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Bobby Petrino skips meeting about Tom Jurich’s future

Louisville’s boosters and coaches continue to rally around Tom Jurich with one notable exception: Bobby Petrino.

This afternoon, UofL called a meeting of all of the head coaches and senior administrators and, according to 840 WHAS’ Will Clark, all were present and unanimous in their support of keeping Jurich on as athletic director…except Bobby Petrino. Petrino was mysteriously absent from the meeting, supposedly to prepare for Thursday night’s game vs. N.C. State. Normally, that would be a somewhat plausible excuse; however, when you consider that if Jurich is ousted, Petrino’s buyout is cut in half, from $8.5 million to $4.25 million in 2018, it doesn’t seem like such a coincidence, does it?

With some major jobs potentially on the horizon, like Tennessee, Petrino’s absence at today’s meeting speaks volumes. As he’s shown time and time again, he wouldn’t hesitate to jump ship for a better opportunity, and for once, given all the crap that currently surrounds the University of Louisville, would you blame him?

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29 responses to “Bobby Petrino skips meeting about Tom Jurich’s future”

  1. Sentient Third Eye

    After last week, I imagine Petrino foresees an LSU-UT bidding war for his services.

    1. runningunnin.454

      Also, won’t Lamar leave after this year? Urban sure flew the coop after Tebow graduated.

  2. UKBlue1982

    His motorcycle was still in the shop

    1. 4everUKblue

      And…..Jessica Dorrell got married so he needs a new young gf to ride bitch.

    2. 4everUKblue
  3. University-6 aka Scandal U

    He gone

  4. Han

    “unanimous in their support of keeping Jurich”

    Good to see they’re all learning their lesson and endeavoring to clean the program up by supporting keeping the guy who oversaw scandal after scandal.

  5. Duff86

    How much is Adidas paying them to support Jurich?

  6. 4everUKblue
    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Unrepentant to the bitter end…

    2. J-Dub421

      Win at any cost. #U6C2

    3. 4everUKblue

      Does ACC stand for Any Cost Conference? When you look at that conference it all makes so much more sense now.

  7. Booby Petrino

    and now Pitino is saying they breached his contract by placing him on leave. What a circus.

  8. 4everUKblue
    1. Sentient Third Eye

      Apparently Dirty Birds, like lesbians, short-tailed crickets and political extremists, eat their own…

  9. notFromhere

    I thought the river flowing past downtown Louisville was the Ohio, not DeNile?

    Wonder if they know how much the bargaining stage is going to cost them?

    Don’t piss off the shoe companies

  10. timewilltell

    And the beat goes on! $$ above integrity!

  11. BobKYCats

    Cards fans and coaches are thinking about the short term and not the long term #AtAllCosts

  12. 4everUKblue

    I had no idea TJ’s daughter Haley was hired by Adidas just months before the $160 million/10 yr contract was signed. That couldn’t possibly be a conflict of interest…..could it?

  13. J-Dub421

    You know what Louisville? Go ahead and keep Jurich. I look forward to reading about your next scandal in a few months. All the salacious scandals have been quite entertaining for me as a Kentucky fan.

    1. 4everUKblue

      Yeah how much fun would it be to watch little brother do things the right way? It’s like having the Clampets living next door.

    2. Sentient Third Eye

      Yes, there’s a chance they might not get the death penalty! They better take action to guarantee it happens!

  14. DennyC

    Understandable why UK wants Peterino GONE . . . . What’s UK’s record against Petrino in football as a head coach????? DIdn’t he whip that tail at WESTERN KENTUCKY??? asking for a friend . . . LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL!!!!!!!!!

    1. 4everUKblue

      So glad you showed up DennyC! Just a matter of time till UofLittleBrother is WKU North. And as far as I can tell there has been no talk about wanting Petrino gone, after all we did beat UofLittleBrothel with the Heisman winner last season…..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!

    2. runningunnin.454

      I guess you would rather laugh than cry. The circus tent is crashing down.

    3. 4everUKblue

      Get back in you clown car and head to the next county fair.

  15. TBW3011

    Can UT take someone this shady after Kiffin?

  16. IAmTheDanger

    How much longer is North Carolina gonna’ skate….they are probably loving every bit of this scandal because now it will take every resource of the ncaa to investigate the endless allegations that will be coming up. The ncaa needs to climb out of bed with UNC and make them a PRIORITY and finally put the screws to them…..absolutely ridiculous they’ve avoided any penalties and that this is still ongoing.

  17. LegggoooCats

    Keeping Jurich on board would essentially be Louisville daring the NCAA to give them the death penalty. I hope the NCAA grows a pair and absolutely annihilates Scandal U.