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26 responses to “Cade Cunningham WILL Attend Big Blue Madness”

  1. UKLugo

    Am I missing something?? The linked article says he NOT attending BBM.

    1. @GoCayts

      That was 4 days ago, things have changed today. That is the point of this article.

  2. season-3-disc-2

    Wow! If this is legitimate then this is GREAT news.

    1. Cletis75

      What I was thinking! Getting him on campus is important, but getting him here for a big weekend is even better. I hope it’s extra hyped this weekend. Hopefully we have some former players show up, like John Wall!

  3. 4everUKblue

    Is it really the most hyped practice anymore? We don’t have strippers on stripper poles, or dope smoking rappers shooting money guns into the stands while performing a profanity laced rap mini concert . I gotta wonder what’s next and how does anyone top that?

  4. VirginiaCat

    Crystal Ball has it 94% in favor of Oklahoma State. Hat on the table?

    1. BBNnCLE

      Possibly, but go back and look at Jamal Murray’s crystal ball and tell me that actually matters. I’ll go ahead and tell you it was 90% Oregon. Plus there’s still time for that to change and a lot of talk that Cunningham’s recruitment is more wide open than we think.

    2. SuperTroy18

      It used to be at 100%, then 99% for OKState. It is trending to Cats!

    3. bigbluebreeze

      6%???? “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!?”

    4. BBNnCLE

      breeze, that’s 1% more of a chance than duke had with Zion. But then again, we all know why things worked out that way.

    5. UKFanSC

      Worry about UNC, not Oklahoma State

  5. bpisforuk

    C’mon, they were acrobatic dancers on stripper poles. Lol

    1. BBNnCLE

      And Kansas had no idea what acrobatic dancers meant. Let’s give “Victim U” a break like the NCAA isn’t already going to.

    2. opinpi

      They weren’t stripper poles…they were floor-mounted, vertical, acrobatic assist structures.

    3. UKFanSC


    4. grammarpoliceUK

      The pic of the mascot smoking a big doobie was hilarious!

  6. clarks

    Jackson crystal ball has mich st like 90 % and he cut them from his list

    1. BBNnCLE

      Haha I forgot about that one. Further proof to not pay attention to the crystal ball until decision time, and even then it’s not always right.

  7. Guitarteacher74

    We really need this guy. Like really need him.

  8. UKFanSC

    This is great news. He is arguably the best high school player in the nation and would immediately give us a “super class” that rivals any we’ve had under Cal. Insiders are predicting UNC, but ya never know. Let’s reel him in !!

    1. BobbyBlue

      Heck with strippers says Ole Roy—- play for the Tarholes, and you don’t have to attend classes !

  9. Dark Soul

    You all know if he does pick us then the next rankings will have him as the 8th best PG.


    Great news and don’t think it’s clear cut Oklahoma State for him. We bring all of our 2020 commits plus Greg Brown (his AAU teammate), bring out all the bells and whistles, remind him he will be the centerpiece of next yrs team, and I think we go up as favorites come decision time next month, maybe get a commit in the next couple weeks. I give us a 75% UK, 25% Ok. St.

  11. BBNnCLE

    I think he’s gonna shock everyone and join our super class like Zion did with Duke last year, except without being paid. And now I wait for mashburnfan to respond…

  12. Plicknog33

    U mean CoachKfan don’t you? That dude is a troll and a half. Smh

  13. notFromhere

    Zion wasnt “paid”. He was just given an advance on his likeness dividends backpay with what looked like a bonus but was really just the future speculative interest on said backpay, which the NCASHAA will approve retroactively as if they didnt agree to it beforehand. Now, the money CBS gave him for attending Duke was just a scholarship for allowing his name to be mentioned and his likeness to be used for “One Zioning Moment” and future adds for the tournament in perpetuity.

    Clever ratscals