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BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: If Mark Stoops Goes, Even Sniff Art Briles and UK Loses Me

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This is a weird article to write because we have a head football coach that I genuinely like.  I don’t know a person that has a problem with Mark Stoops personally.  He has always been gracious to the media and fans and really hasn’t made any PR blunders that I know of.  He probably got the fans as excited for UK football as any coach in recent memory.  But facts are facts.  All that excitement makes the results on the field that much more disappointing.  I’m not a football expert and most of you could say the same, but I think the talent looks better than most any team Rich Brooks had.  Certainly light years ahead of what Joker Phillips had.  But they just don’t perform and that is mostly on Stoops.  There just are not positives in the program right now and you can feel the negativity.  Which is why most people have a sense if inevitability that the Stoops tenure is not going to end well, whether it be this year or next.

But I don’t think any more analysis of the current state of the program needs to happen.  If Mark Stoops is on an inevitable path, it’s only natural to think about what’s next.  If Stoops leaves, his mark on the program ends there.  He will get another job and he moves on.  We’re stuck with this team so I don’t think it’s absurd to talk about who might be next.  And this week there has been serious chatter about who UK might look at.  I know I’ve heard it on the radio show a bunch and I’ve seen it on social media and message boards since the final gun against Southern Miss.

And there is one name that raises the hair on my neck more than any other: ART BRILES.  For those who don’t know sports outside of this state, Briles is the former coach of Baylor University.  He took that program from the absolute depths of college football to BCS bowls and conference championships.  From a football perspective, Briles is an elite talent.

But did you see that I called him FORMER Baylor football coach?  He’s a former football coach because he was fired in the offseason.  And why?  A little timeline:

August 17-20, 2015: Reports come out a current Baylor football player had been indicted for sexual assault on June (2 months earlier).  Despite this, the player in question was allowed to continue participating in team activities.  Reports then come out that the player, a former Boise State football player, left that school because of a sexual assault allegation AND that Baylor and Art Briles knew about this before accepting this player’s commitment.

August 21, 2015: The player is convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 6 months prison.

September 2015: Baylor orders an investigation into the university’s handling of sexual assault cases.

January 2016: ESPN provides a report outlining several instances where Baylor failed to support sexual assault victims.  It is also revealed the university did not hire a Title IX coordinator for 3 years after being directed to do so by the federal government.

April 13: Another Baylor player is accused of sexual assault and Rivals discovers the same player was accused of sexual assault in 2013.

April 14: ESPN reports Baylor took 2 YEARS to investigate a sexual assault accusation against 2 players.  The assault took place in 2013 and Baylor was alerted at that time but did not investigate until 2015.

May 13: Baylor concludes its investigation.

May 18: Baylor Board of Regents decides to retain Art Briles.

May 19: ESPN furthers its report that says several members of the football team had been accused of sexual assault and/or violent acts and the players did not miss any playing time.  One victim says she was never contacted by Baylor during it’s investigation.

May 26: Art Briles terminated.

Now, let’s get something out of the way.  First, Art Briles is not solely responsible for the unbelievably cold and disgusting atmosphere created at Baylor University.  But he is the head of the program and he knew about these allegations and knew what kind of players he brought into the program (see Boise State transfer above).  If Art Briles had any soul whatsoever, he would have never recruited those players in the first place but once these incidents happened, he would have supported THE VICTIMS and not the ASSAILANTS!  Because that is what we are talking about here.  We are talking about a man who felt that his football players and winning stupid freaking football games overshadowed supporting women who had been raped.  Even at the point of the accusation, Briles should have made it a PRIORITY for the university to investigate those accusations because a coach should not want rapists on his team and when a player is accused, he should want that person cleared.  And if they are not cleared, he should want them off his team and charged and put in prison.  That is what a person with a soul with do.  That is not what Art Briles did.

Here’s a little tip for Art Briles: Instead of trying to protect players accused of rape by blocking or outright stopping investigations, TEACH YOUR MEN NOT TO RAPE PEOPLE!

Someday the trend will break where this society, especially at the college level, will stop thinking winning GAMES THAT DON’T MATTER outweigh the safety of women.  Because this is not strictly a Baylor problem, it is a national problem.  And time and time again, coaches stand by their players when these accusations are made.  And standing by their players means doing everything they can to make sure those investigations don’t happen.  That is disgusting.

I think Mitch Barnhart is a wonderful athletic director.  He hasn’t always had the best success in every hire but he has almost always hired people with class and clean backgrounds.  Calipari might have been his “riskiest” hire and I would take every single coach on my campus to have the background and history of Coach Calipari before I would even consider interviewing, considering, having 1 second of thought of bringing Art Briles in to be my janitor, much less my football coach.  I can’t fathom if we need a football coach this off-season or next that Barnhart would ever consider him, no matter what his success as a coach has been.  I will take 0-12 seasons for the rest of my life if it means we don’t have coaches like Art Briles associated with my team.

At this point, we obviously have no idea who UK would go after as its next head coach if Mark Stoops can’t get this thing turned around.  But to hear fans mention the name Art Briles as a serious candidate they want makes me want to vomit.  If he is even interviewed then UK football and UK athletics in general should have NO FEMALE FANS ever again.  In reality, men should care about it just as much and not be fans of such of program either.  Because that basically says that the character of our coach doesn’t matter and a team culture where violence against women is OK.  That might be blunt but that also is accurate.  And frankly if Art Briles is considered then I am done with UK athletics.  At some point you have to recognize that these games might be an important part of your life, but more important than the safety of the student public?  More important than the safety of women?  I don’t think so.  I’d love to hear our AD actually publicly say he would never consider Briles or any coach of the same ilk, although that won’t happen as long as we have a coach.  But for now, I am just so disappointed in the small minority of fans who want Briles.  If UK ever follows suit, you’ll be one less in this fanbase.

Article written by Bryan the Intern

95 responses to “BTI’s Rants and Ramblings: If Mark Stoops Goes, Even Sniff Art Briles and UK Loses Me”

  1. kycats13

    Totally agree with you on this one.

    1. Luether

      So no one deserves a 2nd chance? Players are guilty until proven innocent?

    2. Double 00 Tony Delk

      Luether, I guess you missed the part where the players were CONVICTED of sexual assault. And, NO, Briles doesn’t deserve a second chance as a head football coach after the disgraceful way that he handled these cases.

  2. KY1234

    pure ignorant, you nor the bum above have any idea of what happened. Acting like all of this is fact and has been settled or something smh

    1. kycats13

      And on what do you base your observations of our knowledge of this? You don’t even know who I am. I would suggest that you are a sad, lonely person having an extremely bad day. Cheer up, “Nothing is ever so bad that it can’t get worse.”

    2. ukjaybrat

      Just because there wasn’t a federal investigation and a court case to determine facts doesn’t mean that the evidence supplied by ESPN and others are not facts. You sound like all of the louisville fans early on in hooker gate saying “this is all made up. none of it is true”

      Then and now, I will say if even half of it is true, it’s disgusting and this man doesn’t deserve to be a head coach anywhere. However, he will probably still get a job somewhere because, as i mentioned a couple days ago on the show thread, there are programs where winning games is more important than having moral character (like at Louisville)

    3. CapitalBlue

      “pure ignorant”

      Nice one.

  3. 206Bones

    He stands no chance and he would not work for MB anyway.

  4. cats paw

    so sayeth the site that just posted UK football is ranked #4 in the nation in crimminal activity……

    1. runningunnin.454

      Wasn’t that involving only 2 incidents over a limited and arbitrary time frame?
      I don’t think we can even compete with Baylor, Tennessee, Penn State, and UL in regard to systemic corruption.
      Decadent stripper parties and prostitution involving minors on campus are reminiscent of Caligula.

    2. Booby Petrino

      so sayeth the fan of the team who picks up every criminal that another team drops. And yes, that criminal activity was 2 guys getting arrested for non-violent incidents from a time frame of Feb-Aug.

    3. cats paw

      and now the fan base in denial of their own sins refuse to take accountability, much like Brlies and Louisville! oh, our situation is different…..

    4. Billy Hill

      The same douchenozzle (cats paw) who criticizes fans on here for taking the sport too seriously:

      cats paw October 30, 2015 at 3:15 pm | Permalink
      Like It (0)
      I think the homers just realize how stupid they are for worshipping these players when the players really could care less about them or the program once they leave!

      …is totally fine with hiring despicable humans to coach our football team, just to get a few wins. Thats a level of stupidity you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

    5. cats paw

      thanks Billy. that made a lot of sense. lmao

    6. Billy Hill

      Reading comprehension is tough for some children and people with learning disabilities.

    7. KentuckyFootballFan

      Im glad we all agree cats paw has a learning disability.

  5. KY1234

    My sister just graduated from Baylor and my younger brother is a junior there now. The part you don’t know is that most (yeah most) of the girls were from the same sorority, are all well known cleat sluts, and 100% of the cases alcohol is what threw “consent” out of the question. That’s sexual assault, I guess we should all be in jail. Seems alcohol is the problem because not a single person was proven raped. It’s a shame what girls do nowadays when guilt sets in after getting messed up and slutting around, it’s a true shame. And it’s also a true shame to any man who did sexually assault a women, which could have happened at some point, but you act like you know something we all don’t and are condemning this coach when you literally have no clue about the subject nor does anyone besides the ones there. They just had to fire people to do get dumbasses making assumptions like you off their back. I suggest you know a little something about the ordeal before you make a post, may or may not improve the quality of them, as garbage as they are.

    1. kycats13

      How can you “assume” that no person but you has any knowledge of this? I have found that coaches are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to anything but their sport. We just put them on a pedestal, for some reason.

    2. RamblingBeachCat

      Even if everything you say is correct (big freaking “if” right there), then a couple things about this case remain extremely troubling/damning for both Briles and your assessment.

      1.) The cases were not investigated properly until a large amount of time had passed.

      2.) I can’t believe I’m having to say this, but just because a girl is drunk does not mean she has consented to sex. Even a crusty middle-aged guy like me (who thinks the current college PC culture is completely out of control) understands that.

    3. ukjaybrat

      RBC is correct. alcohol absolutely does NOT throw consent out the window. Or that would be the defense of every date raper in the business.

    4. Billy Hill

      KY1234 is #TeamRapist

    5. CapitalBlue

      Christ Almighty. KY1234 I hope you are not as ugly as you are stupid.

    6. Double 00 Tony Delk

      Tevin Eliott was CONVICTED of 2 counts of sexual assault and sentenced to 20 years in prison. During his trial 2 other women testified under oath that he assaulted them as well. There was a 4th student who made a report that was never investigated. He was a serial rapist and neither the school, the athletic department, nor the coach tried to do anything about it.

      Sam Ukwuachu was kicked off the Boise St. team for for domestic violence against his girlfriend. The former coach of Boise St. has stated the Briles was made aware of Ukwuachu’s disciplinary record prior to his transfer to Baylor. While sitting out a season after the transfer he was CONVICTED of sexual assault against a Baylor soccer player.

      Shawn Oakman was recently indicted by a grand jury for felony sexual assault against another Baylor student. He was another transfer that Briles brought to Baylor after getting dismissed from Penn St. He also had past allegations of domestic violence.

      What part of this do you not understand KY1234? KY1234 is #TeamRapist

  6. bandalumnus

    This could be the best article BTI has ever written! And, I totally agree with his assertion. I think it’s safe to say, given past experience (not pursuing Petrino), that Mitch won’t be pursing Art Briles. Mitch is a man of character who generally hires people of character. I’d have a hard time believing that he’d ever consider Briles.

    1. cats paw

      “Mitch has a history of hiring people with character”.. you mean like the drunk child predator Billie Clyde or the “assumed” cheatingest badketball coach in college sports?

    2. Billy Hill

      NEWSFLASH: “Assumed” and “reality” are two different things.

      Example: we assume you are a toothless moron.. when in <reality, you are a jobless loser with no life.

      Also, ‘cheatingest’ and ‘badketball’ are not real words.

    3. cats paw

      i apilogize for ever hurting your feelings and making you look stupid Billy. you really need to get over me owning you and living in your head, rent free! you really should stick to personal attacks and spelling though since you obviously know nothing about sports

    4. BluKudzu

      cats paw has a micropenis.

    5. Patches

      Wow do you know that from experience BluKuzu

    6. BluKudzu

      You have one, too.

    7. Patches

      You must be the one who sent the penis candy Blukudzu, you seem fixated on them

    8. BluKudzu

      So do you. You are obviously gay, judging by your profile picture

  7. FBI Informant

    Exactly Cat Paw. Come on. I’m not a big Briles fan but the man clearly made a mistake, for which he regrets, and he should have the opportunity to learn and grow from it. The number one job of a coach in college is to protect his players as if they were his own kids. It seems to me that he took it a step too far, and that he made a terrible mistake for which he has now learned from. It’s hard to know where the line is when wrongdoing is being ALLEGED. A false allegation can also ruin a young mans life (see Lloyd Tubman). He was acquitted but lost his scholarhip simply by being accused. Maybe Briles was trying to avoid the same thing happening to one of his boys, whose parents entrusted him with their sons well-being. So, maybe he tried to do the right thing and just took it a step too far in an obviously difficult situation, where he had no experience dealing with it in his entire life. The guy deserves a second chance.

    1. CrazyCayts

      100% agree. Bryan needs to get the FOH with that liberal sway (and I’m not even much of a political guy), It’s ridiculous for everyone to act as if Briles is the worst human being on the planet; I would take him at UK in a heart beat because I’M TIRED OF LOSING. Even if speculations are true, you think he would beg for another job just to make the same mistakes all over again? And for people like BTI and other members of the media to say “if he is even considered for the UK job, we should all boycott UK Football”? Please just leave the fan base now and spare us your whining. I am not implying that sexual assault is okay, because it ABSOLUTELY IS NOT, but… Men are being falsely accused of sexual assault on college campuses all around the country. Not to say that every time an assault is reported, that it is false but, when you have sorority girls partying with football players and drinking alcohol like its their job… its hard to put all the blame on these alleged rapists. I agree, that the university and Briles may not have handled things the correct way, and Briles likely should have investigated/punished certain players instead of trying to keep it under wraps; but people make mistakes.If Bobby Petrio deserved a second chance for all the lying and shadiness he pulled over the last decade, then Art Briles sure as heck deserves one too.

    2. tbbucs86

      CrazyCayts how many girls did you violate in college that you deemed okaybecause you and them were drunk? You have horrible priorites if winning in football is more important than girls getting raped.

    3. Billy Hill

      FBI agrees with cats paw, because, of course. LOL

    4. CrazyCayts

      tbbucs86 my argument is that most of these women were likely not even raped, if they were; that is CLEARLY NOT OKAY, but you act like Briles is the one who was raping them. Certain things, horrible things, go on behind the scenes of big programs and universities do their best to handle the issues without the word getting out; Baylor did a terrible job but I dont put all of that blame on Briles, there is no evidence that he was involved other than the poor choices of not managing his team and taking these accusations more seriously. I didn’t say winning in football is more important than girls getting raped, you are acting as if we hired Briles we would be required to rape women to win?

    5. tbbucs86

      Ya and it was okay for Joe Paterno to overlook what was happening too? So if alcohol is involved it is automatically not rape?

    6. tbbucs86

      and crazycyats even if you say most these women were not even raped, that means some that were. If one rape is overlooked that is one too many.

    7. CrazyCayts

      tbbucs86 If you look, you will see that I CLEARLY stated that rape is not okay. Just because alcohol is involved doesn’t mean that it cant still be rape; but if you are a college female with a clear intent of going to a party wearing questionable clothing and getting drunk with football players, you are playing with fire. The topic is not rather or not rape is okay but if Art Briles should at least be considered for the job. (Which he wont with Mitch as AD). I believe people like Briles should have the right to let their side of the story be told and if applicable, given a second chance.

    8. tbbucs86

      so you are saying it is the girls fault she was raped? how terrible of a person are you?

    9. CrazyCayts

      Good lord tbbucs86, I’m finished trying to explain this to you; its obviously out of your realm of comprehension. You should try for a job at CNN with the profound way you are falsely, and deliberately misinterpreting my words.

  8. secrick

    I don’t think BTI knows what he’s talking about and one less fan is ok. Not saying i would hire him but i would listen to his story and not make something up. Ha listen Rick Pitino didn’t know what was going on at louisville maybe this guy didn’t either. Of course we know Rick never lies.

  9. Patches

    If there was any way Mitch the dummy could persuade Bobby Patrino from UL he should do it. He never so much as gave the guy an interview. He has been a winner and builder everywhere he has been and no one on here can say people can’t change their ways. UK football is in a death spiral and something has to be fixed.

    1. Booby Petrino

      People can change their ways…but I guess you believe that Bobby’s Twitter was hacked a few weeks ago when it showed that he liked adult smut. That guy is still doing sleazy things and I think the majority of the UK fan base does not want him here, regardless that he can win at football. Win at all costs is the Louisville mentality, not ours.

    2. cats paw

      and i guess you have never looked at “adult smut”? i agree, its not flattering to come out but come on dude….stop acting like its not human. and i would bet that if a 20 yr old blond volleyball player gave you attention that you would trip over your wife to get to her

    3. runningunnin.454

      Paw, you knock your wife out of the way, and go for the 20 yr old blond;
      Don’t make assumptions about the rest of us because you have no code nor honor nor morality.

    4. RealCatsFan

      So cats paw has put his cards (no pun intended) on the table for all to see. Wow, what a guy!

    5. Patches

      Just to clarify I would hire the N. Dakota St. coach first and foremost since I already know UK would never hire Patrino anyway.

    6. cats paw

      shouldnt you all be in church worshipping your Lord Jesus Christ instead of hating and arguing over football all day long?????

    7. RealCatsFan

      So now we have learned that cats paw is an atheist too. Interesting!

  10. Sentient Third Eye

    I can get that some people want to replace Stoops, but why do they focus on replacing him with genuinely reprehensible people who, rather than coaching, probably ought to be behind bars (Briles, Petrino)?

    1. Patches

      Behind Bars? If your talking about jail how stupid a comment can you make. Now if serving drinks thats another matter. If Hillary cannot be jailed then those 2 certainly cannot.

  11. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    no mentions for Jim Tressel?

    1. Bob Sacamano

      …or that fat ass who coached Kansas to the Orange Bowl a few years ago?

  12. AllBall

    I’m sure the K Club would miss Bryan’s significant contributions if the administration ever decides to hire Briles.

  13. tbbucs86

    If you put winning above having a coach that overlooks rape you are part of the problem. Even if alcohol is involved, it is still rape. The Stanford girl was drunk, but thats still sexual assault.So with your logic, you would hire Joe Paterno as well?

    1. JoChan

      I believe it would be awful hard to hire Paterno now. Unless the afterlife has a football league. Just sayin…

  14. Cal Naughton Jr.

    Wouldn’t it be the Christian thing to do to give the coach/players involved a second chance once they’ve served their punishment? I don’t believe in crucifying people for one mistake, albeit a huge one. Even Calipari had issues and accusations before coming to Kentucky. Granted, they weren’t nearly as severe, but still..

  15. catdog

    I wonder how selective Bryan’s moral outrage is.
    Bryan, you a supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton?
    Bill is the Bill Cosby of politics, and Hillary the cover up queen and enabler.
    And you worry about a football coach’s qualifications.

  16. Laker Cat 18

    So you’re saying the only thing Briles actually did wrong was his decision to let a transfer who was “accused” of sexual assault at the time join his team? Bobby Petrino thinks that is hilarious.

    The problem is that if you “investigated” all other colleges, you’d be shocked at the accusations that are covered up for these same incidences. It’s not as much of a coaching problem as it is a university problem. Briles was the fall guy. Baylor had to have an out and he was the easiest route.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Right now it is hard to say exactly how much responsibility Briles has in all of this. But it is absolute fact that Bobby P was solely responsible for all the things he did. But according to UofL fans, it is OK to hire him because everyone deserves a second chance. Hey, if we hire Briles, are all of you UofL fans going to support us? 😀

    2. Laker Cat 18

      Briles will win his wrongful termination lawsuit against Baylor. He will also end up back at Houston following their current coach taking a higher profile job after this season. This is my prediction. The Baylor situation is nothing like Louisville. There is no hard proof Briles himself was involved or even aware of anything regarding sexual assault (other than knowing the situation with the one incoming transfer, an incident that didn’t even take place at Baylor University). It’s crazy the media has folks crucifying this guy over “allegations.”

  17. tbbucs86

    Second chance is a lot different for someone who overlooks rape vs someone who has been accused of paying recruits.

  18. za

    I’m with you BTI!

    Unrelated to Art Briles, but I always wondered how Mike Leach never became HC at UK.

  19. stoopstroops

    Doesn’t matter whether he did anything wrong or not, what matters is people “think” he did wrong and is a terrible human being. I don’t want that as a coach, I would rather UK be known for having a bad team rather then employing bad people.

    1. cats paw

      unless its a winning basketball coach, then you’re cool with what others think?

    2. Billy Hill

      John Calipari has never been convicted of any wrongdoing or fired from a job due to scandal. Art Briles and Bobby Petrino have. Are you really that dumb?

      Only stupid people/Tard fans think Cal is the “cheatingest” coach.

    3. Laker Cat 18

      Aside from the Calipari comparison (which I think is completely idiotic), where do you folks see that Briles has been convicted of anything? There is proof and admission with Petrino at UofL. Briles has a current lawsuit against Baylor University for wrongful termination that he will most likely win. He was the simple solution for a much more complex problem that extends beyond football.

    4. Billy Hill

      I didn’t say BRILES was convicted. But he was let go from his university due to scandal.

    5. Laker Cat 18

      I misread your comment. I apologize. My Cal comment was referring to previous comments.

  20. smcfay1

    Bye…Youll be back. Art Briles was never the problem with Baylor. The culture of Baylor which exists in all their sports. If you’ve never been to the campus, you probably should write about things you actually know about.

    1. Han

      Didn’t the basketball team have major problems a few years back, too?

    2. RealCatsFan

      Yep, major problems like one player murdering another.

  21. Kyblue34

    Who cares? Mitch will never even interview this guy, much less hire him. Why bother arguing?

    1. Han

      There’s always the chance Mitch gets his hand forced again like it was when he had to hire Calipari after Gillispie crashed and burned.

    2. Kyblue34

      That will never happen in football. Not enough power outside the athletic department that cares enough about football. Basketball is a totally different beast.

  22. Han

    A lot of people are talking about Brohm, or Kiffin (don’t really get that one – there are reasons he’s not at USC anymore and he bailed on his last SEC job).

    I still say we have to at least see if Tressel is interested in getting back into coaching. I wanted us to look at him when we hired Stoops, even though Tressel is under a Show Cause right now because of the stink with the Signatures-for-Tattoos stuff at Ohio State. (Show Cause runs out after this year, I believe.) In the grand scheme, there’ve been a lot worse scandals, like Briles, and as far as compliance risks, we have a department I have confidence in.

    1. stoopstroops

      2 reasons why tressel isn’t even considering UK.
      1. As soon as his show cause is over he will have way better offers than uk
      2. I can’t imagine why he would consider coming to a school that just ran off one of his friends that is from the same area and known each other forever

  23. rainman

    Same people would support this scumbag as the ones who hang on Petrino’s nutsack!
    BTI, couldn’t agree more!


    Just go get Brohm before some one else does and we are left with another reject. We’ve tried old established coaches, we’ve tried division lower coaches, we’ve tried assistant coaches. Let’s go get a young up and Comer who has assistant coach experience, and so far a pretty damn impressive head coaching resume considering where he’s at. We could pay him 5 times what he makes now and win right away. Program is set talent wise, wait a year and it’s two classes gone and in a rebuild again.

  25. chief_cat

    There are so many other talented coaches out there. Personally, I would love to see it work out for Stoops but unless a miracle occurs, I don’t see that happening. So what about a coach like Tom Herman out of Houston or Ken Niumatalolo out of Navy? Or if you want to create some real buzz, how about hiring a former NFL coach like Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, or Tony Dungy or even a former player who is poised to coach, such as Ray Lewis or Matt Hasselbeck?
    Why would we ever go the route of hiring Briles?

    1. gnik2009

      Simple answer. None of the above want to commit career suicide by coming to UK. I respect your response and suggestion, but I’m assuming NFL coaches and players don’t want to leave retirement to acquire the headache that is UK Football. Not to mention the program will forever be the red-headed stepchild of our basketball program. Ever wonder why Alabama basketball is terrible year after year, yet their football team dominates? Ever wonder why they don’t get big name coaches to come spark some life into the sport, so they at least compete during hoops season? Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the bluegrass. Learn to laugh my friends. No big time support exists for our football program, unlike basketball. Kudos to M. Stoops for at least creating a few years of excitement and energy. Regardless of when we let him go, UK won’t be bringing a big name on board for at least another 2-3 years, including Briles. We’re fully invested with no reserve money to speak of, Stoops will remain or we’re back to the Joker days. Maybe next time Mitch will think twice before giving a nice fat *unproven* extension out. Just look at Charlie Weis, the man who hit the football coaching lottery at ND. Go Big Blue!

  26. Laker Cat 18

    Sexual assault is obviously a football problem. Let’s just fire the head football coach and expect things to change across all universities in the country.

  27. Tubby98

    article reads like a temper tantrum, like a hysterical girl wrote it.
    take a few deep breaths, bro; it’ll be ok..

    1. gnik2009

      Bryan is a SJW. Temper Tantrums are a big side effect.

  28. BBN96

    Like everyone else, Briles deserves a second chance. But his second chance shouldn’t come on a football field. This article I found has some good points about this whole situation and how it can be used as a lesson in the future

  29. r-mel

    two words…….Jeff Brohm

  30. hartlines left arm

    Two games in to the season and your crying about who you don’t want as the next coach. Last time I checked we still had a coach with an $18mil buyout. He’s not going anywhere this season or next. I’ll wait a cry about who I want or don’t want when Stoops is gone.


    Well theyost me with this poops ttoops hire! Out come the Kentucky higher and mighter then everyo e else bullshit. Aaaah we will get stuck with another Turd coach. Lol how the propaganda has got to gly before someone can even be forgiven and given 2nd chance. Briles is a Home Run hire if you dont think you know nothing about goitball!! He we ho Petrino all over again!! There will never be a winner here cause its Kumbaya and Ice cream at halftime type coachs. Good Luck with that!!

    1. Billy Hill

      You lost everyone after your first sentence. Good god, man. Clean yourself up!!

    2. RealCatsFan

      Can someone translate this for me? I don’t even know where to start. Sigh…

  32. Marj

    This comment is disgusting and people like you are a big part of the problem with society’s handling of sexual assault.

    1. Marj

      User error – This was meant as a reply to KY1234 not the article


    You know what people need to calm down! If a man ever assualted my wife,my daughter,my mom,my sister etc.. I would smash him÷!!If you Bring in Briles 1 He must aplogize nationally then you would negotiate in to his contract that a big % would go i to abused womans foundations etc… You force his hand to right his wtongs. Not just Hey buddy heres a contract who cares what happend. You give him the job and he can use the Job for the cause that he MAJORLY MESSED UP WITH. Take a mistake a turn i to something positive for evveryone involved. Abused Woman would receive help and Kentucky would receive a pretty darn good football coach. You put a short lead on him as well. EVERYTHI G got to be so negative with everyone atound KENTUCKY FOOTBALL! THANK GOD JESUS CHRIST ISNT LIKE MOST OF YOU!