James Madison, James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson. According to your definition, they got us into murderous wars too.

  13. fairplay

    Wonder if they had a cigar after lunch.

    1. Tom

      What’s wrong with a good cigar.

    2. KG e

      I’ll bet there are more books in Clinton’s library than just “My Pet Goat” which is the only book on the shelves of WBy’s library or so I’m told. That wbya was a literary genius. NOT!!

  14. Craig

    Whatever you think politically, here are two great leaders side by side.

  15. Coach K

    Get him down here? Your joking right?

    1. Rei

      Pretty sure Coach K wouldn’t as stupid as to confuse you’re and your.

    2. schwing

      i don’t have a joking. is this something you can buy?

  16. Cal's Coffin

    Wonder why everyone refers to former presidents as “president”? Never made sense to me. He was the president, but isn’t now. Once upon a time he was a first grader. So maybe we should refer to him as First Grader Clinton,

    1. UKfan

      It shows respect to the office of the presidency. Ever try reading a history book?

    2. ukbradstith

      Same reason you call ex-coaches “coach”.

  17. usefulijit

    So much for that respecting women think

  18. Hawk

    I’m about as conservative as they come and I don’t have a problem with this at all. I don’t know Cal’s politics and don’t care to either. I think he is being an excellent ambassador for Kentucky basketball. I would like to see him have lunch with both president Bushes.

    1. Rei

      Maybe Sr, not Jr.

    2. tom

      I worked with Jr. and observed him up close for more than four years. He is an honorable man who wants the best for all Americans.

    3. GodNotGovernment

      George Bush Jr. is a courageous man who was willing to stand up against the Islamic caliphate that is among the biggest threats this nation faces at the moment. It’s a shame liberalism and atheism are destroying us from inside out.

    4. Rei

      You are by far my favorite poster on here, and that’s total honesty.

    5. Get it right

      Kind of like the old line from Jerry Tarkanian that “The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky it will probably slap another two years probation on Cleveland State.’’ Dubya was so mad at Al Qaeda that he invaded Iraq. And by the way, George W. Is not a “junior”. His dad is George H.W.

    6. 9-asty

      GodNotGovernment, don’t most of the radical islams that pose a threat to us want to impose sharia law, aka Islamic law? This would be a form of God not government. Are you supporting these radicals or are you against them? Your handle is confusing. Also, a caliphate is an Islamic state, so Islamic caliphate is a bit redundant, and are you implying there is only one caliphate that poses a threat to us? Please try to regurgitate what you have heard on Fox more clearly next time.

    7. Dave

      Bush Jr. = dumbest azz that’s ever occupied 1111.

    8. KG e

      George Bush was a drunk and coke head who was asleep at the wheel when all the cia warnings were being issued before the 9-11 attacks. He did nothing to stop it and nothing afterwards in the form of retaliation except invade the wrong country. He is a traitor and should be executed!! IMO

  19. Chris Farley

    I ate lunch with Herbie Hancock. That counts, right?

  20. Lil' brother's at it again

    My guess with Martin getting out of Knoxville as fast as he could, he probably realized that anything orange reminds him of prisoners picking up trash along a highway……Somebody should ask Chane Bohanan if that’s really true.

  21. catheaven

    Geese, I would have thought that Arkansas trash had more in common with ‘ol Ricky P.

  22. GodNotGovernment

    I’m getting REALLY sick and tired of seeing Calipari’s liberalism sneak into the things he does in public. Why is he always eating lunch with and meeting liberals like Obozo and Clinton, and he never meets with conservative leaders like the Bushes. My pastor told me a story about his days at Memphis when he apparently had an opportunity to meet with Reagan and turned it down.

    1. UKBlue1!

      Reagan died in 2004. He was pretty much out of the public’s eye for the last 6-8 years of his life due to his medical condition.

    2. called out

      Yeah well, that’s the least of the things your pastor is wrong about.

    3. Teachable Mo'

      Sure. Because of his Alzheimer’s, they kept Reagan housed in Memphis instead of Los Angeles.

      My pastor told me that George Bush used to pick his teeth with the small bones of school children. And then he’d laugh about it.

    4. stubbs

      I’m getting tired of seeing your ignorance sneak into your posts on this website. Looks like we’re even.

    5. Dave

      You’re a dumbazz

    6. roundball fool

      Please, just stop making stuff up.

    7. tom

      You are getting sick and tired of Americans who have the right to choose and not doing exactly what you want them to do. I think it is called freedom.
      Why is your pastor telling you lies about Clinton and not telling you about Jesus Christ.
      As a born again Baptist I have a personal relationship with God. I quit going to my Baptist church because my pastor spent too much time preaching lies about things he was not educated to talk about and the things he was educated to talk about, loving God and doing the right thing seemed to take a back seat to politics.

  23. Kenny Pratt

    If slick Willie can disrespect the White House the way he did, no tie necessary. Respect is earned or not.

    1. CB


    2. Dave

      Or occupied by a half-wit dufus like Bush.

      GOP trailer trash loves them some pollyticks – too dumb to vote but vote against their own interests.

  24. stopthislunacy

    More liberal spining around here. It makes me laugh. Why would we want that impeached trash ruining our brand image.

    1. called out

      Please don’t use “we” when speaking about UK until you learn to behave like a grown person. So probably, never.

    2. Teachable Mo'

      “ruining our brand image”

      You have GOT to be kidding. Kentucky has a storied past. It doesn’t have a pure past. We’re like Gatsby rather than Galahad.

      And you guys really have to get over Clinton: at the end of his term he was far more popular than when he began. The guy squeaked into office, but because of the neurotics who hounded him had an approval rating of over 60% at the end. (Of course, the two budget surpluses helped.)

      There’s a line from a Marianne Moore poem that’s apt about Clinton:

      … presidents who have repaid

      senators by not thinking about them.

    3. Dave

      LOL – Cal is a liberal maybe YOU sir Idiocy should leave the fan base fuk face

    4. Frank74

      Anyone who thinks Calipari is not a liberal is even dumber than poverty level morons voting for the GOP.

  25. Jayone

    Coach Cal is a liberal and we have to accept that. He doesn’t have anything in common with a conservative so he hangs out with those people he likes. He likes Clinton, most sports figures do. How can you go into the home of a prize recruit and be a conservative? I think maybe Coach K is the only conservative in college basketball and you can see the type of recruits he gets.

  26. Clinton was the best president this country has had since FDR.

    Deal with it, dittoheads and Bibletards. Your contributions (even Saint Ronnie) have been complete jokes along the way. If liberals are responsible for the 4 who died in Benghazi, but you conservatives are responsible for the 3000 who died on 9/11. Deal with it.

    1. UKfan

      I guessed you missed the part where Clinton failed to regulate the financial markets, embarrassed the nation with his bj in the oval office, other sexual harrassment cases, and Whitewater scandal. Carry on.

    2. Rei

      Clinton’s approval rating actually went up after the scandal. GOPers are also notorious for having gay love affairs.

    3. UKfan

      “Susan McDougal later served 18 months in prison for contempt of court for refusing to answer any questions relating to Whitewater, and was later granted a pardon by President Clinton just before leaving office”

      You scratch my back, I scratch yours. best president, smh.

    4. UKfan

      Clinton rating were based on the “good” times of the economy, In hindsight, we realized the growth of the economy was based on deregulation and credit default swaps and collaterized debt obligations. Think about kiting a check except on a much larger scale and you will under the Clinton economic “success” story.

      Carry on.

    5. bandalumnus

      Just so we’re clear on this matter, Clinton had Bin Laden in his sights twice and couldn’t pull the trigger, so if anyone’s responsible for the acts of 9/11 being possible, it was Clinton. He was the one responsible for the CIA and FBI being unable to share information which lead to widespread vulnerability of the nation… Clinton was the one who downsized military throughout his eight years, as has Obama, and it’s always conservative presidents that have to come in and clean up the messes that liberals make of the country. Liberals always take the oath of office with fingers crossed behind their backs, because they obviously don’t understand what the words “protect and defend” mean.

    6. Teachable Mo'

      “we realized the growth of the economy was based on deregulation and credit default swaps and collaterized debt obligations.”

      Nice word salad. Any dressing?

    7. UKfan

      Actually Base Realignment and Closure started in 1989 during Bush I Administration. As an Independent, I see that the Republicans are the first ones to jump on board when it comes to “protecting” us. The truth of the matter is the military costs are extremely expensive and the single most expense to the US taxpayer than the other programs so I don’t have a problem with cutting the military. (military vet myself). The DOD and HHS make up roughly 47% of the total budget (almost 10% of GDP). Just something to think about.

    8. UKfan

      “ ‘ we realized the growth of the economy was based on deregulation and credit default swaps and collaterized debt obligations.’

      Nice word salad. Any dressing?”

      I apologize. I sometimes forget the level of reading comprehension on message boards. Presentation is more important than content right, einstein.

    9. Teachable Mo'

      ” I sometimes forget the level of reading comprehension on message boards. Presentation is more important than content right, einstein.”

      Your content wasn’t great either. Derivatives, credit default swaps, and CDOs were a big deal in the Younger Bush administration. And deregulation is ordinarily considered by conservatives to be a Good Thing.

      When conservatives want to trivialize the prosperity of the Clinton years they usually talk about the tech boom.

      Just trying to help you keep your stories straight.

    10. roundball fool

      Great posts – 26 & Teachable!

    11. UKfan


      Read up on the CRA and HCDA before you show your ignorance any further “teachable”. It’s obvious you haven’t a clue on the subject matter. Stick with correcting ones grammar; apparently its “strong” point.

      Do you really want to talk about Democratic policies on regulation? Its a discussion you would lose, I assure you.

  27. clint

    Who Gives a F- – k about B.C? He’s an A$$ hole!!

    1. Dave

      While clint would the rim licker

  28. Jim

    Two of the biggest bull shitters of all time !

    1. 9-asty

      And George W didn’t BS about Iraq? Good one, Jim.

  29. davefromdagap

    Want to make dozens of idiots appear? Put ANY article or politically related photo on here. He’s a former President for christ sake. He’s still the most influencial figure in politics, and is soon to be “The First Gentleman”. So he likes nook…so do I. Long live da Big Dawg!!

    1. UKfan


    2. Sure

      You both like nook, but he has actually seen one.

    3. UKfan


  30. bbcowboy

    The ex-Pres needs a tailor.

    1. Teachable Mo'

      Good eye. That reminds me of the joke about the guy who gets a really crap suit. So he goes back to the tailor who doesn’t want to re-do everything. So he tells him, “Naw, just hold you shoulder forward a bit. You’ll look like a movie star. And put your off-arm against your belt there. Just like Jimmy Cagney. ”

      [it’s an old joke]

      So, the guy leaves the tailor with his shoulder hunched forward and his arm pressed against his belt and he passes two old ladies who turn and cluck when goes by.

      “That poor cripple” say one.
      “Sure. But doesn’t his suit fit nice.”

  31. John

    Just be sure to bring your own cigars Coach.

  32. And I thought Cal had a big head,

    Clintons noggin makes Cals look normal. GoBigBlue!

  33. YT

    What a bunch of bs. Cal ate with a former president. Why is that not great for cal and for the program? How many coaches get to do that without winning a national title? These media personalities have stirred everybody so much we can’t even gather under the cats that we all love. Shame on you idiots that hate just to hate.
    PS I’m sure he’s really upset you don’t approve of his suit.

  34. Kevin C.

    I had a banana, peanut butter, and raisins for lunch…by myself. Yay me. 🙁

  35. DavidH

    I think it’s a shame any time we let politics interfere with the unity of the Big Blue Nation. Regardless of someone’s politics or background, I have something in common with anybody who loves the Cats – and the last thing I want to think about is the politics of our coaches. Even though I’m a fairly partisan Republican, I didn’t mind when Rick Pitino actively campaigned for Clinton in ’96, and I don’t mind now if Coach Cal wants to actively show his preference for Democrats (though I don’t think it follows that he was doing so here – simply meeting a former president is an honor, no matter who it is). And, irrespective of his political leanings, Coach Cal has shown respect for our elected officials from both parties (soon after Congressman Andy Barr took office last year, Coach Cal paid Congressman Barr a courtesy visit when he was in Washington).

    1. old timer

      Great points. We have so many dunderheads that post on this site. It is very embarrassing to read the comments section. One of the perks of Cal’s job is his access to many famous and accomplished people such as those in politics, film and music. Why would you not take advantage of that situation?

    2. roundball fool

      Very nice post, David H. We’re all diminished by a lack of civility in politics and in our everyday lives.

  36. catheaven

    Clinton and the word gentleman in the same sentence. Now that’s funny right there.

    1. Dave

      Or Bush and brains.

      Trailer trash voting GOP. Now that’s funny right there.

  37. TrueBlue

    Shame politics have entered this blog. Don’t agree with what Clinton did, was not ethical, but how many lives did it cost? Zero. George W and Chaney convinced everyone to invade Igaq on lies. It cost nearly 4500 american lives plus no telling how many physical and emotional casualties. Oh yea, we destroyed the county of Iraq to the tune of 1,033, 000 dead and counting. Cal can make his own allifiations, he has that right. Oh yea, that is what George W said we sent troops to Iraq for, freedom.

    1. Jim Andrews

      Well said.

    2. ushouldno

      I agree. I am in my seventh decade and while President Clinton should have controlled his urges, he is by far the best President of my lifetime.

    3. roundball fool


    4. will hart

      I could not agree more with “Trueblue” and all those who replied to his statment. Well said indeed. What Clinton did or did not do is between him, his family and his God. What Bush and Cheney did will desperately need the Forgiveness of God.

  38. You freaking losers

    I’m not even going to read the comment section, but I already know it’s filled with idiots spouting off political bull$#1%. I hope you all get hit by a car while you’re fuming over inconsequential photos of people DON’T GIVE A SH1%

  39. DC cat

    Bunch of ignorant people here. For Cal this is not about politics. You do realize the the Bushes and Clinton’s dine together every now and then too, right?

  40. Radmankd

    I think Coach Calipari is representing himself and the university very well on this tour.
    There is nothing wrong with associating yourself with a politician. You are in no way making a
    statement about politics or anything else for that matter.
    There are plenty of closed minded haters. I saw this article on Yahoo news today. Robert Silverman with The Daily Beast bashing Bill O’Reilly and jumped in on Coach Cal also.

  41. Joan

    Ruined wildcat basketball for me. Trash comes to mind.

    1. DC cat

      Omg. Whether its clinton, bush 1 or bush 2, Obama or carter…still a president and good for cal and UK.

      If it ruins wildcat b-ball for you,no great loss if something like this ruins it for you. People need to get a life. You can despise someone’s politics without making it personal.

    2. Dave

      Why not GTFO out then Trailer Joan.

  42. DNC chairman

    Ahhh….when politics and UK basketball collide. Worlds colliding Costanza!!! LOL at you Dbags who hate libs!!! Pisses you off doesn’t it? HAHAHAHAHAH. Decisions decisions. “Do I support Cal who likes libs? Or do I find another conservative coach to go root for???” This photo makes my day. Any day that redneck conservatives get their panties in a was is a GOOD day.

    1. DNC chairman


  43. Delk for 3

    How about Cal for President?

  44. jpcat15

    Cal is smart in that he associates with folks from both the conservative and liberal side. With that said, Bill Clinton is horrible role model. Let’s put it this way- would you want him alone in the same room with your daughter? I sure would not.

    By the way, Cal said he was a huge fan of Bill O’reilly. So, for those of you that believe Cal is a bleeding heart liberal may be mistaken. He is too smart to really let us know what his politics are.

    1. KG e

      I’m not real sure I’d want Bill Clinton or anyone else in a room with your daughter!

    2. Tom

      JP, you are delusional. O’realy tried to get Coach Cal to say he had problems with his team because they were in effect poor black kids. I actually watched the interview and Cal showed the hater he was better than him in his beliefs and didn’t have the issues racist Bill O’realy was looking for. And I do know that is not how the name is spelled. O’realy meaning nothing the guy says is the truth.

  45. Blue Water

    A photo of two fine men who are ridiculed by the haters and loved by those who love people who work hard to make the world a better place to live in.
    Those who are fortunate enough to know Coach Cal and/or Bill Clinton know exactly how intelligent they are. They know they want only good things even the haters.
    Try one of the good teaching us the Bible, love your neighbor.
    It also written that of all things “love is the greatest”.

  46. Thomas Jefferson

    It’s very sad for me to see the country so divided. Unfortunately, as the left leaning liberals continue to water down our education , legislation, judicial, defense and tax system towards socialism we will continue to be divided. Who was it that said the only way a great democracy can fail is by imploding? It started with the Clinton’s…..

    1. James Madison

      No, democracy fails when a right-leaning, wrong-thinking Supreme Court decides that money is speech, thus allowing creeps like the Koch brothers to buy elections and to effectively usurp the power that’s supposed to reside in the people. The central idea of a representative democracy is that political power is delegated by the people to citizens who represent them for a limited amount of time then turn that power over to the next crop of mooks.
      We no longer live in a representative democracy, or republic…we now and for the foreseeable future live in an oligarchy/aristocracy. Give the reactionaries their way and you can throw in theocracy, too.

    2. Elvis

      James- I agree that money definitely soils politics, but you should probably acknowledge that there are 18 other groups that donate more to politics than the Kochs if you’re being honest. The largest are the unions and of course George Soros. Most are left leaning.

  47. skullanbonesdiss

    Please STOP with the false paradigm bullshit of liberal and conservative….Clinton like all oligarchs who serve the financial elite are “intelligence assets that promote and protect wall street!

    The Clintons, little shrub and poppy shrub all work for the same club and as George Carlin used to say “You and I are not in it”

    The world most live in is a myth to reality world of misinformation, here is a tid bit….enjoy:

    Wednesday, February 06, 2008
    Was Bill Clinton a CIA Asset?

    Last night I listened to the radio interview of Jack Wheeler, who made all those nasty allegations of treason against John Mccain (see my post of yesterday).The interview on the Radio Patriot can be found here .

    The accusations against McCain are based entirely on the word of the alleged translator “T”. Wheeler says he knows T’s name and has spoken to him, as well as to “more than one” Republican member of Congress who have been briefed by T. Neither Wheeler or the Republican Congress members have seen any documentation of any of this. I don’t doubt Wheeler at this point but I do wonder who is behind T, and why did he come forward. And, of course, is he telling the truth?

    As to the allegation that Bill Clinton was a CIA asset as a student abroad, however, Wheeler may be on firmer ground. Note that if this allegation is true it really does not reflect discredit on the former President. Nor does it mean that Clinton’s opposition to the Vietnam War was not genuine. Wheeler said that the allegation that the CIA recruited young Bill Clinton was confirmed to him personally by the late Cord Meyer.

    To recap from yesterday, this is what Cord Meyer said about Bill Clinton.

    “They all darkly point to Bill’s participation in anti-war peace conferences in Stockholm and Oslo, and his trip to Leningrad, Moscow, and Prague while he was at Oxford. ‘Who could have paid for this?’, they ask. ‘It had to be the KGB!’ they claim.” Cord would shake his head. “What rot – we paid for it. We recruited Bill the first week he was at Oxford. Bill’s been an asset of The Three Bad Words ever since.”

    Wheeler is not the first to make this allegation regarding Clinton. Stew Webb reported the following back in 1993, originally in the Spotlight Newspaper.

    According to sources within the CIA, Clinton was used by the agency to infiltrate protest groups and report on their activities. In addition, Clinton used his cover as a Rhodes scholar to view the Khrushchev memoirs, then he stole documents for “the Company”, Webb said.

    According to sources, Clinton was answering to London bureau chief Cord Meyer when he took the Khrushchev documents. Contacted in Washington recently, Meyer denied Clinton was working for the agency (CIA).

    Webb said his sources indicate former Time editor and Council on Foreign Relations mouthpiece Strobe Talbott, international business tycoon Ira Magaziner and a third Ivy League grad. at Oxford all started careers with the CIA as they were schooled in England. The one unidentified agent died shortly after returning to this country. The other three engaged in brilliant careers that placed them in influential positions the media, business and politics.

    1. C. Jung

      Paranoia strikes deep, my son. Perhaps you should lie down for a while.

    2. roundball fool


  48. Dude

    Oh hey look, it’s the political phags arguing again. *Exits the Internet*

  49. Charlie Perkins

    Two of my favorites. Amazing how these favorites inspire such extreme comments.

  50. skullanbonesdiss

    Reality and “cogitative dissonance” separates the living thinking person versus a “Lemming ” existence of blind obedience…….I live in reality and not a bumper sticker slogan world C Jung.

  51. skullanbonesdiss

    More reality C Jung: “The Mena Connection”

    Any Questions?

  52. will hart

    A great President and a great coach. A great combination for the great state of Kentucky.

  53. Radmankd

    Hey James Madison,
    You forgot to mention a any of the ultra rich liberals who are “buying” elections with their $billions$.
    Warren Buffet, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg to name a few.