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Barleycorn’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day

Happy hour has never been better!

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#10 Tommy McDaniel

Dawg Nation rules all.

#9 Brady Smiley

It’s priceless.

#8 Stephen Wells


#7 Zac Oakes

I’d watch.

#6 Matthew’s New Glasses

Congrats UK Hoops.

#5 Drew Mahan

This place looks awesome!

#4 CatBalue

They aren’t ready.

#3 Jordan Underwood

This video is amazing.

#2 Tom Weinman


#1 Derrin Rogers


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8 responses to “Barleycorn’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day”

  1. mashburnfan1

    Bet Coley is glad Gran turned UGA down…….hahahahahahahahahaha what a joke. KSR save that stuff for April 1st. UGA NEVER offered 103 Gran {his offense rankings the last 2 years} the OC job, never offered, never talked about that position. Maybe they wanted Gran to replace Coley as a position coach since he does recruit FL well, but they never thought of him as an OC……Never offered over 1 mill

    1. blueballs80

      @ Matt Jones. Was Eddie really offered the position as OC? I highly doubt it.

    2. katmandue2you


  2. ukcats1776.90

    ksr will end after matt Jones tries to run for Senate. he will lose (because hes a democrat in kentucky) and in doing so will turn half his audience against him. sad matt is too delusional to realize kentucky will never have another democrat senator – hes going to ruin a good thing (ksr) chasing what’s impossible

    1. blueballs80

      @UK cats -quit the politics. There are different forums for that. Focus on the actual topic, unless you can’t then that’s a different issue.

    2. DelrayCat

      You are the one that is delusional. Kentucky was a democratic stronghold, and will be once again in a few years. The SS Trumptanic will go down and take Mitch and Rand with it. I have faith a majority of our educated, rational, and non-hate filled populous will realize who has their actual best interests at heart, and it ain’t this group in there now who are only about themselves and the rich.

    3. ukcats1776.90

      kentucky was a dem stronghold before they became an anti-white party. a democrat will never win another state wide race hear unless the democrats stop insinuating everybody who wants a border and a strong economy isn’t a racist who hates Mexicans and black people. Democrats have abandoned the white working class voter to try to play to the sensibilities that non-whites dont succeed because whites hold them down. when they say that, the poor white people in eastern ky think, “wait, I’m white and poor and I’m not racist. how is it my fault black people are poor. and the democrats expressly blame my race for everything. I’ll never vote for them.” consider why trump won PA, OH, etc. – it’s because the democrat party became the anti-white party to try to capitalize on “demographic trends”

    4. jaws2

      The only hate filled populous I see, hear, and or read about, are primarily on the left. I just don’t get how you can’t admit it.
      About the rich? My God man, have you ever taken a look at who supports the left? Oh, and educated does not make you intelligent. Take a look at your new ‘bright’ STAR of the party.