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Buzz continues to be Zion Williamson to Clemson

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Kevin Knox proved that recruiting experts can be way off with their predictions; however, buzz continues to suggest Zion Williamson will pick Clemson on January 20. 

All four of 247 Sports’ recruiting experts — including Evan Daniels — say they’re hearing Zion will choose to stay home and play for Clemson, his stepfather’s alma mater.

“Since the news broke Wednesday evening that Williamson will announce on January 20th, nearly every recruiting call has yielded a conversation about the 6-foot-6, 275-pounder,” Daniels wrote. “In terms of where he might land, nearly all of the talk has centered on Clemson. I can’t say that I think he’s definitively going to Clemson, but they are certainly getting all of the buzz.”

Jerry Meyer has Kentucky as his Crystal Ball pick, but is inching closer to changing it.

“Even when talking with reliable sources, I hear a variety of combination of schools who might land Williamson. Only one school has been a constant among my sources and that is Clemson.”

How are the folks in Lexington feeling? According to Matt, not great.

Ugh. Please pull a Knox and make us all look back at this and laugh, Zion.

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40 responses to “Buzz continues to be Zion Williamson to Clemson”

  1. timewilltell

    If Matt comes right and picks Clemson then it is over. He doesn’t do that unless he has some great inside source info. Liked to had this player. Time to move on!!

    1. Jiminy Crickets

      We also thought Nerlens was going to Gtown, Murray to Oregon, monk to Arkansas, and Knox to Duke.

  2. Jiminy Crickets


  3. Jiminy Crickets

    I will say it really looks like the polish is a little tarnished. Calipari still gets great talent, and great kids, but he’s no longer getting THE great talent. Six years without a top 5 recruit, and his alleged “top priorities” going somewhere else. I also know Skal was a “top 5” recruit, I just can’t accept it

    1. RealCatsFan

      Other than K the vampire, who else is CONSISTENTLY getting the top 5 picks every year? He still pulls in the #1 or #2 ranked class every year. I think Tubby had maybe one or two classes ranked in the top 5 during his tenure. BCG? HaHa. The trend has shifted to the point where a lot of the top kids are charting their own path by staying with lesser known schools, and there is also a lot of stuff going on in the background for some of these choices – parents getting involved in the decisions, relatives on the staff of the schools they pick (Simmons?), etc. If anything, it should put to rest the accusations that Cal is doing anything shady to get his recruits. Look at it this way – if the NBA goes to a baseball style rule where kids can go right out of HS again, won’t be much different.

    2. 4everUKblue

      Just can’t be happy can you Crickets?

    3. callitlikeiseeit

      That may help us, no chance at a title this year, or any year, with so much youth on roster. If we keep getting the 2 and done and some 3-4 and done guys we can compete with a real shot at titles every year. If Gabriel and SKJ stay for JR years and say 3 of these FR stay, add the new class and we may be really good with experience, you remember that thing we had when we won that 1 title, experience. Then that continues each year we could be unstoppable, will not win it with 6-7 new guys each year.

  4. jahanc2uky

    Kevin Knox staying, like Willie did, is something I could see happening. I would rather have Sophomore Knox over Zion. Anyones thoughts on Knox staying another year?

    1. RealCatsFan

      Not likely.

    2. Dustin Rumbaugh

      Two COMPLETELY different types of games and draft scenarios. WCS was almost always going to be the exact type of player he was/is. His draft stock was based on pure athleticism, hustle, defense, but he had areas he could improve (feel for the game, knowing what shots he should take, low post moves, shot mechanics). Knox has already shown that if you get him in a gym near 365 days a year, honing his game, making better decisions, playing with a high motor constantly and getting reps on the shots he’s comfortable taking, he’s a future star on both ends of the court. WCS was and is not ever going to have the complete tool set Knox could. Knox could probably get a non-career changing injury this year and still go lottery. He might even be able to get a knee injury and still sneak in the lottery. To borrow a baseball analogy, he’s a future 5-tool star. They’re almost exact opposite scenarios in terms of what they’re good at and what they can improve.

  5. UKantstopus

    Everything happens for a reason.. I’ll focus on who we have and get and not who we dont… GO CATS!!!

  6. bigabes4uk

    Honestly – if he goes to Clemson, he isn’t right for our program anyways. He wants to be the man if thats really his decision. For the life of me I will never understand why a player of his caliber would make a decision like that on a school. Wouldn’t you want to be in the spotlight and even further build your name? That aint happening at Clemson bud- sorry. You may be a high pick (top 5 probably), but you build your name at KY and that’s a big thing once you’re in the league (see multi-million $ endorsements)

    1. UKantstopus

      I don’t disagree with you at all but the only thing that makes any kind of sense is if he wants to follow his step-fathers footsteps…

    2. 4everUKblue

      There have been some kids that wanted to come here but went with their parents’ wishes. Barrett for one….and Marques Bolden….I’m so glad we didn’t get Bolden.

    3. Dustin Rumbaugh

      To each their own. Isaiah Thomas proved that over time. No one would have given him the keys to a blue blood program and he didn’t get the keys to Sacramento even though he was quite good. Given the keys to the Celtics he made himself a Celtic legend only bested by Larry Bird in terms of offensive numbers. Some players thrive in different situations (see Trae Young). And some feel like they belong in certain situations where it really isn’t the best for them (see Malik Newman). We’ll see I guess.

    4. callitlikeiseeit

      Trae is building a great name at OU. So is Bagley at dUKe. Heck Porter is still making news at Mizzou and does not play. Simmons name was everywhere from LSU. Plus do you know that Clemson is probably a better team than us right now.

    5. bigabes4uk

      Sure you can build a name anywhere, but there is no denying we are the biggest stage on his list. He will get more exposure at UK than Clemson. With that said- I’ll be absolutely nauseous if he picks anyone but UK

  7. RealCatsFan

    I am thinking that there is a parental influence component in his decision if he goes to Clemson.

  8. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Zion may be surprised when he shows up on campus to find that the national championship trophies the Clemson coaches were talking about have a football on top of them.

  9. henderblue

    He’s probably feeling tons of pressure to stay home. And giving in to it

  10. mikeintn

    Of all the players that Cal has recruited I was wanting to see him come the most, not saying he would be the best, just for some reason I really like the way he plays. Hope he still comes, I’ve been happy surprised before, trust in Cal. But if not probably not the right guy, UK will be just fine. Go CATS

  11. wyatts1

    He’s needing to do what’s best for his growth and his career, that doesn’t work if he goes to Clemson. Seems like it’s a no brainier that UK is the right decision for the betterment for his future, the only reason he stays at Clemson is 1) it’s the safe bet since it’s local and the place his step dad went to. 2) the kids not intelligent enough to make the obviously right decision. Either way I hope we get him, cause with us we are a national contender with the predicted talent coming back and coming in with the kids that’s signed their LOI.

  12. Catlogic15

    He probably doesn’t really care where he goes. He’ll be a gazillionaire eight months later anyway.

    1. callitlikeiseeit

      Bingo…kids have figured out it was not Cal that made them top picks, they were top picks from High School or no matter what college they go to.

    2. Mc12

      Agree on some like AD but disagree for guys like Ulis, Booker, and several others. The attention for those guys is huge in them getting drafted. I also feel the spotlight and stage helps prepare them for sustainability in the league.

  13. dbookno1

    it’s over… James Wiseman, where you at?

    1. dbookno1

      You know, I hope all 6 Clemson basketball fans enjoy him

  14. TonyMontana

    I wanted Zion more than any recruit since Wiggins. He is a beast, would be a good get for UK. Coming here he would improve his game tremendously. Playing against other studs in practice is priceless. This would prepare him better for the pros. On the flip side, going to Clemson he gets to stay home and be the superstar. He can do there what Trey Young has done in Oklahoma. Either place he goes, he will get drafted very high. But Kentucky would actually prepare him for the next level. Either way, you cant fault a kid for staying home.. it’s his life and I wish him the best. But I hope he pulls a Malik Monk here.

  15. ukwildcat2323

    I still love Cal, but he’s lost his swag in recruiting. He doesn’t get the absolute best anymore. We’ve taken a backseat to Duke like it or lump it.

  16. John Henry

    When Matt makes the pick it is over. He would never put out something that would go global if he was not 100% certain. So we missed out on another Top 5 and our magic is a little tarnished. Duke is worthy of being the top recruiting school now because they are winning NCAA titles. At least they are not getting Zion, thank you Clemson

  17. chris43

    I hate to say this but….WOW! If we lose out on Zion this will be two years in a row that we haven’t landed even a top 5 freshman. Duke is loaded up once again with 3 in the top 10 (how we used to do). This year’s team… rated recruit is Kevin Knox #10 and frankly you can EASILY tell the level of talent compared to years past. Next year the highest recruit is Quickley and he is also #10. Something has gotta give on this. You can win and go very far with freshman (as proved by Cal/UK since he’s been here) BUT it has to be the ELITE CREAM OF THE CROP recruits….not one guy in the top 10 and then 4-5 others scattered from 11-30ish. Unless he’s building a different team and trying to develop talent which is hard to do when we’ll still most likely lose Knox, Richards, and Diallo to the pros.

    1. henderblue

      Maybe. Maybe not. Seems like a rush to judgment.

  18. Danny44324

    I see nothing but bandwagon jumpers. Let him go to Clemson. It is not the end of the world. Calipari recruits players that fit his program. Whether you are number one or fifty, if you do not fit the mold, move on to the next. Cal is not losing his swag. In all honesty, what can this kid do other than dunk and be really athletic? Can he shoot? Play defense? I wish some of the negative asshats would go to a Duke blog, along with most of the KSR writers.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Amen Danny!

    2. Bobbum Man

      And I’m also kind of in the same boat as you, I don’t doubt he’ll be an extremely fun player to watch… but, what’s gonna happen when it’s not a 5’11 scronny kid guarding him constantly? I don’t believe he’s a great shooter or an elite defender, look at Hami.. kid was a walking highlight reel coming to uk and to be honest I haven’t exactly been blown away by his athleticism this year

  19. 4everUKblue

    If he picks Clemson, nothing would have changed his mind, you can’t blame Cal for not getting him.

  20. Mc12

    I know Zion would get his minutes here, but if Wiseman reclassifies (I know he recently said he isn’t but I know there are reasons a player would say they’re not and still do it) then I’m good. I’d be happier for PJ Washington and possibly Vanderbilt although I think Vanderbilt leaves. Sometimes it’s not always about ranking but rather skillsets meshing together. With Wiseman, I’d feel like next year’s class would be similar to the Ulis, Booker, Lyles and Towns class of players that can get buckets, and a rim protector

  21. Megan

    UK could have a lot of bodies returning next year. Might that be a factor? Also, Zion said he’s watching the teams on his list, watching how they use the players at his position. Maybe he’s not liking what he sees in these Kentucky games.

    If “folks in Lexington” are pessimistic, then I’d certainly be a damned fool to feel any other way, wouldn’t I? (Catch-22, anyone?)

  22. dbookno1

    I hope we play Clemson next year, and Zion can see what he missed out on

  23. TB112162

    Watching Clemson play UL right now if he goes to Clemson he will average a lot of points and rebounds but he won’t be playing in the tournament 4 of there best players are seniors