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35 responses to “Cade Cunningham shoots down recruiting rumors”

  1. CrystalBall

    Looks like he is enjoying the attention.

    1. Bubba Nasty

      Agreed. Too much drama for me.

    2. jos_ros_

      not sure if serious or not

  2. clarks

    And devin askew wasnt committing on that thursday either lol

    1. mashburnfan1

      That came from Askew who was saying his HS coach was wrong and no date was talked about but we found out it was just a lie from Askew and his coach was telling the truth.

  3. a21CATSfan

    This is the worst thing about Kentucky Basketball media. Yes, Jack’s post and podcasts are cool, but not EVERY PLAYER that visits is going to commit. Remember when Kerry Blackshear silently committed? That was Jake Weingarten and some idiot with a made-up UK FaceBook page. Remember when Vernon Carey and Isaiah Stewart showed just the slightest bit of interest, and everybody freaked out? I truly believe y’all are scaring the kids we need away. Yes, Cal has adapted and started evaluating good lower-ranked talent, but he still needs superstars to win. CATS

    1. StuckinLville

      You think Kentucky media is the only one doing this?

    2. JerryCat

      In basketball, yes

    3. StuckinLville

      I highly doubt that. And no kid cares about the media enough to sway their decision.

    4. catfan058

      And I’m pretty sure Jack Pilgram even said it wasn’t until last week that he even thought UK had a real shot. KSR is good at what they do. Can’t blame them if kids don’t come to UK. That’s just a crazy idea to even think that.

    5. tdogg40330

      Lower ranked talent? He’s had a top 2 class for 10 straight years. Everything is fine, some years the talent pans out better than others …. i think his track record speaks for itself

  4. catfan058

    Hey if we get him great! He is an amazing talent. If we don’t then hey it is what it is. But I don’t care what anyone says. It would be hard to say no to family. And you can’t fault him if he doesn’t say no.

  5. UKBaker24

    The most encouraging thing to me isn’t that Cal visited on Monday it’s that Cade and his family were the ones that initiated the visit. There’s a lot of info and “sources” out there but it has been confirmed that Cade’s Dad is the one that asked Cal to visit, that is very encouraging

    1. mashburnfan1

      Probably wanted to tell Cal that UW beat his bid and he needed to up the bid. Recruiting is dirty, always has been and always will be by ALL involved.

    2. UKBaker24

      You have a weird beard

    3. kenny

      Where was that confirmed?

    4. J-Dub421

      Trashburn stfu. Either produce proof Cal is paying players, or shut your mouth. Just because Kansas, LSU, Louisville and company got busted paying players doesn’t mean that UK is. If there was even a whiff that Cal/UK were paying players, we’d already be on probation.

    5. ibescootch

      I’ll be honest, I kind of love that mashburn always has the same one-dimensional, skeptical thought process, because it guarantees he’s either an idiot or a troll. And either way, nothing we say will ever change his perspective. It’s kind of nice having something to depend on every day.

    6. satcheluk

      Incentives drive behavior. Trolls feed of the caustic interactions. If everyone would quit feeding the trolls, eventually they lose interest and go away.

    7. Cletis75

      Mashburnfan1, how could they beat our bid? Cal offered him the opportunity to compete and win on the largest stage college basketball has to offer!
      Out of curiosity, has it been cold under your bridge the last couple of mornings?

    8. ukkatzfan

      Well, can’t argue that. Once it has been confirmed. I thought it had only been rumored. but confirmed, can’t argue that. Unless it was just a rumor that was confirmed. I will hang up and listen.

    9. StuckinLville

      Mashburn is really Kyle Macy. The disdain for Cal because he has the UK job he wants and the fact his career as a coach failed, is unbelievable.

    10. 4everUKBlue

      mashbum really is the turd in the punch bowl because he’s a piece of sh!t and that’s being kind.

    11. 4everUKBlue

      I think mashbum hates Cal because his wife is cheating on him with Brad.

  6. Han

    They all always shoot down rumors and “sources” even if those end up exactly right. (Remember how Askew wasn’t announcing on a particular day and then like 12 hours later they said he’d announce that day?)

    Ultimately, all that matters to me is that Cal and the staff have a better idea of their relationship with Cade than all the experts on forums do. Let Cade have his moment to announce, and I’m cool with it regardless of who he picks as long as he doesn’t lie to our staff or lead them on.

    1. 206Bones

      You will see, he is leading our staff on.

  7. Guitarteacher74

    Hope he still chooses Kentucky

    1. TonyMontana

      My sources say he will.

    2. drip or drown 60


    3. Looother

      My sources still say OK State…

  8. UKCatAttack

    The sources are almost always school representatives. Coaching staffs usually have a good feeling which direction a recruit is leaning. That being said 17 and 18 year olds notoriously change their minds. Most average kids always like the school they most recently visited.

  9. clarks

    We in good shape either way. He doesnt come we get askew to reclassify, which he may do anyway

  10. BigBertha

    I understand weighing your options, HOWEVER, you know where you’re going. OSU will not win a title even with him on the team. Maybe I need to work on my patience.

  11. CahillsCrossingNT

    I think he still ends up in Stillwater.

  12. mashman 93

    I hope we get Cade but it’s hard to turn family down so we’ll see. Our team for 2020-2021 will still be damn good with Devin Askew running the team.