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Article written by Drew Franklin

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22 responses to “Preseason Conversation: Brad Calipari raising expectations in third year”

  1. davis2319

    I have never in my life witnessed someone who looks as out of place on a basketball court than Brad Calapari. I actually feel sorry for him. You can work as hard as you want but if you don’t have talent, you just don’t have talent lol. So if he plays this year it will either be a really good sign or a really bad sign.

    1. DelrayCat

      Such a dick thing to say. Brad works as hard as anyone. And if he were at Georgetown or Centre, he would be a star player. Sure, he’s smallish for D-1 but he has shows you know nothing about basketball to say he has no talent.

    2. davis2319

      Lol you must not watch games or must not know anything about basketball. Dick thing to say or not it’s the truth

    3. davis2319

      He would not be a star at any school you clown

    4. cats646

      He’s not very good Delray. But if he “earns” minutes, I’m all good with him playing.

    5. UKLugo

      I second all of that.
      He was TERRIBLE in the Bahamas and he pouted the entire time he was on the floor.

    6. JASUN74

      I like brad a lot and appreciate that he works his butt off , but he would be no star anywhere. He could sure help us in a game or two this year with a couple big threes though.

    7. Luether

      It’s always tough being the coach’s son if you get any playing time.

      I’m good with Brad jacking up a 3 at the end of blow out games but not OK with him getting any meaningful minutes simply because there’s too much talent ahead of him.


    8. runningunnin.454

      I don’t think Brad is worried about minutes in the games…I’m sure he wants to coach someday, and he’s preparing for his future.

    9. J. Did

      @runningunnin.454: I agree 100%. Playing time is icing on the cake. if you are going to coach, you need some minutes. And, he can shoot. But you are correct. At the end of the day, he is learning a craft (coaching, educating, recruiting, the business side of collegiate athletics, etc.).

  2. damage_control

    I’d settle for him making just one three in garbage time this year. I hear he’s “the best shooter on the team!” Shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    1. UKLugo

      I keep hearing this “best shooter on the team” business and all he does is throw up brick after brick. It’s gotten to the point where he doesnt even want to shoot it. He’s out of his league out there.

  3. Mathlete

    Brad, I say this as a fan of yourself, your team, and your family in general…

    Please shave. It’s a poor attempt at facial hair and not a good look at all. It’s really OK, not everyone can grow a good beard, but it’s important for people to recognize their weaknesses and adapt accordingly. In your case, your weakness is that you can’t grow a respectable beard. You’re going to be in front of tens of thousands of people tonight and millions on TV soon, and you’ll regret it more than your tattoo someday if you don’t go back to shaving.

    1. ibescootch

      Hahaha! I couldn’t have said it better myself. There are some people you meet in life, and there’s something off, and you just want to say, “What are you thinking?” I like Brad as well, but it’s things like this and the shorts that make me scratch my head. When NBA players wear bizarre outfits, I can see that they’re doing it for attention, to stand out, or as a joke. But having a beard that starts below your chin, just objectively looks terrible. And I say that with love. I won’t start on the shorts. I could go on for several paragraphs about that.

    2. J. Did

      If he grew his hair a bit more – and kept it dishevelled – and got rid of that ‘stache, he’d look like the last honest Republican President.

  4. Larkin123

    The shaving part I agree with. I could not stop looking at his neck where the beard spikes down. Then again I am getting older…. There were times last year we couldn’t hit anything offensively. There were times I would’ve sacrificed defense just to have a three go in the basket. I don’t think it’s going to be like that this year. It seems to me we have a boatload of guards who can shoot. However, the guy deserves credit for transforming his body and making an effort at this level.

  5. Irish son

    NO! NO! NO! This little ham legged midget should never get a minute of playing time unless it’s mop up duty only

  6. Rick_S

    Brad can shoot the 3..He needs to drop about 20lbs..Next year he may get some clock

  7. J. Did


  8. Blue Bill

    Could someone also tell him to stop going with the diaper look too please? Why he tucks his shorts up drives me crazy.

  9. michaelb

    I don’t know what y’all are talking bout. Ellen’s kid is a perennial all star on the hard wood.

  10. Tom Bombadil

    When Brad is old and a coach someday and then the broadcasters look back on his player days picture at the University of Kentucky….these line beard Brad pics is what they are gonna pull up!!! Lmao!!